Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss - Chapter 744 - Unctuous Jin Buhuan

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Chapter 744: Unctuous Jin Buhuan

“You’re too courteous.” Su Yizhi knew that this was probably the main shopkeeper that shopkeeper Ding had mentioned, and did not dare to slight him.

“I am Jin Buhuan, the main shopkeeper of the Cai Tong Chamber of Commerce. I’m afraid there is some trouble with the matter you entrusted us with yesterday,” Jin Buhuan said apologetically.

“Oh?” Su Yizhi looked at Jin Buhuan questioningly.

“Elder Su is the descendant of the Golden Pill Sect and logically speaking, returning to the sect to take a look at it is possible. As long as you can afford to pay, it doesn’t matter how many people enter. It is just that due to the news about the fierce sword emerging again, which I am sure Elder Su has heard about, the various sects’ disciples have been causing quite a bit of trouble in various countries. Therefore, our president is very angry and has declared that nobody except sect disciples with tokens will be allowed to enter the sect barriers through my Feng Yan Union,” Jin Buhuan said heavily.

No wonder Duan Feiyu had been so sarcastic earlier. Ling Chuxi never thought that starting rumors about a divine army would have such a great impact; she had practically lifted a stone only to drop it on her own foot.

Jin Buhuan seemed to be implying that the Feng Yan Union’s president had given this order merely because he was angry, and had not discussed this matter with the other sects, not taking their opinions into consideration at all. The president of Feng Yan Union seemed to be quite a character.

“This… Is there any other way? Is it possible to accommodate a little?” Su Yizhi asked, looking troubled.

“Elder Su, I cannot make a decision on this matter, I can only bring it up with our president and see what he decides. However, the president is quite angry and probably won’t make an exemption. Why don’t you all wait this out? After everything dies down in a few months, Lord President’s mood will improve, and he will naturally remove the prohibition order,” Jin Buhuan said, but his tone wasn’t very convincing.

Naturally, Su Yizhi could not keep insisting. He was, of course, devastated. The Su family’s descendants had worked laboriously to rebuild the sect and had been so excited to get started on it. They had even wanted to bring the youngsters back to the previous sect site, but they never thought that they wouldn’t even make it that far.

It was a pity that the Golden Pill Sect had been destroyed for a thousand years and was no longer a sect. Even if they brought their tokens from the past, it wouldn’t be much use either. Su Yizhi sighed miserably. It seemed like they could only wait for a couple of months before bringing it up again.

“Shopkeeper Jin, just now you said that we can only pass through if we have a sect token. Is this sufficient?” Duan Feiyu glanced at Ling Chuxi and the rest smugly, as he took out the token that had been rejected by Ling Chuxi yesterday. It was obvious that he had purposely taken out this specific token. As a legitimate descendant of a sect, he definitely had a better one, but he had purposely taken out the token that had been rejected by Ling Chuxi to insult them and make them regret their decision.

“Ah, Master Duan! I’m so sorry, I did not notice you there.” Jin Buhuan turned to Duan Feiyu and immediately got up to eagerly welcome him.

“Shopkeeper Jin doesn’t have to be so formal. So will this token do?” Duan Feiyu shook the token in his hand slowly, so Ling Chuxi and the others could see it.

“If it were other sects, the lowest token required would be an outer disciple token. However, as the Celestial Sect is one of the five great sects, and have high standards of discipline, we don’t need to worry about any trouble arising from all of you. This token is naturally usable,” Jin Buhuan said unctuously, clearly buttering up the Celestial Sect disciples.

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