SPELLBOUND - Chapter 563 - Young Prince

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"Promise me that you're going to come back to us. Please!" the boy's amber eyes were gleaming with unshed tears as he begged his mother, not showing at all the shame of having tears streaming down his cheeks even though he was in that prideful stage of a teenager.

And this scene Evie was watching warmed and shattered her heart at the same time. This boy… is this the boy that is still inside her womb right now? Evie's heart somehow knew and whispered to herself that yes, this was her child. She could not take her eyes off of him and a sudden urge to embrace him bloomed within her. She wanted to hug him as tight as she could.

"I promise." Evie heard 'herself' replied to the boy. "I will defeat our enemies and come back victorious to you both."

Evie could clearly hear the pain dripping from her voice, but her eyes were still gleaming with so much strength. This is the kind of strength Evie in her current state could not even fathom.

"I believe in you, mother," the boy smiled and looked up proudly at his mother. "You are the Queen of Light. The most powerful in this whole world. You will come back honoured and victorious!"

Those words the boy said was filled with nothing but absolute faith. There was not even a tiny speck of doubt in his voice. He had said those words as if they were already a fact. The way he looked at her with so much admiration and unwavering belief made Evie's tears fall again as she continued watching helplessly.

She hugged her son again very tightly and whispered. "Thank you, my beloved son. This queen… your mother will be victorious. I promise you that."

And they pulled away from each other, knowing that they could not delay the time any longer. She needed to leave and end this war.

"I will take good care of Eve and the entire city so please don't worry about her and focus only on your enemy, mother." The boy said with a confident smile. And Evie immediately noticed how his smile was an exact copy of Gav's as well.

"That's my son." The Light Queen stated proudly and then she kissed the boy's forehead and in the next instant, she turned and jumped on the back of her dragon. Her movements were firm and decisive, no longer having the soft edges of a motherly aura. It was only clear authority and dominion that reeked from her posture.

The dragon which was oozing with darkness catapulted towards the sky upon her silent orders and Evie watched 'herself' flew away with her dragon at an impossible speed. She did not look back, not even once until she disappeared. But Evie caught sight of something before the Light Queen disappeared… she saw a single silvery tear that fell from her eyes as soon as she turned her back from her son. The sight of that single tear broke Evie's heart so bad that she thought her heart was damaged.

Evie then turned to look at the boy again. She wanted to know his name. When she heard the boy mentioned 'Eve', it pulled on her heartstrings. That name… she had already thought of that name since she was in Dacria with Gav. She had entertained the thought that if her child would be a girl, her name would be Eve. If it was going to be a boy, she would then let Gav name him. Though she had never spoke to Gav about this before, she had long decided on the name of her future female child.

Suddenly, the boy who was still looking up the sky clenched her fists so tightly. Strong and dark magic oozed from his body – and it was the same exact way Gav's darkness enveloped his body when angered. Only that, his other eye was blazing red while the other was blue.

"Your Highness, we need to return to your post." A voice that seemed to belong to another teenage boy echoed out behind him. When Evie looked at the source of the voice, she saw a boy, and at one glance, Evie could already tell whose son he was. Purple eyes, pointy ears and straight and silvery white hair… Zanya and Leon's faces immediately came to Evie's mind at the sight of him.

A kind of cute dragon's shriek echoed next, and Evie saw a hatchling, just a little bigger than an adult male's palm was flying towards them. Evie's eyes widened as the small dark dragon with amber eyes landed perfectly on the young prince's shoulder.

But the boy continued clenching and unclenching his fists as he gritted his teeth. This anger he was exuding was so much like Gav's when his eyes were blue and angry.

"I promised father… I promised him before he…" he paused and swallowed hard before he continued speaking through his gritted teeth. Then he let out a heavy sigh and shut his eyes while reaching out to pet the hatchling on his shoulder. "I promised him that I will protect mom… I wanted to go and fight alongside her and protect her, Leo. But I know I'm not strong enough right now… I will only cause her more distractions if I go… and I hate that! I hate that we're so young Leo, I wished we're old enough, strong enough right now to…"

The purple eyed boy named Leo approached him and gave a couple of firm thumps on his shoulder. "I understand how you feel, Your Highness. I truly do. But as you said, you being there would only serve to distract the Queen. You know how much she worries about you and the princess. However, the Light Queen gave you such a big responsibility right now as well and it's to protect the princess and this city. You are strong enough to do at least that right now. So please lift your head up with pride, My Prince. You are already fighting alongside our queen right now.. Just in a slightly different way, that's all."

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