Stop Messing Around, Mr Bo! - Chapter 296 - Go Young Man!

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Chapter 296: Go Young Man!

“They’ll be together sooner or later anyway. One is a blockhead and the other is conservative. Since their progress isn’t enough, I can’t just stand by and do nothing!”

Apparently this was her twisted logic.

Of course she believed she had to do something!

“Alright, Old Madam. it’s time for you to rest.”

“Lairong, how long do you think I should open the door? Is one hour enough? Perhaps two hours is more appropriate?”

Lai Rong sighed and said resignedly, “Old Madam…”

“Forget it, forget it. Let’s open the door in three hours.”

Lai Rong was speechless…

They had both gone through life as married women. If the two of them were inside for… three hours, she might have to instruct the kitchen to prepare more nutritious food.

Two hours later, Shen Fanxing woke up in Bo Jinchuan’s embrace.

Even without opening her eyes, she could smell his familiar scent.

Her heart skipped a beat before regaining its rhythm.

She opened her eyes slowly, and the first thing she saw was the creases on Bo Jinchuan’s shirt.

It wasn’t the first time she woke up in his embrace, but compared to the night in Grand View Manor, she was much calmer.

Or rather, she felt more at ease than ever.

“What are your thoughts?”

One breathed differently when asleep and awake.

The moment Shen Fanxing opened her eyes, Bo Jinchuan was already awake.

Upon hearing him, Shen Fanxing peeked her head from his chest. “I just woke up and I think this feels good…”

Bo Jinchuan frowned and she saw a hint of drowsiness lurking in his eyes. A smile sparkled in her eyes.

He didn’t reply and lowered his head to kiss her instead. Shen Fanxing paused before reciprocating.

“Did you get enough rest?”

After the kiss, Bo Jinchuan asked her in a low and husky voice.

“Yeah,” replied Shen Fanxing as she sat up and looked out of the window. “Do you want to have dinner here?”

“Do you want to leave first?”

Shen Fanxing shook her head and said, ” I want to accompany Grandma for dinner.”

Lai Rong had asked someone to unlock the door after the old lady fell asleep.

Otherwise, it wasn’t a good idea to wait till the two of them try unlocking the door. Some things were better left unsaid.

When Bo Jinchuan and Shen Fanxing went downstairs, Lai Rong was already in the living room with the old lady.

Seeing the couple descending the stairs, the old lady beamed with delight.

After all, they had stayed an entire afternoon and this visit was much longer than the first time Fanxing came.

“Fanxing, did you sleep well?”

Shen Fanxing’s ears reddened and she said, “Yeah, I slept well, Grandma.”

Upon hearing that, Old Madam Bo smiled even more happily and nodded repeatedly. “That’s good… Not bad… All the best…”

She was speechless…

He was speechless…

What did sleeping have to do with cheering them on?

She was way too obvious.

Shen Fanxing’s beautiful face couldn’t conceal the pink blushes. “Grandma, we didn’t…”

As the two of them got closer, the old lady’s gaze landed on Shen Fanxing’s neck, where an obvious red mark stood out.

The old lady’s eyes lit up. Seeing Shen Fanxing’s bashful expression, she grinned cheekily and said, “No no, I understand…”

She dragged her last word.

She had revealed her hidden intentions.

Shen Fanxing took a deep breath and remained mum.

The old lady shifted her gaze to her grandson and gave him a furtive thumbs-up.

“Go young man, you can do it!”

Though she didn’t name him, Bo Jinchuan’s face darkened.

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