Sis-Con with Dimensional Chat Group - Chapter 1855 - The Way To Spend Time Together

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When Ritsu suddenly suggested buying Sony, Haru had made up his mind and stopped his acquisition over Nerflix. He had to admit that Nerflix was amazing, but when he thought about the price of this company and the media entertainment that he owned, he felt that it wasn't necessary to buy Nerflix.

Haru had acquired many companies, especially the media companies, from NBCUniversal, Shochiku, MGM, and various copyright movies, tv-series from small studios from the US, Europe, Asia, etc., etc. In other words, in this world, he might be the person who owns most copyright of various media franchises in this world.

The business of Nerflix was just video streaming, and it used the money from the stock to expand their business, but the number of their movies, tv-series, cartoons, etc., copyright was small, and this company didn't have much experience to create content for their video streaming business. However, it might be because of the number of subscribers that it made the value of this business huge.

But when Haru thought about it calmly, even if he didn't buy Nerflix, he could create his own video streaming website like what he did before. He had a lot of copyright under him, and he could create any websites that he wanted to, which was why rather than buying something as expensive as Nerflix, it was better to build a video streaming on his own since he didn't lack a resource and compared to Nerflix, he felt that the value of Sony was several times better.

Haru knew that even though Sony was one of the giant companies in this country, the progress of this company was already stagnant, and it was already left behind by Samsung, who was its little brother in the past. The reason why it happened was that Sony was too late to enter the smartphone market.

It was still 2010, so if Haru bought Sony, then he would still be able to develop his own smartphone, and with the media under Sony and his own media, it was only a time before the smartphone that he developed would steal the market of Samsung.

Looking at the valuation of Sony, Haru felt that it was quite cheap, so there was no need to hesitate, and with his identity as Japanese, the speed of his acquisition would be several times faster.

Sony was also a technology company.

Haru, who often came to the world in the future, felt that it was necessary to own this kind of company since this way, there was no need to be troublesome to build a new company, especially on the matter of visual reality and other technologies related matters.

But enough about the business since Haru has something more important to do right now.

When Ritsu, Shiina, and Yuri were talking to each other, Haru, Megumi, and Suzune slipped into the private hot spring inside the hotel, and it was reserved for them alone. Even though it was summer, everyone still loved to have a bath in the hot spring, especially at night.

Of course, Ritsu and Shiina had noticed the three of them had slipped out, though they didn't overthink. They felt a bit curious about what they were about to do.

Yuri noticed a change in expression on both Ritsu and Shiina, then asked, "What are you thinking about?"

Ritsu and Shiina looked at each other and wondered what they should say to Yuri at this moment.


Haru, Suzune, and Megumi moved to the private hot spring, and as expected, this place was huge.

"Haru, does it feel good?"

"How is it?"

Haru was sitting on the chair in the private hot spring with both Suzune and Megumi on either side, sandwiching him with their soapy, foam-covered bodies. Both of them rubbed their slimy breasts against him as they washed him.

It might be their first time working together, but somehow, Suzune and Megumi didn't feel shy. Rather they were very eager to please him.

"It feels so good... It's great..."

The feeling of their breasts that sandwiched him on both sides and their foam-covered hands carefully caressing his erect penis. The double handjobs on his penis quickly increased his speed to ejaculate.

If Haru was serious, then they would be at his mercy, but when he saw their eagerness to tease and please him, he decided to hold back.

"Hurry up and cum, Haru!"

"You don't need to worry. Just ejaculate."

Megumi and Suzune whispered to his ears at the same time, which gave him even more pleasure.

Haru was wondering when they had learned to work together, but he had to admit that it was impossible to hold back his ejaculation when Megumi caressed the glans of his penis, and Suzune gently squeezed his rod at the same time.

His penis then ejaculated vigorously, releasing the white magma that soiled the hands of both Megumi and Suzune.

Haru shuddered in pleasure as he held Suzune and Megumi tightly in his arms.

Looking at the amount of semen that was released by him, Suzune and Megumi bit their lower lips, and their eyes were full of obsession.

'It would be great if he released it inside me...'

'So much...~~ I might get pregnant if it weren't for his magic~~.'

Haru's penis was finally released after they had squeezed all the way so that no semen remained in his urethra, but even so, his penis still hadn't wilted.

"Let's continue?" Haru whispered to both girls.

Megumi and Suzune nodded shyly.


"Ah~ Ah~ Ah~ Ah~."

"It's so warm..."

After rinsing off the foam and bubbles, the three of them went to the private hot spring pool, and when they were dipping, Haru then carried Megumi in his arms before he inserted his penis into her while hugging her.

Megumi's arms wrapped around his waist as he thrust his huge cock inside her.

Suzune was dipping in the pool, watching the two of them having sex, and her hand slowly reaching her lower body. 'Megumi seems very happy~~' However, she didn't feel that surprised since she also knew how enjoyable his dick was. Still, she couldn't believe the scene in front of her, Megumi, who always had this gentle and lovely expression on her face now in Haru's arms, panting with happiness.

Haru missed Megumi after all since he had separated from his girls in this world for several months, so he didn't hesitate to give her all of the love, considering she was the first girl who accepted him.

Suzune couldn't hold any longer, and her fingers started to touch herself while biting her lower lips, wondering when was her turn.



Haru felt Megumi's vagina squeeze his cock as he released the semen inside, and he had to admit that it was the best feeling ever.

With a loud moan, Megumi felt that her head was all white, and all she could think was his dick that released all of the semen inside her. Her body was convulsing and twitching as more and more semen entered her vagina, but even though she was quite tired, she still reached out to him, pulling him to have a kiss together.

"Hmmh...~~ Hah...~~ Chu...~~."

Their kiss was more than just a normal kiss, Megumi's feeling for Haru seemed to be conveyed by this kiss.

Megumi knew that she wouldn't be the only one, and more and more girls would be beside him in the future, but she believed in him, and she loved him so much that fact wouldn't change.

Haru pampered Megumi this time, enjoying the aftertaste of their sex longer than usual, but from the corner of her eyes, he could see that Suzune was already very impatient. He could only smile when he thought that stern and cool senior would become so lovely under his care and become his woman.

Haru pulled out his penis after he ejaculated, and the overflowing semen dripped out from Megumi's vagina. His penis remained erect the whole time, and he gave Suzune a predatory gaze as if saying that she would be the next one.

Looking at that gaze, Suzune's body shuddered, and she knew that she would be the next one, but rather than scared. She was very eager to do it at that moment. It might also be her instinct as a woman that she was very happy to be desired by Haru, who was an excellent male that could give her the greatest pleasure.

"Come here," Haru said with a hoarse voice.

Suzune stood up from as Haru called her. With love juices dripping from her private part, she was no longer hesitant to lay her body on the top of Haru's...

"Ah~ Ah~ So good to hear~ It's so good~ More~."

The sound of two bodies colliding with each other was heard, Megumi, who was a bit sleepy, opened her eyes and watched both Haru and Suzune, who were having sex, and somehow she wanted to do it again. She didn't feel that surprised when she heard Suzune's loud moan since she knew how much pleasure that he could give to girls.

'Having sex with him is amazing~~.'

"Ah~ It's coming~ I'm cumming~ Cummmmming~~~"

Suzune's voice rang out loudly.

Fortunately, Haru had a device to erase the sound so his girls could moan as loud as they could.

Megumi saw Suzune and somehow wondered how that older girl, who had this stern and gentle expression on her face, could show such a nasty expression. She sighed and thought that another girl had been eaten by Haru. She then looked at the insatiable beast and knew that he hadn't had enough.

'He really should have added more girls..' Megumi thought at that moment.

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