Sir, How About A Marriage? - Chapter 721 - Scheming  

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Chapter 721: Scheming

After they had gotten the results, Ning Zhe asked, “What are the results?”

Fear still lingered in Ning Chun’s heart as he said, “There are trace elements in the teapot that match what we found in your bone marrow sample. However, we can’t use this as a basis for poisoning. If… If it weren’t for Eldest Young Miss, we wouldn’t have thought of doing a bone marrow test. We wouldn’t even know about the poisoning at all.”

Ning Zhe sneered. “What a scheme! I never thought that I’d be pecked in the eye by a wild goose after a lifetime of hunting! Ning Chun, can you guess who did it?”

Ning Chun wisely stayed silent. What could he say?

However, Ning Zhe stared at Ning Chun silently, waiting for Ning Chun’s answer.

Finally, Ning Chun said with great difficulty, “There are dozens of helpers in the house, and not all of them are innocent. I’ll start investigating them as soon as possible.”

Ning Zhe sighed. “You… You’re really stubborn. Forget it. I won’t trouble you. I know you have the answer in your heart. Although there are many people in the house, how many people have access to my tea set? Apart from Nanny Zhang, there are only Su Tong and Ning Dong. Nanny Zhang watched me grow up. If she wanted to harm me, I would’ve died a hundred times over. Now, hasn’t the pool of suspects grown smaller? Ning Chun, I appreciate your kindness and tactfulness, but they’re not what I need.”

Ning Chun did not dare to say anything.

Ning Zhe said calmly, “Go and investigate their whereabouts. Hide my illness from them. Just tell them the doctor said I have to rest more due to over-exhaustion. Get the company’s directors to come over tomorrow for a meeting. I have to show them that I’m still standing strong even if my health isn’t too good. We can’t affect the Ning Corporation. Understand?”

Ning Chun quickly nodded. “Yes, I understand.”

Ning Zhe was very satisfied with Ning Chun. After a moment, he said bitterly, “I carefully arranged everything for them, but they’re scheming against me behind my back. They’re really heartless.”

Ning Chun did not know how to console Ning Chun at all.

Ning Zhe reached up to wipe his face before he said, “Go. Tell me the Young Miss to come and see me when she has time.”

Ning Chun hesitated for a moment before he said, “Yes.”

Ning Zhe naturally understood Ning Chun’s thoughts. “Just tell her I’m very sad after confirming the poisoning. Tell her you’re a little worried and that you want her to check my pulse.”

“Understood,” Ning Chun replied, feeling much better now that Ning Zhe came up with an excuse for him.

After Ning Chun helped Ning Zhe settle down in bed, he quietly left. He had just closed the door when he saw Ning Dong walking over with a backpack on his back. He called out, “Young Master.”

Ning Chun felt chills running up his spine when he saw Ning Dong.

Ning Dong asked worriedly, “How’s my father?”

Ning Chun calmed down and replied, “He took his medicine and has just fallen asleep. Young Master, why don’t you wait in the lounge first?”

“What did the doctor say?” Ning Dong asked.

Ning Chun tried his best to say in a relaxed manner, “The doctor said he’s over-exhausted. His symptoms are a little severe this time so it’s best that he rests for a period of time. Otherwise, his body will be affected. The doctor persuaded him for a long time before he finally agreed to take time off to rest.”

Ning Dong looked visibly relieved upon hearing this.

At this moment, a clear voice rang in the air.

“This means your father is fine, right? He’s already so old, how can he not know his own body? Don’t worry. Don’t always look so sad.”

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