SPELLBOUND - Chapter 421 - Someone

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Azrael could not quite believe what Gideon had just done. Why must he do that? Gideon had never willingly revealed that form of his to anyone so lightly as how he had done earlier with Vera. Not even Kione nor himself were privileged to see it so casually like that!

Gideon's been Azrael's close friend since their childhood days, and he was more than aware on just how hard Gideon had tried to hide his form for so many years. He and Kione were witnesses to his struggle. He had even begged them once many years ago, to cover for him when Queen Beatrice had almost found out about his secret. 

Yet now… he so nonchalantly revealed himself to a stranger – and to top it off, a human female – just like that? For what? Just so he could scare the poor girl away? Ridiculous! 

Shaking his head in disbelief, Azrael tried to reason out Gideon's action. He stared at the poor human girl again. She was still rooted to the same spot, apparently paralyzed with shock. 

However, when Azrael searched her face, he was surprised at what he saw reflected on her face. Contrary to what he had thought, the poor girl was not actually frozen due to fear of what she had seen. Instead, her countenance looked as though everything is now over for her. It was as if her whole world was set to be crumbling down to pieces very soon. 

Her beautiful blue eyes had now turned completely lifeless and was revealing a dull sheen – as if those eyes no longer belonged to living creature anymore, but one of a wax doll. 

The little glint of hope that was still shining in her eyes a while ago had now evaporated into nothingness. Azrael sighed. Now he understood why this helpless human did not even hesitate to offer herself to become a bed warmer. He did not expect this kind of deprecating statement to come out of her mouth. But now, there was no need to wonder on what kind of monstrosities that had occurred all through her life for her to be this willing to promise such things which were so demeaning to herself as a woman and an individual. 

It was obvious to him that she must have been living a life of hell. Gideon's appearance to her, must have been considered as the very last ray of hope that she could bet on to escape this hell she was going through. 

With a heavy sigh, Azrael slowly approached her, trying not to make sudden or loud movements that might startle her. He was amazed that this girl did not get scared of Gideon's appearance but from the fact that Gideon left, had made him realize that his hope that Gideon would be swayed by her was not possible. What a shame because he was truly hoping she could make Gideon take her along. But even if her begging did not work, what else could work? He could take this girl along, but the risk of disobeying Gideon by allowing her to tag along with him was not worth it. He could only make such risky decision if only he is able to make sure that this girl could become special to Gideon even for a little. But again, it is too bad because Gideon had already left and that was an obvious indication to Azrael that this girl too, did not and will not mean a thing to him.

Looking at the dead body, Azrael let out another sigh.

"Do you want me to get rid of this body? Sorry but that's all I can do for you." He said and she looked at him with those beautiful baby blues, but disturbingly dead eyes of hers. 

Then she shook her head. "Thank you but you don't need to do that anymore. They knew I was the last person with him. If his body goes missing, the blame will naturally be put to no one else but on me." Her voice was weak, hopeless. "But I really…" she forced a smile, "I really appreciate your thoughtfulness. Also... Please… tell him that I… I'm thankful for what he did for me." Her voice filled with gratefulness. "Please tell him I will never forget…" she trailed off and bit her bleeding lower lip. 

And she bowed her head low to him before she turned, picking the sword up from the ground before cutting the edges of her skirt and tearing them to rip them up to her knees. Then she walked forward but not towards where she had come from but to the opposite direction, dragging the sword in her hand weakly. 

Watching her, Azrael's gaze fell to her feet and pity struck him again at the sight of her bleeding bare feet against the rocky ground. He shook his head in disbelief. To think that she had been running with those wounds and was not even flinching… this girl… was she immune to pain? There was no way that could be, right? Humans do not have magic to make them impervious to pain. Then how was she walking like nothing was wrong?! 

Azrael ran his hand through his thick raven black hair and sighed hard. "Goodness, now you're making me remember someone who…" he suddenly trailed off and his eyes widened. His gaze flew to her and for a moment he looked like he saw a ghost of someone he knew. No… could it be… did Gideon interfere a while ago and acted like that because… because this human also reminded him of Leah? 

Once again, Azrael scrutinized the human girl who was now moving slowly like wounded little prey who barely escaped her death and was now wandering aimlessly, not knowing where to go. She has fiery red hair and fair skin, things that were so unlike Leah, his beloved adopted little sister and Gideon's lover who had died many years ago. But her eyes… now that he thought about it, Leah's eyes were just like hers – large, round, and a beautiful pastel pale blue colour. He could see that she was also of the same height and frame as her. Leah had a very peculiar ability of not being able to feel any pain. Everyone had thought back then that her ability was amazing, but he, including Gideon and Kione knew that her ability was actually deadly. To think that this girl has so many similarities with her… 

Suddenly, something gleamed in Azrael's eyes and as if he had already made up his mind, he shouted after her.

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