SPELLBOUND - Chapter 564 - Eve

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A small smile then plastered itself on the prince's face and his darkness slowly receded. "Have I told you this before, Leo? You're a good advisor. You always know what to say and always at the right time and the right place."

The purple eyed boy rubbed the back of his neck at the generous compliment. "Well, I don't remember anything much about mother, but Her Majesty the Light Queen had told me before that I sounded very much like my mother. She told me that my mother, Zanya, was her right hand person and an important advisor. So I guess I'd believe in your compliments, My Prince. Now let's head back. It's about time."

The young prince sighed and the next second, his expression became calm the moment his eyes turned amber. He looked so calm and collected that it was as though he had not been in such an emotional mess just a little while ago.

"Oh… by the way Your Highness, reporting! The messenger I had sent to check in on Princess Eve had just returned." Leo reported as the two walked back towards where the army had camped out.

"How's she?"

"They said she's practicing shooting arrows and is not stopping."

The young prince halted. "When did she start practicing?" and his brows furrowed into deep lines.

"Ever since we set out. Most probably since the moment Her Majesty had told her to stay in the castle."

"So since last night, huh? No wonder I had sniffed out blood from her this morning. Her hand must have already been sore and bleeding as she tried to conceal it."

Leo creased his brows with worry. "Then right now! Y-your Highness, why don't you go check on her for a bit? You're the only one she'd listen to. She still can't use magic and the more concerning thing is that she can't even be healed by magic! I am worried if she might end up pushing herself too much and hurt herself really bad!"

"I think I'm taking back what I said a while ago that you're a good advisor, Leo. You always lose your cool when you're worried about my sister. Do you like my sister?" the young prince raised his brows at Leo.

"Huh? W-what are you saying?" Leo stammered out and there were two bright red spots dusting the high contours of his cheeks.

"You know that I can't leave my post even for a moment. Any time now a group of monsters could appear and attack us." The young prince replied seriously. "Eve is very stubborn. She'll practice again once I'm not looking. She is adamant on wanting her magic to awaken now. And I can't say that I blame her frustrations. I'd probably go crazy if I were the one in her position right now."

The purple eyed boy did not speak anymore as they finally reached their post.

Evie's heart warmed a little despite all the pain and agony she felt as she listened to the boys talking. When she swept her eyes over the large army this young prince was leading, she felt goosebumps prickling her skin. To think that a boy this young, already having this amount of responsibility being placed on his shoulders.

She looked at him again as he stood right at the front and centre like a majestic young king. Oh, this boy… pride bloomed within Evie's aching heart as her eyes trailed over him.

Her eyes fell to the city far behind them. She wanted to see Eve.

But she still needed to go to the battlefield. She needed to see more of what was in there, in that darkness.

For the last time, Evie swept her gaze over the army, trying to see if there were any strong men who were accompanying the young prince. She felt the generals with him were very strong, even the humans looked menacing. But she could not find many familiar faces anymore except for the dark fae elders she had just seen guarding over the forbidden library in the Great City and a few female light faes.

Evie moved to the young prince and hugged him even though there was no way she could touch him. She knew in her heart that this boy was her son. She could not even make herself doubt it. All the hints and facts were obviously pointing to only one conclusion… and that this was the future – not the past!

Her tears fell as she pulled away from the boy then she flew away, still looking at him until she reached the great dark wall that seemed to swallow both the sky and ground.

She could not see anyone any longer. Everyone was already inside the dark wall.

Evie landed on the ground and halted before it. Her heart was beating so wild inside her ribcage. Whatever was inside this darkness, she was determined to go in and find out about it. She also wanted to confirm one thing… if… if Gav was truly…

Her heart was breaking into a million pieces even at the thought that he was truly gone. But no matter how painful the things that she might witness beyond this wall, she vowed that she would watch it all, even if it would cause her heart to bleed. Because if this… if this was truly the future… and if… her Gav… and all her beloved friends and family were really gone… she swore to herself… that she would not allow this future to happen to her own timeline. She would do anything… everything… to change this future… to avoid it from happening!

If this was truly the future, then this was not the end yet! She realized the fact that this future was being revealed to her was already a miracle in itself! She never watched memories like these in her dreams. In her dreams she only gets to catch brief flashes of what was going to happen. Her dream always comes true no matter how she had tried to alter it. But this time… this was not a dream. The bow had showed her these 'memories' and to her, this only meant one thing. That this future could still be changed and knowing that, was enough for her.

Clenching her fists tight, Evie's amber eyes that were filled with agony, pain and a sense of hopelessness a while ago had significantly changed now. Her eyes had gradually turned steely as she looked ahead and stepped resolutely into the darkness.

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