Shoujo Grand Summoning - Chapter 829: Enraged, nobody can save you!

Chapter 829: Enraged, nobody can save you!

Using the secret magic technique he trained in, he wanted to sneak into Shokuhou Misaki's tent and assassinate her. Then, he would dispose of her body and make it look like another disappearance.

That was Andrew's original plan, before it all went down the gutter.

He screwed up, no, he messed up the moment he hatched this plot.

Andrew thought Shokuhou Misaki is only good at controlling people's mind. However, that is just a subset of her ability. He didn't think Shokuhou Misaki can detect people's mental signature. That's why he got detected before he can launch an attack.

Fortunately for him, Shokuhou Misaki couldn't identify his mental signature so if he can kill Shokuhou Misaki in a swift manner, he can continue his plan.

It was a reasonable plan too, for one, he's a peak tier 8 super and Shokuhou Misaki is only in the lower middle stage of tier 8. She can defeat anyone weaker than her but she would have a hard time winning against people stronger than her.

But, Andrew messed up once more.

The Imaginary Dragon Armor bought Shokuhou Misaki precious time, and it was this delay that truly doomed Andrew.


The dark wolf got slammed into the distance by a force that felt like somebody slammed a sledgehammer into Andrew. He was thrown against the magically reinforced ceiling of the tent and he fell heavily back to the ground. The dark wolf moaned in pain as it tried to stand up after the heaving pounding it received.

Wh-what is going on...

Andrew can barely sense the world around him, he's still shaking from the attack. By the time he bounced up from the ground, he finally noticed it.

An extra figure appeared in this tent.


That was Andrew's first thought.

He blocked the entrance, anyone coming in would have to go through him. How did this intruder appear by Shokuhou Misaki's side.

Then, the figure's icy cold gaze fell upon Andrew, chilling him to the core. It felt like his very survival was at stakes as chills went up his spine.

While hugging Shokuhou Misaki, his deep red eyes were fixed on him. That indious glow is like a volcano that is on the verge of eruption. Killing intent assaulted Andrew as he tried to back away.


Shokuhou Misaki sighed in relief when she felt Wu Yan covering her. She finally went limp after the adrenaline rush is over. Her face paled and she clenched onto Wu Yan's shirt.


Wu Yan's anger reached a new height when he saw Shokuhou Misaki's deathly pale face.

The Imaginary Dragon Armor might have been in Shokuhou Misaki's possession, however, since it's his Noble Phantasm, he can feel the damage it suffered. Also, he laid down protective charms that sent him an SOS signal the moment the girls are in danger. This is how Wu Yan responded first.

He instantly teleported here when he sensed Shokuhou Misaki in imminent danger. He arrived in the nick of time, the dark wolf was about to finish Shokuhou Misaki off.

If he was only half a second late...

Wu Yan's eyes shook with pure unadulterated wrath that was fueled further by his fear of losing someone precious to him.


His low voice sounded like that of a demon who crawled here from the depths of hell. She couldn't see his face as he lowered his head.

"Please stay behind me..."

Shokuhou Misaki didn't feel intimidated by his eerie aura. She felt happy and sweet that Wu Yan got so mad after she got exposed to danger. Her starry eyes stayed on Wu Yan after she backed away, one could see hints of infatuation within the windows to her soul.

The same couldn't be said of Andrew's situation. Completely gripped by fear, his instincts told him to run as fast as possible, away from this primal threat.

Andrew resisted his insticts. How can a brat like him possibly pose a threat to him? It's already a miracle he reached tier 8 at such a young age. How did this young man instill a sense of deep dread in a peak tier 8 practitioner like him?

Wu Yan raised his head and when his expression entered Andrew's vision, he inhaled deeply in shock.

His deep red eyes were glowing with a sinister golden sheen. Reflected in the creature's eyes is the image of Andrew, it was like a predator that had set its sights on its prey.


Wu Yan used the coldest tone he had ever used. It was a guttural growl.

"If I let you escape, I swear I will never step foot in Silvaria again!"

Then, an oppressive aura fell.

This aura, this force, it exceeded Andrew greatly, even at the zenith of his strength.


The whole tent exploded just as the patrols, Pelosi, and Marcus arrived. A strong shockwave swept up the surrounding.

"Watch out!"

Pelosi and Marcus immediately blocked. Even then, they were staggered a few steps back.

The patrols had a harder time keeping their feet on the ground. The weaker soldiers stumbled or were thrown back a little. As for the ones who couldn't react in time with mana or dou qi, they were sent flying into the distance.

It was like a tornado appeared out of nowhere in the base, rocks and destroyed tents rained down. Soldiers could be seen within this torrent of unstoppable storm. They fell down in agonizing yelps. When things settled down, most of the soldiers were moaning in pain.

"Wh-what power..."

"What's going on?!"

Pelosi and Marcus looked at the center of this event. It's covered in dust but they can see flashes of light within.

Then, a figure shot out from the dust cloud. The figure bounced along the ground as it landed in a trail of dust and blood in front of Pelosi and Marcus.

Cough cough

The figure spat out blood, his body is drenched in his own blood and his pale face suggested that he had suffered multiple internal injuries. Pelosi and Marcus recognized this man.


Andrew turned around and his eyes brightened up.

"Pelosi! Marcus! Save me!"

A cold voice came from within the dust cloud, his steady footsteps were like the footsteps of Death itself.

"Save you?"

When the owner of the footsteps slowly appeared, they all gasped in shock. Andrew also looked at the figure who emerged from the dust with absolute terror in his eyes. He dragged his sorry butt backwards, attempting to do all in his power to create some distance.


Just who scared Andrew, a tier 8 individual at the cusp of touching tier 9, into behaving like a mewling quim?

Wu Yan came from within the dust cloud. Shokuhou Misaki followed closely behind him. He looked at Andrew and he voiced his judgment.

"Nobody can save you!"

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