SPELLBOUND - Chapter 548 - Two Situations

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Time passed and Gavrael finally absorbed enough information from the books all at once. He immediately left the library, but it was not to catch up with Evie as he promised earlier. He instead, materialized inside their room and laid himself on the bed.

This was also done as per Gavriel's instructions. He had told Gavrael to put himself into a deep slumber and Gavrael just agreed, understanding why he had asked him to do that. They both will need all the time they need to go over the loads of information he had absorbed from the books earlier and to share them with Gavriel.

It would be more convenient as an excuse for him to fall asleep or Evie will probably keep him awake and interrogate him thoroughly about the spell once she returns. Gavrael wanted to cuddle with her again, no doubt about it. But he knew they do not have much time to waste as of now! Time is of the essence as Evie's pregnancy is progressing day after day!

Shutting his eyes, Gavrael checked on Evie's condition and location first through Samuel's eyes. He had chosen to connect through the leader this time.

When he saw Evie speaking with the light faes that had just arrived and was looking alright, Gavrael sighed out in relief. He also saw his parents together with her, so he could relax and finally uttered the spell to put himself into a deep sleep.

In the next instant, he was standing in front of Gavriel again.

Gavriel immediately stood as he approached him.

"Evie's out to meet the light faes who had just arrived. So I am back here earlier than you expected." Gavrael informed him quickly, "Father and mother are with her, and they should be returning into the palace anytime soon." He added and Gavriel nodded in relief.

He asked Gavrael to let him view the contents of the books he had absorbed with the help of his magic and Gavriel did not waste a second longer to focus himself on it, skimming through all the pages, one after another at an impossible speed.

After what felt like hours, Gavriel finally stopped. A complicated look was plastered across his normally calm expression. Both of them looked at each other, thoughts racing across their own minds.

"I think Evie was already pregnant before I came out and took over." Gavrael was the first to speak.

"I think the same, too. I believe she's already pregnant before we got separated. This should mean that your dark magic should not be the reason why she had managed to conceive... This will be the biggest difference between her and Queen Ellia." Gavriel mulled over this point. "It says here that the female should start becoming weaker even in their first week of pregnancy. However, thinking back, I remember that the complete opposite actually happened to Evie. After we got separated, she only grew stronger and stronger until now."

At that moment, Gavrael remembered something he had observed from Evie since he had switched places with Gavriel last night.

"I also had sensed that her magic is getting even stronger now compared to previously." he informed Gavriel. "No… in fact, the increase of her powers within this short amount of time could be said to be a little unbelievable. She had told me that she started to feel as though her energy is now overflowing since she had arrived in the Under Lands."

Gavriel's eyes narrowed a little as he stared at the page Gavrael was showing him through his magic.

"Is it possible that…" Gavriel started thoughtfully, "…that the opposite is happening to her? That instead of getting weaker, she's actually becoming stronger?"

Gavrael frowned, puzzled at what Gavriel had pointed out.

"Perhaps because the dark magic isn't the one responsible for her being able to conceive…" Gavriel wondered out aloud.

The idea made sense to Gavrael as well, but he could not say anything more as Gavriel continued reading again.

"Here it is! I've found it!" Gavriel exclaimed after a long while of reading silently. "It says here that it's impossible for a revived woman to conceive unless one of these two situation happens. First, if the man has surpassed the pinnacle of dark magic, meaning the man had been consumed by his darkness and second… there's something about the woman that made it possible."

"Something about the woman? You mean, something about Evie herself that had made it possible for her to conceive?" Gavrael asked, "Is this because Evie's the queen of the light faes and is also powerful in her own right?"

"Probably, but queen Ellia was once a powerful dark fae too. She's the most powerful female dark fae during that time. So that should not be the case."

"So if it is not because of how powerful she is, then what?"

"Maybe… Hmm, perhaps, it could be because Evie's source of magic isn't darkness but the light."

Gavrael was silenced. That was the most logical theory they had manged to come up with right now. "So it might be because Evie's powers have reached the pinnacle of light magic?" he wondered but Gavriel shook his head.

"No. Evie only started using light magic that day when the war broke out. That was the same day we got separated…" suddenly, Gavriel trailed off. His eyes widening a little at that thought that had just come to him. He remembered that night when he began to realize that Evie was not just a mere human as they both had thought before. That night he gave her that necklace and that time he brought her to the crystal lake. That night, they had made love while the lake magically started shining with golden lights.

There was no way he could forget that.. Though Evie might not have noticed it, it was impossible for him not to notice the abnormal lights that occurred that moment they had started making love, compared to when she was just simply soaking herself in the water. Could it be that…

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