SPELLBOUND - Chapter 336 - Till Next Time

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The rain had finally stopped falling for the first time in thousands of years and the stars could finally be seen again. The bright light coming from the castle spread out all over Crescia and then all throughout the Middle Lands. It was as if a white sun had risen in the middle of the night. 

It was a breath taking and magnificent sight. 

When the blast of light finally settled down, the light faes felt the power surge even stronger within them. The great castle that used to look as black as coal was now coloured a heavenly silvery white. Even in the darkness, the shimmer and shine of the castle's beauty and grandeur could be clearly seen.

"How are you feeling, my dear?" Belial asked Evie. 

The light faes who had performed the ritual together with Evie were now back at the spacious veranda as they could not bear the power which was literally gushing forth like a waterfall from the tree of life if they were to get too close to it. 

Evie looked at the dark fae king and she smiled. "I feel incredible." Her eyes shone like diamonds and a new found strength and determination were apparent in her amber eyes which were now temporarily rimmed with a ring of silver. That was perhaps due to the sudden surge of powers that had flowed out from her as well as the positive feedback of the power that was given out from the tree of life too.

She looked down at her hands before looking up at him again. "With this… I can finally fight alongside my husband with confidence." She said. "I will never let him fight all by himself again."

Belial was touched at what she said. 

"I wish I could go with you. To see that troublesome son of mine and watch the both of you fight together." He said, looking proud. "But my time here is about to end. I must return before my time is up or else, I'll be making my wife worry." He smiled indulgently as he said that last line. 

Evie finally realized that it was almost dawn. Knowing that a dark fae could only stay on the surface during the night, she felt the urgency to drive him away to leave quickly lest he missed the correct timing. She was saddened at how time seemed to fly so fast, but she was worried about the implications on this man if he were late to return. Though he seemed to only be worrying about his wife, Evie was worried about him. 

"Alright, your majesty. It truly is a pleasure to finally meet and know you and I can't express how thankful I am for your help. I really, truly appreciate that you came to my rescue tonight." Evie said in haste, making the dark fae king smile.

"Easy, my dear. I still have a little time left. There is no need to rush me off." Belial winked at her, still having the ease to tease her.

"I think you must go now, the sun's about to shine. Do send my warmest regard to queen Beatrice." Evie's eyes softened considerably as she mentioned her mother in law.

King Belial chuckled. "Worrying about the king of the Under Lands should be the last thing you should be doing, dear child. But I don't mind. It shows what a caring daughter-in-law you are." 

Evie could not help but smile back even though she was trying to not to initiate any more conversation so he would finally leave. 

"I will make sure to watch over Gav. I'll make sure to stand by his side." She then promised him, and Belial's face became serious. He then looked at her with approval. 

"I believe in you. And I believe you will be able to do what you put your mind to." he replied. "I will be leaving my son in your capable hands, Queen Evielyn." He then gave Evie a deep nod of his head, signifying his respect and thanks to her.

"Yes. I will do everything I can for him." 

After hearing that, Belial smiled. "Well then, my dearest daughter-in-law. Till we meet next time."

"Till next time." Evie nodded back reverentially to the king and her father-in-law.

Belial finally stepped back and was about to disappear when Evie quickly spoke up. "By the way, you're forgiven, Your Majesty." 

A wicked smirk flashed across his face. "I already know that I am, young queen." He said and then he finally disappeared from her sight. Evie looked to the spot that he was previously standing at and there was not a single hint that showed he was there in the first place. 

Evie just looked again at where he had stood earlier with a warm smile on her face. And then she took a deep heavy breath.

In the few minutes that passed, the sun finally rose over the horizon, stretching its rosy golden hues across the cool and dark land, turning everything sparkly and bright – a promising start of a new day. Evie felt energised as she took all these in and stored this memory carefully in her heart. 

Evie and the light faes had set out of the castle as the sun had risen. She flew with them this time until they reached the gates. 

Seeing Onyx still waiting faithfully at his spot, Evie approached him and touched his tusk gently. "I'm leaving Crescia to you for a while Onyx," she said. "Yes, it is going to be a big war. But I can't take you there for now. So, if there is ever a time when I would need you with me, you must answer my call, okay?" 

Onyx made a low grumble as if he was making a complaint where he did not like where she was leaving him behind. However, it also looked like he fully understood why he must stay. 

"Good boy," Evie said as she patted his scale and then she went astride on Silver's back as soon as they were out of the tunnel. 

"Let's go!" she commanded in a loud voice and then Silver flew up, the light faes followed along behind her and they finally left the Middle Lands.

As she looked ahead, Evie's grip on Silver's spike tightened as her amber eyes became incredibly intense.

"I'm coming Gav! I'll be there very soon!" she uttered with an unwavering determination. 

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