Start With Contracting Sprites - Chapter 313 - Peerless Extraordinary-Level!

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Chapter 313: Peerless Extraordinary-Level!

After a while, when the golden flames dissipated, the Flaming Spiritcrow entered everyone’s sight.

Its scarlet feathers had a golden luster. Its wings were like blades, and its eyes were sharp and spirited, as though they reflected an eternal golden flame.

Even though some of the members of the Dragon Nation team were confident that they could deal with the Flaming Spiritcrow, they had to admit that they were shocked by the Flaming Spiritcrow’s abilities.

The two sabers slashed down as the flames burned away.

The Explosive Thunder Pig King had already been summoned back by the youth with the crew cut. At that moment, there were still some unburnt golden flames on its body.

The dispirited Sprite Trainers of the healing team spent a lot of effort to remove the golden flames.

This golden flame was like a gift from the Fire Sect Dojo.

It was a high-level flame spark with extreme temperatures and burning attributes.

“Dazed Crow’s fused fire seed is much stronger than during the first-year. Of course, the truly powerful techniques are still the “Sun Form” and the Fire Crow Slash that compresses energy to the extreme… It doesn’t just rely on the strength of the flames.”

In the end, it was all thanks to Su Hao’s good nurturing.

Right, Crow?

“Squawk? Squawk ~!”

“Alright, it’s time for you to leave the arena.”

“Squawk? o( ̄△ ̄;)”

Dazed Crow was somewhat dissatisfied.

Dazed Crow flapped its wings and flew out of the arena—mainly because it was out of mana.

In the first two rounds, it used “Blazing Sun Stance”. In the third round, it even transformed into “Golden Blazing Sun”. Despite its long lasting endurance, it was still unable to hold on.


It let out an unsatisfied but continuous cry.

The one taking over the Dazed Crow was Dumb Unicorn.

The mount beast took steady steps and arrived at the arena. It turned its head to glance at the other side before letting out a rather domineering roar. “Neighhh!”

Come on, fight me!

Su Hao was speechless.

Opposite him, the youth with the crew cut looked at the mysterious, elegant, and domineering sky-blue figure. He took a deep breath and chose… to withdraw.

“I only have one Extraordinary-level left, and it’s just the beginning. I’ve already shown my strength in the first round, so…”

He had admitted defeat.

He didn’t want to fight at all!

Yes, it was true that lightning restrains water… but it would also be more embarrassing if he lost. Leaving now when he still had another sprite would at least save him some face.

At least that was what the youth with the crew cut thought.

Heavenly King Lie Kong, who was overseeing the internal competition, had no objections either.

It was just that…

The situation of this team’s intra-competition was a little different from what the Heavenly King had expected.

The youth with the crew cut left peacefully.

The others didn’t think that it was hopeless to go up against Su Hao since they still considered themselves geniuses. It was just that Su Hao was slightly stronger…

The others weren’t afraid.

The second person to go on stage was a mature lady.

Her long hair draped over her shoulders, her figure was enchanting, and she had a well developed figure… Cough, well developed fighting style.

She was a water-elemental instructor at Dragon City University.

Dumb Unicorn was water-elemental and so was its current opponent.

Su Hao knew what the other party was thinking. She wasn’t willing to rely on elemental advantages. She wanted to fight fairly.


She really shouldn’t have done that/

It even made Su Hao feel a little embarrassed.

The lady called out the first sprite, Fairy Conch.

In water-element sprites, the Fairy Conch and Tide-Calling Spring Sprite were both known for carrying more water. The female instructor from Dragon Nation University had also displayed the Wave Tactic in the battle a few days ago.

The lady swept her beautiful hair that could be used for commercials. “Waves, stacked strikes.”

Whoosh! Whoosh!

The sound of the surging sea instantly sounded.

A large wave had already surged near the Fairy Conch at some point in time. It rose layer by layer, becoming increasingly ferocious. The waves were heavy and instantly covered most of the arena.

Compared to the flames and lightning, the waves weren’t inferior in might and even had a wider range.

The lady looked up at the sky. “Although it’s not an indoor arena, it’s ultimately not as easy to stir the weather in the combat hall as in the wilderness. I wonder what you’re going to do…”


Waves surged over.

One layer after another overlapped, bringing with them an invincible force of impact.

It was a secret technique, Thousand Layered Waves, with the unique skill “Wave Trample” as the core.

Wave after wave, constantly stacking, it was enough to crush a mountain.

Of course, the Fairy Conch was only at the mid- and high-stages of the extraordinary. Due to the limitations of the arena, the Thousand Layered Waves couldn’t unleash too much terrifying might.

However, the waves were endless. If one couldn’t break through the initial waves, the Thousand Layered Waves’ would become stronger and stronger until it killed the enemy in one strike.

If it’s lightning-elemental or the Flaming Spiritcrow from before, it might be able to directly pounce on the Fairy Conch. However, with Dumb Unicorn, the effects of water against water are a little weaker.

Bai Xiaoming analyzed the situation.

Bai Xiaoming stared at the waves as they slowly approached, taking up three-quarters of the space in the arena.

At that moment, the water qilin remained motionless. The sky didn’t turn gloomy either.


The surging waves suddenly slowed down and stopped in midair in less than two seconds.

It was as though time had stopped.

The wave that was dozens of meters tall had a few water dragons dancing at its tip, but it suddenly stopped.

If it wasn’t for the water splashing around the wave and the ripples inside, anyone would have thought that time had stopped.

However, it was clearly not the case in front of him.

The lady’s mouth opened slightly, unable to remain calm. “How can it control the waves of the Fairy Conch?!”

It had to be known that elemental control above LV2 allowed one to control unique skills… However, that was only the case when the other party wasn’t controlling it.

For example, an Extraordinary-level sprite could control an elite-level ultimate move.

It was easy.

However, the lady’s Fairy Conch’s elemental control was already at level three. The wave was cast by the Fairy Conch and contained its energy. How could it…

At that moment, ripples spread out from the stagnant waves.

Clearly, two sprites were fighting for control of the water element.

The Fairy Conch’s tiny body peeked out of its backpack-sized shell. It clenched its fists and trembled in anger.

Dumb Unicorn wasn’t any better.

“Neighhh… Neighhh…” As it cried, its hooves stepped on the ground. The mist that lingered around it had already spread out and got close to the waves that had stopped dozens of meters away.

The tremors continued as water splattered everywhere.

The audience held their breaths.

The entire arena was filled with mist caused by the elemental competition.

The dense and hazy mist had enveloped the entire venue.


The two sprites fought hard over the elements. The trembling waves exploded, turning into endless splashes.

Amidst the water that filled the sky, some transformed into water arrows and water bullets. Some raised a water curtain and swept up a water dragon. They collided in the opposite direction and exploded.

Amidst the waves, a blue figure rushed out, its hooves raised high as it stomped down heavily.


Heavy Stomp!

Water Ripple!

Qilin power!


I suddenly broke through the Fairy Conch’s water barrier and kicked the entire shell out.

The tiny figure in the conch fell to the ground in a daze, but it still controlled the water flow and transformed it into a sharp blade that slashed at the Water Qilin that was inches away.


A metallic clang sounded, but it wasn’t the water blade hitting the water qilin, but…

Halfway through, the water blade turned back and struck the shell again and again.

The luster of the conch shell gradually dimmed.

Elemental Control controlled the water around it. Dumb Unicorn used its destructive talents and charged forward again. One hoof, two hooves, three hooves… It stomped down.

Each hoof carried the strength of a qilin!

It was the strength of a Qilin produced from running hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands of kilometers!

Everyone outside the arena could only see the defenseless Fairy Conch being stomped down.

It seemed as if it was being bullied. Every time it wanted to prop himself up, a huge foot would step on its face and kick it down.

It seemed very miserable…

It was truly tragic.

Young people these days didn’t know how to show mercy to women.

Su Hao, on the other hand, acted like he hadn’t done anything wrong.

It was clearly Dumb Unicorn who did it. It was true. Su Hao didn’t command it, so he could even swear on his integrity.

After an intense clash, the Fairy Conch temporarily retreated.

The Dragon Capital instructor, who now had a very dark expression and an extremely unhappy expression, gritted her teeth and summoned a second sprite.

Tide-Calling Spring Sprite.

She had two water-element sprites.

At this moment, due to the previous clash, there was still a large amount of water on the entire arena.

The moment the Tide-Calling Spring Spirit appeared, it immediately started out by… stirring up waves.



Water splashed as the body made of water from the Tide Calling Spring seemed to melt. It instantly entered the waves and appeared next to Dumb Unicorn.

The half-body that emerged from the water surface had a humanoid body. In its two hands were two blue weapons that resembled laser swords.

Water Sword!

Solidified equipment!

“This Tide-Calling Spring Sprite hid itself very well. It had shown its secret manual of the Thousand Layered Waves a few days ago, but I never expected it to be a close-combat spring spirit!”

“Isn’t it just like the Flaming Spiritcrow from before? It’s clearly a spellcaster, but it has been nurtured into a melee fighter!”

However, the Flaming Spiritcrow from before was only tempered into a blade with wing attacks. The Tide-Calling Spring Sprite, on the other hand, has grasped a solidified armament!

Furthermore, it’s not an ordinary solidified weapon. It uses the high-speed circulation of water to produce a terrifying slicing force. Even sprites that are good at defense can be sliced apart with one strike…

As the audience exchanged remarks, the water sword had already slashed down.

Streaks of blue shadows followed it as it slashed down.


It was as though it had slashed onto cotton.

No, it did slash onto cotton!

When the fatal slash descended, Dumb Unicorn instinctively gathered water into a cloud beside it.

Mist and clouds were innate abilities it obtained from its bloodline. They were engraved in its bones!

After cultivating to a high level, aside from showing off, clouds and mist also served as Dumb Unicorn’s core elements and transportation devices.

Of course, it could also be used in battle!

The water turned into clouds that were soft. When the water sword stabbed through one, more water clouds appeared. The clouds weren’t just blocking the slashes, instead they were rushing towards the Tide Calling Spring’s spirit.

It tackled the problem from its roots.


The Tide-Calling Spring Sprite dove into the water again and vanished.

“This Water Escape technique is extremely exquisite. It’s executed in seconds without any flaws.”

Su Hao believed that even Dazed Crow, Big Fat Bear, and the others wouldn’t be able to find any traces of the Tide-Calling Spring Sprite.

However, Dumb Unicorn was the one on the field.

Dumb Unicorn’s Water Element Control was at level three, and it was augmented by the bloodline. With just a little bit more time, it could…


Water splashed.

Just as the Dumb Unicorn used its water control ability to separate the surrounding waves, the Tide-Calling Spring Sprite appeared again before it could carve out an empty space.

The mature lady opposite him clearly knew.

After circling the area once, the Tide-Calling Spring Sprite released its sure-kill attack and leaped out of the water.

Its killing intent was awe-inspiring.

The water around it boiled as well.

High-temperature boiling water! It made it harder for the Dumb Unicorn to control the water.


No matter how many tactics you use, I will…


The clouds beneath its feet danced around it.

The sky-blue cloud suddenly transformed into countless fist shadows!

It threw out many punches, hoping one would eventually land.

The Tide-Calling Spring Sprite wasn’t immediately killed, but it realized in despair that there were more and more sky-blue clouds surrounding it. They even gathered together like a rain cloud, appearing above its head.

Countless hooves that looked like they were made of water or clouds stomped down!

The Tide-Calling Spring Sprite dove into the water again.

However, at this moment, countless hooves were already trampling down. The venue was in chaos, and it had nowhere to hide. Soon, it was forced out.

Thousands of hooves landed on it.

Imagine getting stepped on the face thousand of times!

It had an even worse fate than the Fairy Conch from the previous battle.

About ten seconds later.

The lady looked at the unconscious Tide-Calling Spring Sprite, whose body was covered in hoof marks.

The female instructor from Dragon City University was as black as the bottom of a pot.

Her eyes were filled with killing intent.

Su Hao had no choice but to turn his head and give the Dumb Unicorn a look.

Well done. Continue!

This was how Dumb Unicorn understood Su Hao’s signal. It was very excited as it ran around the venue happily, kicking up countless splashes. It then issued a challenge to the female instructor.


And so…

Dragon City University’s female instructor admitted defeat.

With a similar reason as Su Hao’s previous opponent.

Dumb Unicorn had a dazed look.

Su Hao also fell into deep thought. “I guess that’s it for Dumb Unicorn’s display of abilities…”

In fact, the Dumb Unicorn still had many ultimate moves, profundities, and long-distance running techniques that it had yet to reveal.

But at this moment…

Su Hao decisively waved his hand. “You may leave.”


Dumb Unicorn shook its head and left obediently.

At this moment, Su Hao felt that he was a little like a champion who was constantly dominating over his challengers.

How did it end up like this?

Su Hao was deep in thought.

Heavenly King Lie Kong was also thinking.

The other Sprite Trainers were also doing the same.

After hesitating for a while, the third Sprite Trainer to go on stage was a defensive-type Sprite Trainer.

The type that had the most hp and could take the most vicious beating.

And so…

Among Su Hao’s sprites, the next to fight was Big Fat Bear among the trio of Dazed Crow, Dummy, and Fatty.

The opponent’s starting lineup was Mighty King.

Its body was five to six meters tall, and its entire body was made of huge granite. At a glance, it gave off an explosive strength and a solid defense!



In just ten seconds, when the lightning-filled bear paw landed on the Giant Strength King’s massive body, blinding lightning bloomed. It was strong and firm like a thick wall…

The Mighty King instantly collapsed.

It made the burly man opposite Su Hao sweat.

“Go, Nine Pagoda Dragon.” He directly expanded his body and summoned a Nine Pagoda Dragon on his back.

It landed on the ground, stirring up dust.

It was an SSR sprite that was close to the quasi-monarch!

“If it loses, I’ll immediately admit defeat,” the burly man said.

In front of him,

The Nine Pagoda Dragon’s body was like a huge lizard, bigger than a heavy truck. On its back was its so-called nine-storey pagoda that seemed to be made out of metal and earth. Although it wasn’t a real pagoda, it was still two to three stories tall.

Rings of golden and earthen-yellow light spread out, giving off an indescribable pressure.

It was a dual-element metal and earth sprite.

It had an earth-elemental defense as well as powerful metal-elemental attacks.


A golden wheel of light flew out of the tower like a sharp circular blade. It tore through the air and instantly appeared in front of Big Fat Bear.

Big Fat Bear’s combat experience and combat instincts were lacking, and it was used to being distracted in battle. Thus, before it could react, it was already struck by the golden wheel of light.


An explosion sounded as smoke and dust filled the air. The bear flew out and slammed into the thick crystal wall.

Only then did the bear finally react. It instinctively hugged its head with both hands.

Then, the Nine Pagoda Dragon realized…

The bear didn’t seem injured?

Sob, I was so scared!

“This stupid bear.” Su Hao slapped his forehead.

However, due to the Big Fat Bear’s fear of pain, it was always clothed in its Thunder God Battle Armor. Every time there was a battle, the first thing it did was to wear the Thunder God Battle Armor.

In the previous battle, it had also worn its battle armor.

When the golden wheel of light struck, metal-elemental and lightning-elemental energy collided and annihilated each other. There was also the buffer provided by the battle armor.

It was only sent flying. In fact, it wasn’t injured at all.


The Big Fat Bear was still whimpering when golden wheels shot over.

It finally reacted. Lightning erupted from its body as blinding lightning crackled up to several meters far.

And then…

The bear crouched down and used the secret technique of… crouching while holding its head!

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Explosions constantly rang out as dust filled the air.

Is someone else finally going to win… Many Sprite Trainers widened their eyes as though they were the ones in the battle.

The dust gradually dispersed.

The bear’s armor only had a few scratches, but its aura was still calm as it roared.

It raised its arms high and let out a roar.

The attacks nearly damaged the bear!

At this moment, a command appeared in its mind. The Big Fat Bear took a huge step forward and leaned forward, rolling forward.

Lightning flashed on the thick armor, interweaving together to form an airtight giant lightning ball.

Meat Bouncing Lightning Ball!

It was like a bluish-purple sun. Thunder boomed constantly as it emitted a blinding glow. The gigantic lightning ball flew out in an arc, howling and rumbling as it headed for the gigantic Nine Pagoda Dragon at the other end of the arena.

In midair, the golden wheel of light continued flying as the gigantic lightning ball rushed over.

Everything collided and exploded!

Amidst the dust, the lightning ball flew out without reducing its momentum and struck the Nine Pagoda Dragon

The dragon also let out an angry roar as it clawed at the ground. The tower on its back emitted a bright glow as the entire tower trembled. It wasn’t purely defensive, but also shot towards the direction of the lightning ball. The entire dragon transformed into a golden shadow as it charged forward!


Boundless energy spewed out!

Amidst an ear-shattering boom, two figures—one blue and one golden—were sent flying.

The golden figure’s color had dimmed a little.

The lightning on the blue lightning ball was also less dense.

“A draw?”

Just as someone was about to ask a question, they saw the lightning ball that had flown out a hundred to two hundred meters slam into a barrier. It didn’t dissipate but bounced back instead. Amidst the crackling thunder, it continued accelerating as it whistled towards the Nine Pagoda Dragon.

At that moment, the dragon had just gotten up when it suffered a heavy blow.


Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

A frontal collision! A back collision!

360-degree spin!

Armstrong Jet Crash!

The blue arc kept flying around as the arena trembled. The dust had already covered everything.

It seemed to last a long time, but it also seemed to be instantaneous.

When the dust dissipated, what appeared in front of everyone was… a tragic sight.

Big Fat Bear roared.

The burly man without a name ended up leaving the arena for the same reason.

It made Su Hao conflicted. Should he let the bear leave or continue to fight?

Heavenly King Lie Kong was even more conflicted than Su Hao.

Looking down, he saw a group of Sprite Trainers who looked calm on the surface but were all remaining motionless, not daring to go up to challenge Su Hao.

Heavenly King Lie Kong had no choice but to wonder.

Why did the intra-team match end up like this?

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