SPELLBOUND - Chapter 519 - Above Me

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Gideon's eyes flew open and looked at her just to see her smiling wide at him. 

"This must be the effects of the mating bond. But I don't feel exhausted and weakened at all. I think that… I should be able to keep up with you." She told him confidently with a mischievous grin and Gideon was dumbstruck for a moment. That flaming red hair floating around her, creating a halo about her small, pale face, with her bright azure eyes shining at him – it only served to drive his fever for her even higher. He could feel himself salivating to taste her again. To join with her. He wanted for them to reach the heights of passion together once again.

Reaching out, Vera touched his face, her eyes gleaming with love and lust. "Don't worry. I am no longer just Vera, the human girl. I am now Vera, your mate." She uttered and Gideon let out a smile to slowly bloomed across his handsome face. 

He held her hand and licked her fingers. "Right, you're now Vera, the one and only mate of this dark fae prince." He whispered, then his eyes became utterly serious as he entwined their tattooed hands. The vines that were imprinted into their skin glowed at the touch of their hands and the flower that had been magically carved over their hearts glowed ever so bright and so beautiful. 

"Listen to me, Vera, love." His voice echoed in her ears and Vera heard the promise in them. "I want you to know that you're no longer just a powerless human. You're my mate and from now on, everything I have, my power, even my life… all belong to you now. They are yours as well."

Vera's eyes widened. She had never expected to hear those words from him at all. She could not speak. She did not know what to say. Being able to get his love and be able to be his mate was more than she could ask for. She knew how heavy his responsibilities are and how much he put importance on them. So for him to say that his powers, his belongings, his plans and even his life to be hers, she was just blown away! He treasured her more than anything in this world!

And all of a sudden, he rose from the bed before stretching his hand towards her. Vera could only accept and the two of them left the bed all naked. But none of them felt any awkwardness or even a tinge of embarrassment. At that moment, Vera felt something different. It was as though the both of them were bearing themselves fully to each other. They had exposed their most vulnerable part of themself to their mate. 

Gideon halted and faced her. Something different had overpowered the maddening sexual tension and Vera felt her heartbeat race. She could feel Gideon was up to something. Something big. When she saw their future, Vera was not shown all the details. There were many pockets of blanks between the scenes she had witnessed in her mind. She did not even get to see what would happen after they leave this house. Thus, she had no idea what Gideon was up to right now. 

Slowly, he knelt before her on one knee, still not letting go of her hand. 

He looked up at her, his eyes so serious that it sent flutters to her already trembling heart. "I, Gideon, the crown prince of the Under Lands…" he started with a very formal tone, causing Vera to subconsciously hold her breath. "… is hereby offering myself to you, Vera, my mate. I surrender everything I have to you, my body, my soul, my heart, my power… my life…"

"W-wait…" Vera's voice was so weak as she tried to interrupt him. She was utterly overwhelmed now and for some reason, she could somehow feel that what he was doing is not something as simple as it looks. This just felt so different. As if… as if this was legal declaration he could never ever take back. She knew how dark faes took their promises seriously and their words, when spoken seriously as an oath, can even be taken as casting a spell.

He smiled, seeing her overwhelmed face and he kissed her hand lovingly. He knew she felt it, the realness of this. This was real and he had decided to do this. There was no more turning back. He was going to give his all to this woman. His everything. Because without her, he would not even be here in the first place. He was still here, living and breathing, only because of her alone. Though that was not actually the main reason why he was doing this. He was going to do this to protect her. 

If he makes her powerful, if he props her up to be of a higher status than him, if he places her as the owner of his life, no one would dare harm her… not even his monsters. He will make everyone recognize her, every single monster, even the darkness that he commands. He would make it known that she was now holding his life and powers in her hands. 

"Please accept me, Vera," he whispered, and Vera looked down at him with a bewildered face now. 

"Ac- accept? Wait… what will happen if I accept?" she asked hesitantly, not knowing what to do. 

"If you accept me, you will have full control of me. Of my powers and even my will –" Gideon was honest with her. He did not want her to be duped into this. She is his mate and deserved the utmost respect. He wanted her to accept it with the full knowledge of what she was getting out of it.

"W-what?" Vera gasped, unable to believe what he had just said. 

He kissed her hand again as if to soothe her. "Don't be overwhelmed, my sweet. This is normal between two mates because this thing can only work for a mated couple. One can choose to share their powers and lifespan with their mate. By doing this, it will make both of them as equals, be it in status or power. This is being done to keep both parties to be at a similar level. And most mated couples choose to do this to protect the weaker partner as well." 

"So you're saying that you're sharing your powers with me so I could be your equal?" 

"Yes, but what I'm doing is more than that. If you accept this, not only are you going to be my equal.. You're going to be above me, love." 

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