Starting With One Million Luck Points - Chapter 602 - Battle General  

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Chapter 602: Battle General

When Zhou Hao heard this, he was stunned for a moment.

“A radius of 50 kilometers?”

Zhou Hao took a deep breath. This place was far from the twelfth spatial rift. How could he get the Hundred Feet Worm King here?

“Do you have any way to teleport a Heaven Realm expert here?” Zhou Hao asked directly.

“Sorry, Master, I don’t have such an ability.”

Thousand Feather Armor’s response made Zhou Hao a little depressed.

At this moment, the frog spoke.

“You need to teleport a Heaven Realm expert? That’s so easy. I just have to connect to the teleportation array.”

When Zhou Hao heard this, he was immediately happy. “Do you have a solution?”

“Of course. Who am I? I’m invincible!”

The frog adjusted its glasses and said smugly.

When Zhou Hao heard this, he was a little shocked. “What do you need?”

“Some energy-rich crystals will do,” the frog said indifferently.

“Will this do?”

Zhou Hao directly took out the Supreme Energy Bar. As soon as he took it out, the frog was stunned.

“This thing… why is it so familiar?”

It looked at the Supreme Energy Bar and narrowed its eyes. However, after thinking carefully, it still could not remember why it felt familiar.

“You know this?” Zhou Hao was stunned for a moment. This thing was given by the Heaven Dao software. Could it be that the frog knew about the Heaven Dao software?

“I’ve seen it before, but I forgot the exact details. However, this thing of yours has ordinary energy. If you want to activate it, you need at least 10,000 of them.”

The frog immediately said.

It was only 10,000. Zhou Hao was not afraid at all. He had millions in his backpack!

“No problem, I can even give you 100,000!”

“That makes things easier!”

As the frog spoke, it arrived on the ground with Zhou Hao and the others. It was unknown what it was engraving on the ground, but he could tell that it was an ancient array formation.

This array formation was filled with strange symbols that Zhou Hao could not recognize.

“This is a small teleportation array. It’s very common in the universe. A teleportation array that has a transportation range of tens of thousands of kilometers long is simply child’s play. In the universe, a single spatial jump can allow one to cross a hundred thousand light years!”

The frog said indifferently and arrogantly.

“A hundred thousand light years… That is… just too powerful!”

After all, that was a whole light year! And not just one light year… It was a hundred thousand light years!

Could a teleportation range of such a distance really be possible?

“Trash, your Planet Earth’s technology level is too outdated. I can’t believe you haven’t even seen such a thing.”

As it spoke, the frog took out a sign from somewhere and handed it to Zhou Hao.

“This is the way to activate it. As long as you find the right opportunity, you will be able to teleport. However, remember, this teleportation array has no protection. In other words, you can only teleport when no one is resisting.”

The frog immediately said.

Zhou Hao narrowed his eyes. He did not expect there to be such a problem with this thing. However, it was fine. As long as the other party could be transmitted, all he needed to do was to find an opportunity!

After breaking through to the Heaven Realm, Zhou Hao’s strength and combat strength naturally improved. He now felt that he could fight a third-grade Heaven Realm expert without using the Ancestral Physique and the God Destroying Art. If he used them, he could even fight a fifth-grade Heaven Realm expert!

“With this combat strength, even if I can’t defeat them, I can still escape!”

Zhou Hao nodded in satisfaction.

Zhou Hao had just broken through when he received a message from Shengwu Battle God Ji Yaoyue.

Zhou Hao was stunned for a moment and hurriedly opened it. He saw Ji Yaoyue’s beautiful face!

“Good brat, you broke through to the Heaven Realm? Not bad!”

After saying this, Zhou Hao was stunned for a moment.

“Senior Ji, how… how did you know?”

Zhou Hao really did not understand how she knew he had broken through. Could it be that she was monitoring him?

“There is data about everyone in the Battle God Battalion’s library. Moreover, it’s updated in real time. The token of the Battle God Battalion on you has something that can monitor life signs. Although this thing won’t monitor your every move, it will still monitor the state of your body.”

“Be it during times of danger or when you’re safe, your information will be updated in the system warehouse. Just now, I sensed a powerful fluctuation coming from your body and the data was fixed to the Heaven Realm. Therefore, I sent you a message. Congratulations.”

Ji Yaoyue smiled. After saying this, Zhou Hao was a little surprised, thinking to himself that the Battle God Battalion was really impressive!

“Since you have already broken through to the Heaven Realm, you have also officially become an official member of the Battle God Battalion. You have also officially become my Heaven Realm subordinate. The announcement of this newfound identity of yours will be passed down. Your identity will be that of a general-level expert, the same as the elders of the seven divisions. This announcement will also be passed to all the higher-ups of the seven divisions.”

After Ji Yaoyue finished speaking, Zhou Hao blinked.

“Why announce all of this publicly? Can’t we keep a low profile?” Zhou Hao did not want to be in the limelight.

“We also know that we’re being high-profile. However, the identity of every Heaven Realm expert of every organization needs to be made known to the Eastern Martial Artist Union. This is because there will be danger at any moment. This way, even if you’re not currently being given any orders, you will still be kept as backup. After all, each has his own task and there’s nobody to spare. Do you understand?”

“Before danger occurs, we have to arrange the counter measures first. This is the only way to devise a strategy. Under this premise, we need to know how many supernatural martial artists and Heaven Realm martial artists our Eastern martial artists have. Therefore, this number can’t be hidden. Since your martial cultivation has been sent out, there’s also no need for you to hide your identity, right?”

Ji Yaoyue’s words made Zhou Hao nod and understand.

“Oh, right, now that you’ve become a Heaven Realm martial artist, your parents can also move into the living base of the Battle God Battalion. That place is even safer and the resources there are better. I’ve already gotten Sun Shan to arrange it.”

Ji Yaoyue added, making Zhou Hao nod in a daze.

These benefits were not bad.

“Don’t be excited. As a Heaven Realm martial artist of our Battle God Battalion, you deserve to enjoy these benefits. It’s not only our Battle God Battalion. The other organizations are the same. Experts are respected no matter where they go.”

Ji Yaoyue smiled and waved her hand.

“Oh, right, after your break, there’s a place you have to go with me. Get ready and don’t slack off. See you later.”

After Ji Yaoyue finished speaking, she directly cut off the communication. This woman really made Zhou Hao speechless. She was so rushed with her words that he did not even have the chance to interject.

However, Zhou Hao did not care. At this moment, he returned home and was immediately shocked.

This was because he saw that the chief inspector, inspector, and special envoy of Jiangnan Base were all here!

Xu Ling was among them!

Zhou Hao had a confused expression. Before he could speak, Chief Inspector Ling Zitao hurriedly walked over.

“Jiangnan District’s chief inspector, Lin Zitao, greets the general!”

The other special envoys were the same. Even Xu Ling saluted Zhou Hao.

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