Start With Contracting Sprites - Chapter 314 - The Battle Continues…

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Chapter 314: The Battle Continues…

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Heavenly King Lie Kong was still thinking.

The waiting area was a little quiet. Many sprites felt the strange atmosphere and lowered their heads, not daring to make a sound.

The state of the few sprites were still engraved in their minds.

They didn’t want to fight just to lose…

Heavenly King Lie Kong naturally understood their thoughts.

The problem was that they were still stuck with the first person who fought in the intra-team match. They also couldn’t just force Su Hao to leave…

As a Heavenly King, such an action would only be disgraceful.

At that moment, the Thunder Roaring briskly walked back to the waiting area.

The bear didn’t want to continue fighting. It was happy to be able to leave.

When Heavenly King Lie Kong saw this, his unhappy mood eased a little… Well at least Su Hao now had one less sprite to participate in the battles.

If Su Hao continued on like this, the intra-team match might as well be called a challenge match.


“I’ll challenge him!”

A female Sprite Trainer spoke as she walked over with her long legs. Her dark red hair fluttered like flames as she quickly stepped onto the opposite Sprite Commandeering platform.

It was Xia!

The new star of the arrest department.

If the eighteen members of the Dragon Nation were divided up, then the eight people who had their slots confirmed in the first round were of the first tier.

These so-called first-tier trainers were clearly much stronger than the rest.

In the first round, these Sprite Trainers had won decisively. Many of them had yet to reveal their trump cards.

Xia was the first-tier, one of the eight!

The three people who had been defeated were only in the second tier.

Heavenly King Lie Kong’s spirits raised. The other Heavenly Kings also had looks of anticipation in their eyes.

On the Sprite Commandeering platform.

The tall and valiant arrest officer, Xia, looked at the Sprite Trainer who she had met once a few hundred meters away. Nevertheless, Su Hao had still left a strong impression on her…

As expected, he has a place in the Supernova Cup.

She had already seen Crow, Bear, and Qilin. At that moment, there were only two sprites left opposite her.

A white Lolita wearing a half-mask stood quietly behind Su Hao.

Another was the size of a palm and was lying on Su Hao’s head.

In fact, she was more inclined to a battle with the Flaming Spiritcrow, but she also didn’t underestimate the two distant sprites that didn’t look as threatening.

“My sprites have similar combat styles. The strongest is the Cinder Dragon… Go!”

The red dragon spread its seven to eight meters wide wings that whistled as it flew onto the battlefield. Its nostrils spewed out scorching flames.


The dragon roared with great might.

It was as though it was announcing its determination to win.

“The Cinder Dragon’s strength is at the high-level of the extraordinary-level. It’s very outstanding… It’s said to be the descendant of a monarch-level Flaming Dragon!”

Yes, from the color, flames, and aura, it’s obvious that it’s stronger than the previous few… Even my trump card is inferior to it.

The Sprite Trainers in the waiting area discussed. They were very curious as to which of Su Hao’s sprites was going to fight.

It should be Butterfly Fairy, right?

They had also heard that Butterfly Fairy was a Primordial sprite. It appeared to be palm-sized and harmless, but it was definitely not weak.

Therefore, it was likely…

“Go on, Ehfu.

“Fufu ~ ~ ~”


The pure white Lorita immediately turned half white and half black.

The light Fufu was puzzled.

The dark side Eheh, on the other hand, was very excited.

At this moment, on the interface, Eternal Night Glory Concubine’s information indicated that it had just entered the early stages of the extraordinary stage.

However, due to the extraordinary-level experience of “integrating two bodies” and “fusion state” in the past two months, it was able to control the energy of the extraordinary realm as soon as it reached the extraordinary level. Its elemental control was also already at level 2.

“Of course. Ehfu was still the slowest to develop among the six sprites.”

It was commonly known as the “lowest level”.

It was hard to say if it was the weakest.

And yet the Cinder Dragon in front of it, it was clearly stronger than any opponent before it.

This was going to be a tough battle.


It wasn’t that Su Hao wanted Ehfu to be beaten. It was purely because he was following a pre-established order.

Apart from Butterfly, who was the finale and a little lazy, the current order of the battle went like this: Dazed Crow, Dumb Unicorn, Big Fat Bear… It was also the order of Su Hao’s contract.

“Go on, Ehfu.


On the stage, two-thirds of her dress was black.

Dark Side Eheh prepared to lead the battle.

“Battle… begin!”

Heavenly King Lie Kong’S voice echoed throughout the entire arena.

In an instant…

The Cinder Dragon closed its wings as endless flames enveloped it into a ball. At the next moment, it spread its wings and countless meteorites flew out from the huge fireball, dragging a long flaming tail as they plummeted to the ground, pointing straight at the Eternal Night Glory Concubine.

Fire-elemental, top-notch ultimate technique, “Heavenfall Fire!”

A killer move!

The flaming meteor enveloped the entire sky, and the Cinder Dragon occupied a high position. Even the sprites who could fly couldn’t avoid the “Heavenfall Fire”!


Ehfu’s fighting style had never focused on dodging.

At the instant the battle began, it also used a top-notch ultimate skill!

Dark Star Cluster!

The sky instantly darkened as stars appeared under the night sky. They weren’t dazzling at first, but in the blink of an eye, they bloomed with a beautiful glow.

The stars were dazzling, illuminating the night sky.

Light. Darkness. Astral Explosion!

The flames fell from the sky, and the dazzling stars shone.

Flaming Meteor

Dazzling stars,

They collided in midair and instantly exploded!


The loud boom was weakened by the barrier, but it still caused the Sprite Trainers to bounce off the barrier.

The entire arena was filled with chaotic energy.

Orange-red flames swept out.

Blazing white light enveloped the surroundings.

The dark-elemental energy was like black holes that wanted to devour everything in sight.

The terrifying energy tide lasted for ten to twenty seconds before it gradually vanished.

Many Sprite Trainers in the waiting area swallowed their saliva.

…Why? The battle’s momentum is getting more and more terrifying. I wonder what the battle will be like later on…”

Gradually, the dust dissipated.

Two sprite figures appeared in front of everyone.

The Cinder Dragon was still flying in the air, with orange flames lingering around it.

As for the Eternal Night Glory Concubine, it had retreated to the end of the arena. White light shrouded its body, and its somewhat charred dress was mending at a speed visible to the naked eye.

It only took a moment to recover.

But the audience could tell that it was injured!

It was finally injured!

Su Hao’s sprite was finally at a disadvantage!

Many Sprite Trainers, especially the three people in front, who were each more miserable than the other, wanted to shout out in joy.

He wasn’t invincible!

“Fufu ~”

The Eternal Night Glory Concubine let out a helpless cry. Su Hao could tell that it was Ehfu the moment he heard it. After it finished healing itself, it didn’t dare to delay. Half of its black and half white long hair fluttered in the wind.

It was dazzling.

Darkness would never be extinguished.

In front of it, the white light transformed into a pure white Lolita Eternal Night Glory Concubine. The darkness gathered into a pure black Eternal Night Glory Concubine.

They looked the same, but their colors and auras were completely different.

After the two figures appeared, the Eternal Night Glory Concubine that was half black and half white, turned into countless light dots and disappeared, fusing into the two bodies in front.

“This is the unique skill of the clone?”

“Something doesn’t seem right, the aura is different!”

“Did he create a secret manual? But how did he do it? Which one is real?”

At this moment…

In the posture of “Eternal Night Princess”, Eheh’s dress fluttered, and black light balls surrounded it. Its whole body flew up, and its palms pressed together…

Darkest moment!

The upgraded version of the unique skill “Extreme Night”!

Both inside and outside the arena, the surroundings were now shrouded in pitch-black darkness.

The difference was that the dark elements in the field increased exponentially in an instant. The dark elements grew larger, as if it was swallowing all the other elements.


In the sky on the left, dazzling flames appeared. Countless flames lingered, turning into an even larger fire dragon. It roared and breathed out.

Hot and destructive breath burned the dark elements everywhere it passed. Tiny sparks of fire appeared in the dark space. In just a moment, it spread out like a prairie fire.

At this moment.

Blazing white energy balls flew out of the white figure’s hands.

The rich light didn’t cancel out with the extreme darkness. It co-existed with the dark elements and the few white energy balls appeared alongside the darkness.

It was especially eye-catching in the dark… The two completely opposite types of Energy Balls spun and entangled continuously like Gemini stars before finally converging together.

The extreme balance also meant an extreme eruption.


Another loud bang rang out as explosions continued.

Darkness had now occupied half of the red sky.

The battle continued. Energy balls, flames, meteorites… Countless unique skills and countless energy streams poured down like dozens of bomber jets continuously dropping bombs on the ground.

Terrifying energy tides now entered the field.

It filled the entire venue.

It was the most direct and purest form of energy!

The forces collided!

Although there wasn’t a shock wave, whichever side was at a disadvantage in the battle of unique skills would be in fatal danger and was very likely to be defeated directly!

“The skin and flesh of the Cinder Dragon is rough and thick. It won’t die directly even if it gets hit by a few” Light and Dark Energy Balls “, but… Eheh and Fufu are fragile. It can heal, and the amount of health it has now… is pretty good, but if it gets killed instantly, whether it can heal it or not is meaningless.”

And it was clear as long as Ehfu took one or two direct hits, the violent attack of the Flame Cinder Dragon could directly injure it heavily.

Continue to face the waves…

Ehfu had just advanced to the extraordinary-level. Clearly, its energy reserves were far inferior to the developed high-level Cinder Dragon.

It was just relying on the fusion of light and darkness to unleash several times of its own power, barely putting up a fight.

It was already undoubtedly at a disadvantage.

“It probably can’t hold on much longer!” Some Sprite Trainers used special methods to sense the situation inside the energy tide.

He said quickly, “Based on the current situation, the Eternal Night Glory Concubine will be defeated in at most a minute and a half.”

It was the first sprite that was about to be defeated!

“However, if it wasn’t for the fact that the cultivation level of that Eternal Night Glory Concubine is too low, it’s very likely that it would be the winner!”

Bai Xiaoming said.

Bai Xiaoming had the title of mid-level Sprite Cultivator, and was good at judging these things. “Even though the Eternal Night Glory Concubine is unexpectedly strong, you have to know that it’s only the lowest-level sprite that Su Hao contracted, that’s all.”

Yes, the lowest-level.

Many people fell silent.


Defeating one of Su Hao’s sprites at least gave them some hope. Otherwise, the pressure given to them by such a great demon king in the team was really too great.

At this moment…

The rumbling sound was still there, but in the extremely dark environment, Eheh had already retreated back to Fufu.

Eheh blended into the darkness and was hard to find.

Fufu, however, stretched out its hand and hugged it with both hands, as if it was embracing the darkness in front of it. However, it was actually hugging Fufu.

Light and darkness intertwined in an instant.

When the darkness dissipated, the black and white continued to entangle and intertwine. At a speed much faster than the elite-level, they finally reached the critical point.

The white figure and black figure merged into one again.

Black and white light shot into the sky, and extremely dense light and darkness energy swirled around. White and black halos of various sizes appeared behind Ehfu’s head, and a terrifying energy fluctuation swept out like a torrential wave.

Many Sprite Trainers who were under the “Same Frequency” perception exclaimed “f*ck”. In their perception, the energy of black and white was so strong it seemed to pierce through the boundary!

It forced them to retreat from the “Same Frequency” perception!

During the time in which Eheh and Fufu were busy fusing and the subsequent lack of obstruction from the Light and Darkness Energy Ball, the exploding fireballs, meteors, and endless flames had already arrived in front of Ehfu.

Even if Ehfu used the Light and Darkness Energy Ball to block it, it would definitely still be at a disadvantage.

Just the shockwave from the explosion alone could not be avoided at such a distance.

Moreover, Ehfu was already at the edge of the barrier.

There was no more room left to retreat.

Under the [Fusion] state, the Eternal Night Glory Concubine seemed to have two consciousnesses as one. It was holy and cold.

Facing the countless attacks that were about to hit its body, its eyes under the mask were calm. However, it slowly extended its hands in an instant.

Its hands were covered in black and white gloves.

It suddenly clenched his fist!

Endless energy exploded, and the loud bang stopped abruptly.

It was as if everything had been swallowed up. There were no aftershocks or sounds.

The world fell silent!

Under the fusion state, the Eternal Night Glory Concubine mustered the last of its strength and pressed its palms together. Endless light and dark elements were drawn out and spun like a spiral beam of light, shooting out from between its palms.

It seemed to be able to pierce through the heavens!


White light once again filled everyone’s vision.

After an unknown period of time, when the energy tide dissipated again, the aura of the Eternal Night Glory Concubine that appeared in front of everyone had already declined. Its clothes were also slightly charred, but…

Cinder Dragon looked extremely miserable. Half of its wings were broken and had fallen to the ground. Although it was not unconscious, it was still holding on.

Who lost?

Who is the one that lost?

“Let’s stop here.”

The injuries of the Eternal Night Glory Concubine were not serious, but its energy had been exhausted, and it could not squeeze out another drop… The decision came as a relief to it.

Su Hao had no objections.

Xia Geng had no objections and said, “I was the one who lost.” She then jumped down from the Sprite Commandeering platform.

Obviously, I won’t call out other sprites anymore—what else do you want me to do after losing my trump card?!

Su Hao rubbed the tip of his nose.

Eternal Night Glory Concubine flew back on its own. It didn’t have any remaining spiritual force to use its healing technique, so it could only take out some medicine from Ah Yan’s pocket.

It also took some potions to replenish mana.

It drank it in one gulp.

“Your turn,” Su Hao said to the shadow.

Su Hao couldn’t understand how Ah Yan, who had been taking things out from the shadow, could keep its arm hidden inside the shadow.

Is this the essence of the third stage of [Gan Kun in the Shadow]?

Hearing this, Ah Yan slowly floated out of the shadow.

The warmth of home was gone.

But it still obediently landed on the stage.

Many Sprite Trainers widened their eyes.

“What sprite?”

“I think it’s called… Yama Ghost King. It’s a newly discovered sprite with only one form.”

“F*ck! F*ck! F*ck!”

The moment the Yama Ghost King appeared, it had an imposing and extraordinary aura.

Now, it just needed a BGM when it entered and it could become a real game boss.

It also made many people shrink back.


A figure holding a long sword stepped out from the crowd.

“It’s the Sword God!”

“I can’t believe it!”

“It’s not strange. The Yama Ghost King is a special sprite. It’s very likely to be the strongest one in Su Hao’s hands. That’s why the Sword God is interested!”

“Sword God, Su Hao, they should be the strongest two among us. So the question now is… who is stronger?”

Countless gazes were focused on him.

The young man did not ascend the Sprite Commandeering platform and directly went onto the stage.

His gaze was as sharp as an unsheathed sword.

A shadow appeared on the blade and enveloped him.

An invisible aura spread out like sharp swords. Even though they were outside the arena, it made many people’s hair stand on end.

Terrifying sword momentum!

On the other hand, the Yama Ghost King’s aura was as deep as an abyss — since it couldn’t stay at home, it had to face head-on!

It raised its hands, and many energy balls appeared behind it. They were as dense as an abyss, and black smoke surrounded Yama Ghost King, making it seem like a true demon king.

It pressed its hands down, and energy balls swarmed out.

The battle began.

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