Shoujo Grand Summoning - Chapter 1258: Someone asked me not to kill him, A farewell...

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Chapter 1258: Someone asked me not to kill him, A farewell…

Like his loyal guard, Origami tagged behind Wu Yan when he left the room.

They walked along the corridors of the AST base like they owned the joint. They didn't sneak around or tried to disguise themselves.

No, Origami is just moving behind Wu Yan.

Wu Yan used a teleportation spell to bring them into Westcott's room.

Since he didn't look like he was going to use the same spell to escape, Origami reckoned it would be best to just follow him.

AST might have already placed her on the list of enemies but since AST are enemies of Wu Yan, she abandoned AST to serve Wu Yan.

Origami made up her mind.

After being controlled by her hatred for most of her life, the sudden change of perspective fit her personality of having laser-focus on her goals.

She is just that driven.

Now, she is walking on a brighter path compared to the path of vengeance.

Origami couldn't understand one thing.

"Was that fine?"

Origami asked.

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Wu Yan can tell Origami didn't mean that in a sarcastic tone.

Westcott and DEM are enemies.

That is a fact.

Westcott is very dangerous in Origami's eyes.

Westcott isn't powerful, however, he exudes an aura of malice and danger.

He is an adversary far more dangerous than even Ellen.

Origami believes in her own gut feeling.

She also knows Wu Yan can gauge Westcott's danger.

If he let him slip like this then one day the spirits near Wu Yan might be captured.

It would be too late for regrets then…

"You think I wanted to let him live?"

Wu Yan shrugged.

"I spared him twice. I was half a mind to cut that guy in half. However, someone asked me to spare his life although Westcott might still come back and bite us in the future."


Origami wanted to ask but a series of footsteps made her pause.

They looked in front to see a squad of about a dozen AST members in wiring suits.

Kusakabe Ryouko led the team.

Origami looked at Wu Yan as she raised an eyebrow.

"I think we should retreat."

"Yes, retreat. I don't believe my presence would do us any good."

Wu Yan agreed. Then, he did something completely unexpected.

"Okay, I am leaving first. Meet me at the entrance when you're done."

Wu Yan vanished instantly.

Origami floated a thankful look when she realized what had happened.

Wu Yan didn't ditch her.

The enemies this time didn't warrant such a drastic move.

A bunch of AST members aren't even worth Wu Yan's time, much less warranting a hasty escape spell from him.

Plus, Wu Yan would never leave his allies behind.

Origami hadn't spent much time with Wu Yan but she could tell he is someone who is deeply loved by the spirits around him.

Origami knew why Wu Yan left her with the AST members.

Wu Yan was waiting for the AST to come to them.

Origami seized this chance to say goodbye to her old comrades.

"He read my mind."

Origami bitterly laughed.

She does not regret her decision to defect to Wu Yan's side.

She also felt no remorse over her days in ASt.

Ryouko showered Origami with care and guidance. She has gone above and beyond her duty to help Origami in times of desperation.

Origami felt bad leaving her comrades behind.

Wu Yan knew about this so he brazenly walked around inside the base to catch their attention. Then, he left Origami to take care of the rest.

This is his way of creating a chance for Origami to say goodbye.

She inhaled deeply as the AST squad approached her.

Ryouko also stopped after identifying Origami.


Ryouko tilted her head.

"Didn't you get the dispatch order? What are you still doing here? Go check on Westcott!"

Ryouko wanted to rush over to Westcott's room when a motionless Origami caught her attention. She frowned as a bad feeling rose up within Ryouko.


Calling Origami out again, Ryouko read Origami's plain look before ordering her subordinates to step back.

"Go ahead."

"Yes madam!"

The subordinates couldn't fathom why Ryouko stayed behind. But, they obeyed the order as they rushed over to Westcott's room.

"What is wrong?"

Ryouko urged her to speak up.

"You're disobeying orders from a superior. Tell me what is on your mind."

Origami made up her mind. She voiced her decision loud and clear.

"I am leaving AST!"

"What was that?!"

Ryouko's eyes went wide.

"You're leaving?!"

Origami turned around to give her former captain a firm nod.

Ryouko looked at Origami in stunned confusion. Then, she panicked.

"Why? What brought on this sudden decision? Did something happen?!"

"A lot."

Origami shook her head. Origami felt like a phantom to Ryouko, it is like she would disappear any second now.

"I came here because I wanted to bid you farewell…"

"Do you know the gravity of your words?!"

Ryouko believed her ears now. She is upset with Origami.

Looks like she isn't going to let Origami desert the AST.

No, she isn't trying to hold Origami back because she cares about her.

She is holding her back to prevent what is going to happen to Origami if she deserts AST.

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