SPELLBOUND - Chapter 602 - Please...

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Evie's mouth gaped. Then she bit her lower lip to stop her smile from stretching from ear to ear. Don't tell me this was the reason why he was always sleeping on me every night! The thought made Evie fall utterly speechless once again, then she shook her head and could no longer stop the smile spreading across her face.

When Evie did not make a sound, Gav slowly peeked at her only to see her smiling as if she was so amused about something.

Gav groaned and was about to rise but Evie suddenly pushed him back down. The next thing he knew, she was already on top, straddling him. Her amused and adorable smile suddenly changed, and Gav found himself swallowing hard. His body stiffening at the feel of her moist softness against his abs.

She loomed over him, slamming her palms down near his ears and trapping his head between her slender arms. Her eyes were shining a little wickedly and… full of desire.

"Do you remember when you trapped me in Crescia, Gav?" she asked. Gav's brows creased a little with her question, recalling back to that time. Why was she asking about this now?

"Of course you do," she did not allow him to answer. "I remember I was so damned angry back then that I swore to punish you once I see you again."

One of her hands moved and caressed his cheek. "I never had the chance though because of everything that just happened one after another, and you don't remember any of it when your vampire side is out. But right now…" she smiled mischievously. "I think it's high time for your punishment Gav." Her voice was soft but somehow it sent shivers across his skin.

Gav's eyes stretched a little wider now. His body was still burning with an unbearable heat, and it was taking all of his self-control to stop himself from grabbing her again. And now that she was saying all those things and looking at him like… like she wanted to devour him.

"Evie –" Just as he could no longer keep himself immobile and was about to reach out, Evie pushed him back down again.

"Don't move, Gav." She ordered. "Give me your hands."

Gav could only nod and do as she said, even as confusion danced across his devil blue eyes.

She held both his wrists then she put them up. The moment his arms were spread upwards in Y shape, Gav felt light magic bind him tightly.

"You stopped because you said you don't know how to be gentle," she uttered in sweet slow voice. "So I guess, the only way for us to continue is by doing this. If I take over, you won't have to worry about hurting me, right?" her slightly evil smile caused a havoc in his heart.

"Yes!" that word came out in gasp. His mind could only shout out 'YES' as though he had no other vocabulary in his mind. Even though right now, all he wanted was to just impale himself as hard as he could inside her over and over again until she was screaming with so much pleasure, her offer will have to suffice for now. If there was a way for him to make love to her without hurting her, then hell yes! He remembered that they did this before, her taking the reign. He had always preferred dominating her, making her scream for him but he could not deny he had liked it when she was on top as well. That position was truly easier and safer for her. So how would he even say no right now? He was dying to be inside her again that he would do whatever it takes! "Yes, Evie... yes. You can do what you want."

She chuckled then he felt her move a little lower all the while caressing his chest with her delicate fingers. Until her sex rubbed against his raging manhood.

A low groan escaped his lips at the touch of their sexes. He anticipated her next move, wanting her to grab him and finally swallow him. She did not do that but moved her hip instead, gliding herself up and down against his pulsating rod.

"Evie…" he could only moan her name. He had subconsciously pulled on his hands to touch those inviting mounds he so badly wanted to grab and suckle again.

"If you break the chain, I will stop." She warned and he immediately stilled and met her gaze. He saw that she was serious with her threat.

He threw his head back and shut his eyes and just prepared himself to enjoy the sensations. It seemed that he had forgotten the agony when he had let her take the reign that time.

She bent and captured his mouth, rubbing her breasts against his chest at the same time. Gav growled against her mouth. The pleasure was building up as she continued rubbing herself against his sex and kissing him at the same time. The feel of her soft mounds against his chest was also driving him insane, but… it was not enough… he wanted more, much more than this…

"Evie… let me come inside you now. I can't wait anymore." he finally begged. The pleading in his voice made Evie smile. But she did not plan on listening to him.

She slowed down her pace instead and moved her mouth onto his throat.

His muscles contracted and she knew that it was due to him holding himself back from not exerting his strength to break the chain.

She continued kissing his neck, his throat, the spot below his ears. She loved all his groans and that almost feral sounds he made.

"Evie… please…" he started pleading now. Somehow, she was enjoying this, making this powerful man beg for her. "Please…"

She pulled away and stared into his dazed beautiful eyes. "Please what? Gav?"

"Please take me inside you now!!" he answered immediately that Evie could not help but chuckle again. She just loved how her man begged her!


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