Sis-Con with Dimensional Chat Group - Chapter 1856 - You Can't Sleep?

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After the bath, everyone was eating together to regain their energy, especially Megumi and Suzune.

As for Haru, even if he didn't eat anything and had sex for a long time, he wouldn't get tired, but he knew that he couldn't indulge himself too much, and he also didn't want Megumi and Suzune to become dead tired the next day.

"Did you feel sleepy already, Megumi, Suzune?" Yuri asked in some confusion. She thought that everyone could play a game together, but she could see that Megumi and Suzune seemed to be quite tired.

Megumi nodded and wiped her eyes slightly. "Yes, I might be tired from the trip. I'll sleep early tonight." She then glanced at Haru, but she didn't say much since she was the one who kept asking for more before.

"Me too." Suzune also felt quite sleepy after their sex before and also wanted to sleep early.

Somehow Megumi and Suzune understood why Haru had a lot of women since, with his stamina and technique, it was a bit impossible for them to handle him alone.

Even though Megumi and Suzune seemed to be very sleepy, their skin was glowing, and their cheeks were ruddy, and they seemed to become even more beautiful.

Yuri suddenly realized something then looked at Haru.

Haru noticed Yuri's gaze, but he ignored her and kept eating.

Yuri kept staring at Haru, waiting to see something, but she had to be disappointed since she couldn't see anything. In her mind, she knew very well that this guy wasn't far from a good guy, since if he was a good guy, then he wouldn't date a lot of girls, but it was better that way since it was more fun this way, however, for now, she just wanted to know how to close the distance between them.

As for Ritsu and Shiina, they talked to each other cheerfully while eating together, talking about a cat too.

The reason why Ritsu was able to come was that she had a double body, she used the GT Robot that Haru had brought from the world of Toriko and modified its appearance to herself, then controlling it from the distance while her real body was taking a trip together with Haru and everyone.

Ritsu was wondering why she had never done this in the past, while at the same time, she was wondering whether she should also join a high school later.

'Hmm... Otonogizaka High School might be good.'

Otonogizaka was owned by Haru, and it was easy for her to enter the school. It was also an all-girls school, which somehow made Ritsu feel a bit excited.

'Let's talk about this matter later.'

After they ate and talked to each other, they decided to sleep early since they needed to go to Fuji Rock Festival the next day. Iwasawa would perform her first concert there, and they didn't want to be late.


After a rigorous workout, Suzune and Megumi slept soundly with a comfortable expression.

Yuri also slept comfortably since it was good to sleep when Haru was right nearby. In the past, she had tried to sleep in her parents' house, but she couldn't. However, when she slept at Haru's house, she could sleep, but when his presence was nearby, she could sleep so soundly.

As for Ritsu, even though she didn't need to sleep, she also slept with everyone.

Haru also slept, but suddenly he opened his eyes when he noticed a movement and saw that Shiina had come out from the window. He used his "Kenbunshoku Haki" and saw her sitting on the rooftop of the hotel alone. Everyone had always thought that Shiina might be the most simple girl, but in truth, that wasn't the case.

Shiina was someone who came from 400 years ago. She was a ninja and a good one at that. No one really knew how she was able to come to the future, but one thing was for sure she was alone in this world. Luckily, she was able to meet Haru, or else she would be sleeping under the bridge and hungry all the time.

Haru then stood up and walked out to the window to accompany Shiina.


Shiina sat on the rooftop, staring at the scenery in front of her. She had to admit that even after 400 years later, Mount Fuji was still so majestic, though there was still a lot of difference in its surrounding.


Shiina was surprised, then nodded when she saw that Haru somehow felt warm.

Haru then sat next to Shiina and also looked at the scenery that was seen by Shiina. "You miss your home?"

Shiina looked at Haru, then shook her head. "I don't have a family." Somehow she felt quite bitter when she thought that she was alone in this world, but suddenly her hand was gently held.

"You have it now, right?" Haru said while holding Shiina's hand.

"........" Shiina's face blushed, and she lowered her head shyly. She put on a very big smile and knew that it was great that she was able to meet him in this world.

Shiina was a ninja, she was an orphan, and she had been trained from her childhood time to become the best ninja under her master, but she couldn't follow the order to assassinate someone and decided to run away, so when she was almost killed, she suddenly came to the future, the 400 years in the future.

Shiina had to admit that she was quite confused. First, she didn't have anyone to rely on, and she was alone. When she slept under that bridge at that time, she was wondering what she should do with her life, and whether she should die, after all, she had passed her technique to Megumi, she didn't have lingering feelings, and she didn't have a family so what was the point of living, but Haru came telling her to live with him and gave her an opportunity to work. He also didn't mind tolerating when she wanted to adopt a cat. If it was her previous master, then her cat would be killed, but now, it is different.

Every day was fun, and Shiina knew that it was because of him. Looking at the hand that was holding her, she squeezed his hand tightly, without letting him go, and at the same time, she thought about what Haru, Megumi, and Suzune did in the bathroom, wondering whether she should do it too?

Haru looked at Shiina and smiled.

They didn't talk much, enjoying the starry night together while holding hands, but that was enough for them.

"Let's go back?"


Still, it was pretty cold, so they decided to return since they didn't want to catch a cold.


At another hotel, Iwasawa and her bandmates were staying together. Even though they were very excited about the concert, they were also very nervous.

"You don't need to worry. Let's do like we usually do. Let's just have fun!" Iwasawa said to three of her bandmates.

The three of her bandmates nodded with a smile, looking at their leader, and knew that they would be alright.

Iwasawa sighed in relief when she saw everyone had calmed down, and they decided to sleep early. On the bed, she saw her friends had slept, but she couldn't. Her hands were trembling, and she felt very nervous, wondering whether her performance would fail or disappoint him. She covered her face with a blanket, clutched it tightly, hiding her face.


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