Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss - Chapter 601 - Fated Challenge

Chapter 601: Fated Challenge

She had already tested how powerful that barrier was. Just a mere probe with her mind and her soul had almost been torn apart. However, before her were two experts of True Essence and over ten experts at the realm of Great Fulfilment, all working together to attack it. How strong would the backlash of the array be?

Mo Kongyuan’s expression changed, as he knew how powerful the Eight Gate Array was. Was Chu Fengyun truly unafraid of breaking the array and releasing the monster beasts that had been confined for tens of thousands of years? Was he completely unbothered if everyone was once again submitted to such intense suffering?

Outside the barrier, as a result of Chu Fengyun’s attack, the air was twisting into a huge vortex, rapidly sucking in everything around it. Even the 150-ton stone that had been there for ten thousand years was instantly crushed into powder.

Seeing the dangerously unstable vortex, the people from Wu Feng Hall looked scared. They never thought that the barrier would be so terrifying! Seeing the 150-ton stone disintegrate just like that, they knew that nobody, not even those at the realm of True Essence, could even dream of escaping it.

“Let’s go.” Mo Kongyuan grabbed Ling Chuxi’s hand and ran away from the vortex.

Chu Fengyun and the rest attacked again, and over ten waves of tyrannical True Qi and Battle Qi came surging towards Mo Kongyuan.

Mo Kongyuan reacted before Ling Chuxi to block the attacks, and continued to gather True Qi in his legs to keep running at full speed. He turned around briefly, using his chest to withstand the attack of the other party.

There was a soft rumble at the impact, and even Ling Chuxi could feel the shaking of Mo Kongyuan’s bones. It was obvious that he was badly injured, but his feet did not falter at all as he continued to run.

“Release them!” Chu Fengyun who was behind them suddenly shouted.

Pitch black arrows came flying towards the both of them, each arrow about the thickness of a calf. Taking a closer look, they realized that the arrows were all made of steel.

They were using a Giant City Bow! Just to deal with the both of them, Chu Fengyun had actually gotten a city bow. These weighty, majestic bows were only usable by those of Battle Qi Level 9 and above. With the cultivation of Battle Qi Level 9 and the might of a city bow, even an expert at the realm of Great Fulfilment would struggle.

Mo Kongyuan would usually not be too bothered about a city bow, but judging by the aura of the giant bow, he suspected it was being controlled by an expert of the realm of Great Fulfilment.

With his severe injuries, Mo Kongyuan did not dare to be careless and could only reach out a hand to block the attack as he sent a Great Fist Skill slap towards the city bow. Ling Chuxi also immediately used the same skill to retaliate.

The giant arrows were sent falling to the ground with their combined attacks, but there were still countless other arrows coming towards them. Mo Kongyuan was already badly injured and Ling Chuxi’s True Qi had yet to fully recover. Although they were able to block the new wave of arrows, they were continuously forced backwards by the attack, once again trapped between the barrier and the vortex.

“Hahaha! Mo Kongyuan, let’s see how you escape this time!” Chu Fengyun laughed maniacally as he led his subordinates to retreat.

Ling Chuxi scowled. Behind her, she could already feel the strong pull of the vortex of the barrier. The air was spiraling intensely, and the pull was so great that drops of blood beaded on any exposed skin, enveloping them in a piercing pain.

Suddenly, they stumbled and the two of them shot backwards, drawn by that immense strength. A boundless force surged over them, contorting and compressing their bodies in all directions, leaving them in agonizing pain.

This kind of feeling was not foreign to Ling Chuxi – her Spiral Battle Qi also contained such a strength. However, the strength of the Eight Gate Array barrier was ten thousand times more stronger than her.

Was their fate unchangeable this time?

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