Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss - Chapter 746 - Ling Wushang’s Position

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Chapter 746: Ling Wushang’s Position

When had this young lady gotten acquainted with the Flowing Clouds Sect? The Flowing Clouds Sect was also one of the five great sects and its rank was almost on par with the Celestial Sect. Additionally, this was clearly the token of an inner disciple of the Flowing Cloud Sect—even Su Yizhi was shocked.

“You are… Ling Chuxi! Miss Ling!” Jin Buhuan exclaimed in surprise, only now noticing Ling Chuxi. It seemed like Ling Chuxi’s presence was more surprising than the token in her hand.

“Shopkeeper Jin, we meet again,” Ling Chuxi said to Jin Buhuan with a smile.

“Hahaha, indeed! I never thought that I would meet Miss Ling here. I am really sorry about last time, I hope that Miss Ling did not take it to heart,” Jin Buhuan said with an apologetic smile.

“Shopkeeper Jin is being too courteous. I know you all have your own troubles, so it’s not fair for me to make things difficult for you.” Having experienced so many things, Ling Chuxi had long known that her origins were not normal, and she could understand why the Feng Yan Union had rejected her request back then.

‘They actually know each other?’ Duan Feiyu could not help but stare at Ling Chuxi suspiciously. Jin Buhuan obviously had a high position in the Feng Yan Union, and this was the first time Duan Feiyu had seen him. However, Ling Chuxi seemed to be very familiar with him. Looking at the token Ling Chuxi was holding, he felt even more perplexed. He originally wanted to leave, but now he could not. He wanted to see what exactly was going on.

“Ah, that is good, that is good. Miss Ling, do you also want to go to the Golden Pill Sect?” Jin Buhuan asked Ling Chuxi as he sat down again and wiped his sweat.

“Chuxi is currently our Resurrection Hall’s Hall Master,” Su Yizhi informed him proudly.

“Is that so? Then I must first congratulate Miss Ling!” Jin Buhuan was slightly stunned and immediately cupped his hand to his fist.

Ling Chuxi was surprised too. Didn’t the Feng Yan Union know everything? Why didn’t he know about this matter? His reaction seemed genuine, so he probably wasn’t lying.

When she thought about it, the matter of her becoming the Hall Master of Resurrection Hall was only known to the Su family who were living in seclusion, so perhaps even the Feng Yan Union’s forces would not have had access to the information.

It seemed to make sense, but Ling Chuxi still felt like something was not quite right. However, she could not pinpoint exactly what it was.

“Shopkeeper Jin, with this token, can we go to the Golden Pill Sect?” Ling Chuxi temporarily put the matter aside and asked Jin Buhuan.

“Certainly! This is a Sect Master’s disciple token passed down from generation to generation by the Flowing Clouds Sect. There are only three of such tokens in the entire Flowing Clouds Sect, and according to their customs, the next Sect Master will be chosen from among the disciples that have this token,” Jin Buhuan explained enthusiastically, still looking surprised. He was quiet for a while as he pondered something, then finally asked curiously, “Forgive me if I’m overstepping my boundaries, but may I know where Miss Ling obtained this token from?”

“This… was given to me by a senior,” Ling Chuxi replied after some thought.

She had no idea that Ling Wushang’s token was such a big deal. According to what Jin Buhuan had said, Big Brother was very likely a candidate to become the next sect master of the Flowing Clouds Sect. Ling Chuxi felt happy and proud, but she was worried about causing trouble for Ling Wushang so she did not dare mention his name.

Meanwhile, Duan Feiyu and the rest were speechless. An inner disciple token! How could she possibly have the token of a sect master’s disciple? Not even the token that Duan Feiyu owned could come close to it!

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