SPELLBOUND - Chapter 275 - Fear

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When Evie opened her eyes the next day, she was shocked to find the pair of strong arms that were securely wrapped around her. However, she did not panic at all because of the familiarity of that embrace. This was her Gavriel's embrace. She could recognise this even if she was blind. This was the embrace she had missed so much. And she could not help but revel in it. She happily burrowed herself into the warm embrace and enjoyed the feeling of being calm and relaxed. It truly has been a while since she could enjoy it like this. She sighed out in contentment as she laid there, just allowing herself to drowse and not be rushing off anywhere.

The room was already getting a little bright due to the morning light streaming through the thick curtains. So, she could see his face when she lifted her gaze to check on him.

His face looked so peaceful. At that moment, he looked so much like her doting, loving and sweet husband Gavriel. If only…she thought to herself, if only his eyes were not that intense flaming blue when those lids fly open.

She stayed still for a long time, just staring at his sleeping face, wondering what could have happened. Who was the person who took over her husband's body? Who was this Gavrael? And why did it seem like he knows her so well? Was he truly telling the truth when he said she had forgotten about him?

But no matter how Evie thought about it, she could not find an answer. She could not remember any time gap she could possibly have forgotten when she was younger. No matter how much she thought about it, it was not possible for her to have met him before.

Lost in her own thoughts, Evie unconsciously lifted her hand to touch his face, but she stopped just before skin met skin. Then she slowly peeled his arms off around her and climbed off the bed.

Thankfully, the man did not wake up. Evie remembered her comrades who were still trapped in the dungeons, and she felt bad for sleeping in such a soft and comfortable bed while they had to weather the night in the prison.

She then realised that while he was sleeping, she could go and check on her comrades. Once he wakes up, Evie planned to negotiate with him on their release.

However, before Evie could touch the doorknob, she halted.

She heard his groans, causing her to look back.

He started to move around restlessly on the bed. Looking at him, Evie could not help but go back towards the bed. And she was surprised that he was already drenched with sweat. He was absolutely fine just a while ago. Was he having a bad dream?

Seeing him looking like he was suffering, Evie's heart could not take it, and she was surprised. But she told herself it was because this was her husband's body, she could not possibly feel nothing when he was suffering.

"Gav…" she paused, not knowing how to call him. "Gavriel…" she paused again as she shook him. "Gavrael –"

Suddenly, he opened his eyes. They were still that intense blue as he stared at her and there was utter fear in them that Evie could not bring herself to move as she stared down at him.

"Are… are you alright?" she managed to stutter out and the next thing she knew, she was buried tightly in his embrace. His embrace was so tight around her. It was as if he was scared of something… of letting her go.

Evie was about to pull away when she snapped out from the initial shock, but she could not bring herself to in the end. Because she had felt him trembling. It shocked Evie to her core, the way he embraced her while trembling uncontrollably. What is going on with him? For such a strong and stubborn person like him to be shaking this way was unimaginable. What kind of nightmare did he have to be this scared?

She would never have thought that the same man who was being so merciless and cruel last night is now trembling in fear. Therefore, she just sighed out helplessly as she reached out her arms and caressed his back to calm him down. Her hands seemed to just move on their own.

"It's alright…" she whispered to him. "It's just a nightmare." She continued patting his back until his breathing evened out and returned to normal.

Evie then pulled away from him. "Do you need water?" she asked him as she turned to head towards the door when Gavrael caught her wrist.

"Where do you think you're going?" he asked, his voice was cold and when Evie looked at him, she was frozen at the look in his eyes. "I will never let you go anywhere else without me." The command in his voice was absolute and he suddenly looked terrifying again. He had the look of a tyrant finally deciding on one thing and he would go against the world to make it happen.

"I'm not going anywhere. I'm just going to ask for a glass of water for you." Evie told him as she tried to take a step away and pull her hand out of his grasp. But it was to no avail. It seemed as though he would not be letting her go.

After a few moments of them staring at each other, he rose from the bed. "Fine. We'll go get that glass of water together." And in the next minute, they both appeared in the castle's kitchen.

Evie was speechless as she watched him grab a glass from the counter, poured water into it without ever letting go of her hand.

"Ga… my lord, could you please let go of my hand first?" Evie asked as he gave her the water. She made sure to keep her voice low and gentle in order to avoid provoking his irascible temper.

"No. I can't Evie. I won't." He replied firmly. His voice and gaze becoming grave again as he looked at her.

"I will never let you go ever again, not even for a moment. Do you understand?" Gavrael hissed. His heart was still beating ferociously with fear. After what he saw in his nightmare, that unacceptable image that had burned itself into his cornea had shaken his entire being. It was impossible for him to ever let her out of his sight again. Not even for a moment, from here on.


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