Spirit Vessel - Chapter 903: Large Palm

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Chapter 903: Large Palm

The group lost one man instantly after arriving at Red Cliff. The corpse fell on the ground and its blood boiled. The stench of blood permeated the air.

“Feng Feiyun’s presence, he survived!” Gu A’ying warned.

The other four summoned their black sword and channeled their power before attacking the ground.

“Boom!” Third-level Nirvana cultivators had immense destructive potential. The sword energies cut the ground to pieces.

They have learned top merit laws from the Gu so they were far stronger compared to half-demons at the same level. Among them, Gu A’ying was at the peak of the third level.

Not a single stone remained intact after their assault.

Feiyun broke through the debris and soared upward, thrusting his spear towards a second soldier with meteoric speed.

Gu A’ying spotted himself and swung his arm, releasing a sword energy spanning dozens of miles long.

Feiyun spun in the air; his rotation was in accordance with the reincarnation cycle allowing him to dodge the attack. His spear then obliterated the chest armor and pierced the target.

Blood and pieces of bones splattered outward.

“Die!” The injured cultivator didn’t die right away and threw a lightning talisman at Feiyun.

This tiny thing contained incredible power. Just its activation alone froze the air.

Feiyun sensed danger and retreated with phantom-like speed.

The talisman cracked and a lightning bolt as thick as a bowl descended, annihilating several hundred miles of land.

After the tribulation dispersed, there were still crackles moving around like serpents.

The four cultivators of the Gu stuck together and tried to find Feng Feiyun.

“Ass...ugh...asshole…” The injured cultivator coughed out blood. He then ate a recovery pill but the wound wouldn’t close. Blood kept on gushing out.

“Goddamn him!”

“He must have fled already...ah!” This speaker suddenly stopped as if someone had gripped his throat. He swung his arms and legs chaotically like a drowning person.

“Whoosh!” Something suddenly severed his neck and ankles. He fell down on the ground as blood gushed out and burned the ground.

The remaining three cultivators became afraid.

“Another half-demon?” Gu A’ying uttered coldly while still trying to find Feng Feiyun with his heavenly gaze.

“Whoosh!” Feiyun appeared next to the injured cultivators and reduced him to a bloody pulp, as dead as can be.

The other two cultivators opened a wormhole stone, wanting to escape. Feiyun followed them inside and took off his invisible robe: “Who sent you to kill me?”

The spatial pathway was ethereal with space laws rotating everywhere.

Feiyun stood there; his hands still stained with blood.

Gu A’ying glared at Feiyun and sneered: “Fool, you actually came in. You’re dead when we get back to the camp.”

“I know who it is anyway, that Eighth Lord Gu, right?” Feiyun snorted.

The two didn’t reply and simply waited for the portal to open on the other side.

“You think you can make it back there?” Feiyun chuckled and summoned a myriad-beast seal. His fist glowed as a monstrous power manifested.

The two cultivators became alarmed. Gu A’ying shouted: “You’re insane! We’ll all die if you destroy the portal!”

Feiyun punched the spatial wall and the pathway immediately crumbled. All three fell into chaotic space.

The two cultivators screamed furiously and cursed Feiyun. A spatial storm pulled them in and cut them to pieces.

As for Feiyun, he used his spirit vessel and stood on deck, traveling through space towards Red Cliff.

He saw the realms and dimensions floating in space. Some looked like continents while others were bubbles with faint images in them. Another looked like a star…

Each represented an entirely different world. Though they looked so close, they were ten million miles away from him.

“Red Cliff is that red rocky continent, it should be more than a hundred million miles away.” The turtle sat on Feiyun’s shoulder and stared at Red Cliff.

It resembled a large chicken egg with an aura around it. The surface was rocky with lava rivers and lakes.

Suddenly, a massive force rushed towards them. This was an expert wearing a white robe, standing on top of a lava ocean. He glanced at the sky and could see everything clearly.

“A ship? No way, a divine ship from the archaic age?” That’s why he unleashed a palm strike towards the spirit vessel.

It crossed through several hundred million miles and hovered above the vessel.

Feiyun felt the palm seal coming out of Red Cliff, looking like the hand of a god. This was unstoppable.

‘Such an expert in Red Cliff? Is it a human overlord or a demon paragon?!’ Feiyun did everything he could to move the ship out of the energy palm.

However, it was boundless and the vessel couldn’t escape in time. This palm seal came crashing down, ready to destroy everything.

Suddenly, a strange sound came from deeper in the vessel, sounding both like the sigh of a sage or the roar of a beast. An unknown power from the vessel rushed out, enough to quake the realms nearby.

“Boom!” The palm seal instantly crumbled and dispersed into nothingness.

The figure on top of the lava ocean got sent flying for several hundred miles. Its white robe exploded into several pieces.

The figure couldn’t believe it and used a movement technique for stabilization then looked up again but no longer saw the ship.

‘What an incredible power? Who the hell is that?’ The figure couldn’t believe it. That force earlier caused violent quakes to hundreds of realms.

The figure no longer dared to make a move and disappeared from sight.


Feiyun landed on Red Cliff and immediately recalled the vessel. He sank into the ground and started running.

There was a top master here. If it wasn’t for the unknown power from the vessel earlier, he would be dead.

He ran for three days nonstop. Once he thought that he was safe, he finally appeared on the ground again.

He didn’t have time to check his location because there was a great army flying above. It blotted out the sky completely - thousands and thousands of demons with a white glow.

‘White spider demons! How are there so many of them?!’ He was astounded.

To the front of the army was an imperial carriage made of platinum pulled by ten flood dragons. Iron chains coiled around the dragon and were connected to the carriage. It headed eastward.

Feiyun saw a familiar figure sitting on the carriage - that fourth-level demoness who fought against him prior with her Mythical Sword Domain.

She looked both beautiful and elegant while possessing a sharp pair of eyes, looking like a ruler. The soldiers showed nothing but respect as they kneel before her.

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