SPELLBOUND - Chapter 428 - Not Right

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After staring hard at Kione's unyielding and hopeful gaze, Evie looked away and stared out the window, overlooking the hauntingly beautiful city. 

She was completely mind-blown from all the things that had been revealed from her talk with Kione. But what made her head ache the most was Kione's last statement. Gideon wants Gav to be the one who destroys him? What was with that intention?

Even though she strangely did not feel any doubt or uncertainty about the reality of all the things Kione had told her, Evie made sure to remember that this thing about Gideon's aim was still just Kione's speculation as Gideon himself had never spoken about it nor confirmed with his own words that that was what he wanted to do. Though it was the most logical explanation, Evie told herself not to think of it as a fact. Because as of right now, it was still not. 

However, if Kione ends up being right in his speculations, she thought that Gav must know about this. No… even if Kione's theory about Gideon's aim ends up completely wrong, Evie still felt that she must let Gav know about this before it was too late for Gideon. But how? And… wait… 

Evie's eyes widened as if a very important thought came to her. Her gaze flew towards Kione and she opened her mouth to speak but she stopped herself immediately, just as the words were about to tumble out of her lips. Was it safe for her to tell him about this?

Thinking hard for a moment, Evie then faced him after making her decision. Since this man had honestly revealed to her all those shocking information, Evie decided to return the favour to give him the same treatment and just tell him as well. This was not because she now trusted this man, but because she felt that telling him about Gav was the right move at this point. 

"May I ask you a question?" Evie asked. "What made Gideon think that my husband will be the one to destroy him one day? Gideon knew my husband is not like him. And from what you have been telling me, Gideon is not like anyone else. Even I could tell his power is definitely unrivalled. Gav… my husband is certainly powerful too. But like you said, his dark magic is just like those other dark fae kings. It is something acquired, and it grows over time. There's certainly a huge gap if we were to look at just the scope of raw power alone, not to mention the abilities that Gideon wields." Evie was logical and rationally listed out the pertinent points.

"Well, though it is true that Gavrael's abilities certainly isn't one of a kind like Gideon's, that guy had always been a devil sprout." He grinned a little. "He's that sprout that now grew up into a large, powerful tree and you know what is so interesting about Gavrael? He does not stop growing. It is as if he has no limit as to how much he can continue growing at all. He just keeps growing and growing. Becoming more and more powerful by the day. He wasn't born powerful, mind you. In fact, he was born with zero magic at his disposal… But look at him now, from what we saw during his last fight against that ancient mad king Galleous –"

"Wait!" Evie cut him off. "You guys knew about that, too? I mean, you guys had been watching even then?" she was shocked at this revelation.

Kione nodded. "Yes. Gideon had sensed an immense dark magic pulsating from the surface. So he used his magic to see what was happening up there. I don't know how he did it, but he was able to look at what was happening through the eyes of Galleous himself. Gideon told us he could see through every dark faes' eyes whenever they are using a high levelled dark magic without them even knowing their eyes were being used in place for others' viewfinders. That is, except for Gavrael. Watching his fight at that time was what I believe, the main motivating factor that pushed Gideon to go ahead on his long time plan. I believe he thought that it is now the right time."

"But…" Evie hesitated for a moment. "Did he not notice anything else while watching? I mean… did he watch until the end of the battle?" Evie somehow felt her heart skipped a few beats as she asked, anticipation increasing as the minutes pass.

"You mean when Galleous died? The battle stopped there, right? Gideon could no longer see a thing after Galleous died." Kione's words seemed to have put out the anticipation in her heart.

For a moment, Evie fell silent, thinking again. But eventually, she lifted her head and steadied her gaze at him.

"Is… Gideon aware about my husband losing his memories and dark magic?" she asked carefully, holding her breath as she waited for his answer. 

"Oh, about that. Yes, we are aware of it. He forgot everything and even seemingly lost his dark magic because of him using a forbidden magic amd leaving the Underland." He answered as if it was not something serious. "We always knew he would definitely re-awaken his dark magic again one day though."

Evie shook her head, her eyes suddenly saddened at the thought of that moment Gav had cried in her arms. "He lost his dark magic again or I think I'd call it his dark fae side and I think it might be for good this time. He… Gavrael… he had said goodbye to me, telling me he need to disappear for Gavriel to come back to me. Now my husband is back to his normal vampire self, and he does not remember anything about his earlier life as Gavrael nor does he possess any dark magic." Evie had hoped that perhaps Kione or Gideon would have some way to resolve this matter.

But it was now Kione's turn to fall into a speechless shock. 

"After Gav devoured Galleous darkness, I don't know how he did it. But he seemed to have transferred the dark magic he devoured into my black dragon." Evie continued in a soft voice. "Now I am still looking for my dragon. He too, suddenly disappeared right after that battle. It has been so long since then, but I still can't reach out to him no matter how hard I try nor how much power I pour into our mind link. That's why…" she paused again, trying to forget about that heartbreaking scene and focused her attention on Kione and their current problem. "That's why I think my husband won't be able to stand a chance against someone like Gideon as he no longer possesses any of his dark magic –"

"Wait… Queen… something's not right here –" As Kione's expression became a bit severe after hearing those words from Evie, their attention was immediately pulled towards the door. 

A very strong presence they both knew that only belonged to no one else, but Gideon was somehow present nearby. 

Right before the great door swung open, Kione dissolved his barrier around them and acted as though nothing out of the ordinary had happened.

Evie did the same as they both turned to face the door with relaxed postures, as though they were just sitting around chatting with each other on nonsensical and mundane, everyday things. 

But the moment the door opened, Kione and Evie blinked at the sight that welcomed them. They were expecting a brooding man with cold eyes to appear and question them but… what was wrong with this scene? Who is that red headed girl coming in with him?

Kione blinked more than twice, seeing that it was another fair skinned lady and… not even a light fae?!

Gideon paused by the door, his gaze fell immediately towards Evie, while Evie had her amber eyes wide opened as she was still taken aback in shock. 

"Human!" Evie exclaimed and Kione looked shocked as well. "You…!! You even went as far as to kidnap a human this time!" 

 Evie angrily walked towards him, fearless in the face of standing up for the innocent poor girl. After all the things she had found out about Gideon, it was strange, but Evie had stopped feeling the overwhelming sense of danger from him anymore. He still exudes danger, but Evie seemed to feel quite confident that he would not harm her. To her, he was all bark but no bite, at least for now.

Gideon did not respond to Evie's accusations. His gaze however, fell towards Kione. 

"What the hell are you up to? Kidnapping a poor human as well –"

"This one is a willing participant. No… I should say that she was the one who had begged to be taken here." he replied dryly, and Evie was speechless as she stopped in her rush over to them. It was then that her gaze flew towards the girl and immediately realized that she was under a binding spell. 

"I don't believe you." Evie narrowed her eyes at Gideon. If that were true, then why was the girl being held with a binding spell? "Let her go and allow her to freely speak."

Gideon moved her close to her but still did not immediately move to put her down. 

"Put her down," Evie told him crisply. 

"She's hurt." Was all he responded, surprising Evie. Her gaze scanned over the human girl from her head, all the way downwards until her eyes fell to the girl's feet and she winced at the sight of her torn up feet. By the looks of it, that must really be hurting so bad. "I tried dipping her in the magical river. But it seems as though it doesn't work on her."

"The magical water doesn't work on humans." Evie looked at Gideon again.

"I had figured that must have been the case." He then removed his restriction spell over her, and the girl was finally able to move her hands and opened her mouth. She lifted her hands to brush her wavy red hair that had been messily blown all over and ended up covering her face.

And the moment the girl's face was uncovered, Evie gasped. "V-vera?!" she exclaimed in utter shock. 


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