Sir, How About A Marriage? - Chapter 720 - Conversation

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Chapter 720: Conversation

Despite her words, Song Ning was still somewhat affected, and for a moment, Jiahui did not know how to comfort her.

Song Ning wrote down the prescription before she found an intern to send it over to Ning Chun. After that, she and Jiahui finally left the hospital.

It did not take long before Cheng Che called Jiahui.

“Jiahui, where are you? Your family said that you’re not at home.”

Jiahui replied with a smile, “Don’t worry. I’m with Song Ning. We just left the hospital.”

Cheng Che could not help but reminded her to be careful again before he finally ended the call.

Song Ning smiled. “Cheng Che is like a frightened bird nowadays. Poor thing.”

Jiahui said softly, “That’s why I decided to marry him. I don’t think there’ll be another person who treats me as well as he does. Ningning, tell me, did I save Earth in my previous life?”

Song Ning smiled and patted Jiahui. “I don’t know if you saved Earth in your previous life, but the Cheng Che in this life can only be saved by you.”

The two women chatted happily as they left the hospital.

At the same time, Guan Tang, who was standing in a hidden corner, felt her legs weaken. She almost fell to the ground.

Guan Tang did not expect Jiahui to show up to work in high spirits, laughing and chatting with others. Moreover, Jiahui did not do anything at all even though she had kidnapped and imprisoned Jiahui for a week.


She could not figure out why Jiahui did not call the police or why Cheng Che did not come to settle scores with her. Was there something wrong with Jiahui’s brain? Was Jiahui an idiot?

Guan Tang leaned against a pillar and panted.

When Song Ning and Jiahui got into the car, a bodyguard immediately sent them a high-definition video of Guan Tang hiding behind a pillar.

Song Ning said directly, “Follow her, and report back if there’s anything abnormal.”

Jiahui watched the video and clicked her tongue in wonder. “Tell me. How did this woman’s brain grow? Her brain circuitry is really unfathomable. I really admire her. If it were me, I’d be so scared that I would be on the run by now.”

Song Ning forwarded the video to both Mu Chen and Cheng Che, briefly explaining the situation.

The two men reacted calmly.

Jiahui sighed. “When I was in school, I was a straight-A student. I don’t know why, but after I met all of you, I feel like my brain has regressed. All of you can understand things in just a few words, but I had to think for a long time before I managed to figure things out. How can you understand things so easily?”

Song Ning smiled and said patiently, “What to do? We had to adapt considering all the problems that come to us. Moreover, Mu Chen and Cheng Che had been taught to solve problems since they were young. As for me, I’m a woman. I do things based on my intuition and learn from my mistakes.”

Jiahui sighed dramatically and said, “I’m also a woman, but I’m not like you.”

Song Ning did not reply to Jiahui. She leaned against the window and closed her eyes, wanting to rest for a while.

Jiahui muttered to herself, “Fortunately, Grandma likes me and doesn’t dislike me for being stupid.”

Song Ning could not help but laugh.

“I’m being serious! Don’t laugh!”

Song Ning sat up straight and said with a smile, “By the way, Grandma has already chosen a new date for both of you to get married early. With this, she’ll feel at ease.”

Jiahui tried to suppress the sweetness that threatened to overwhelm her heart as she said, “I’m really curious about the Yin family now. I really want to meet them. How dare they bully Cheng Che? Do they think he’s an easy target?”

Ning Zhe was livid.

Ning Chun had brought his tea set over and the tea leaves that Su Tong bought. He did not waste time and sent them to be tested immediately.

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