SPELLBOUND - Chapter 407 - Under Lands

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When they materialized, Evie found herself securely tucked in – what she believed could only be – the dark fae's arms. He was carrying her, princess-like, as he unhurriedly walked ahead into a dark tunnel. She realised that she was still under the influence of that binding spell as she was still frozen stiff.

Her eyeballs could only move around, trying as best as she can to see where he was bringing her. When she could not make out anything due to the extreme darkness, her body then glowed, making herself her own light source, and lighting up the pitch-dark place. 

The man carrying her halted when he saw this happening and she looked up at him in challenge, silently daring him to say anything about her actions. Their eyes met and Evie creased her brows at the sight of him smiling down at her. And due to their proximity, Evie could not help but notice that this person possessed a rare, exotic, and heart stopping beautiful smile. 

With the light coming from her body, she could now see his features very clearly. Just like his smile, his face was also kind of exotic, his catlike eyes shaded with thick dark lashes, and all his features were almost immobilizing. He looked like someone who was not born to sin. All it took was for one look at his face and one would think he was a gentle and beautiful angel who got lost in the dark. No one would think that he is one who would be capable of even killing a little chick. 

"Easy there, Queen." His gentle voice echoed around them like a kind of dark slow music. "You really are incredible to still be able to summon your magic even when you are already unable to move or speak…"

His voice trailed off and his smile faded when Evie's body brightened up even more. It was as though she were challenging him more by doing so. "Stop that, Queen. Don't exert yourself too much." His voice rumbled out low and his gaze remained patient. "Didn't I just warn you about the little one inside you? I am using a very powerful dark spell to immobilize you right now, so don't try to struggle from it because it will only become more powerful and tighten up its grasp on you if you force yourself to break away from it." 

Evie's gazed blazed with fury at she glared up at him. This man was blackmailing her, and he knew that this threat would be very effective on her right now. He was such a despicable person! She really wanted to give this person a nice dressing down if she could. But since she could not, all she did was level her eyes at him as though laser beams were shooting out of them. And if eyes could kill, Gideon would have died many times over.

"I'm sorry but I can't let you talk yet. At least not until we cross the portal." He continued walking when Evie's body slowly dimmed. She knew she should not be too wilful and cause harm to her unborn child. As much as she wanted to fight back, right now, this was not the best way forward. She would observe and bid her time and strike when there was an opportune time for her to do so. Therefore, Evie kept her eyes peeled and her ears wide opened to get as much information as possible to her whereabouts and not miss the chance of escaping.

Hearing the word 'portal', Evie's eyes widened. Was he really taking her over to the Under Lands? Wait… does this mean that perhaps Zanya and the other vampires who were missing were all taken to the Under Lands as well? This thought would never have crossed her mind before this incident.

And it was as if he could read her thoughts, the dark fae spoke again. "Yes, you are right. I'm bringing you to the Under Lands. And yes, those people whom you are searching for all this time, are all over there as well, right now." 

Evie was dying with the frustration of not being able to blurt out all the questions she had to him or even to struggle. Why? Why is he bringing her there? What was going on? How could it be that it was so easy for him to take any random persons over to the Under Lands? She had remembered hearing from Claudius that it takes an immense amount of magic to bring a non-dark fae to the Under Lands from the surface. And once a non-dark fae entered, they can never get out again without a great sacrifice in exchange. 

As Evie questioned herself, the man holding her halted. Her heart drummed within her as she looked at the sight of the solid wall now turning into what looked like a dark and thick shadow. 

No… her mind immediately screamed out Gavriel's name. She knew her husband can no longer return to the Under Lands. She had to escape. She cannot allow this dark fae to bring her across this portal! He would not be able to find her! She was not even sure if he would be able to sense her presence in the Under Lands.

Once again, he seemed to have read what she was thinking, and he looked down at her again. There was an enigmatic look in his eyes. "Do not worry, Queen. Gavrael will definitely come. That man will always do the impossible for you." He said in a serious tone before quickly stepping inside the vortex without giving her any more chances to even process what he had just said. He had made sure to grasp onto her tighter, even though she was already bound by the spell. He did not want to risk her escaping at the last minute.

The moment he stepped across the portal, he spoke again, an odd flicker flashed across his blazing blue eyes. "Gavrael will come for you… even if it kills him." 

He spread out his large wings and the next thing Evie knew; she was flying with him through the skies. 

"This is your first time coming down here. Have a good look at the birthplace of Gavrael, queen." His voice echoed and Evie found that she was suddenly able to move her head around now. She attempted to speak, but her voice was still not coming out even though she could open and move her mouth now. 

She could only grit her teeth angrily and followed his line of sight.. And the instant she saw the view below her, she was stunned. 

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