Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss

Chapter 250 - Slowly Got Used to Daily Provocation

Chapter 250: Slowly Got Used to Daily Provocation

Lan Xinyu couldn’t help but ask, “… Ling Chuxi, would you die if you did not provoke me for even a single day?”

“I’m provoking you to help you grow stronger. Furthermore, the words I said were not intended as a blow to you. They were merely the truth. I’m sorry Lan Xinyu, but I am already at Battle Qi Level 8 now.” Ling Chuxi raised her brows earnestly as she casually threw out this sentence.

Lan Xinyu quietly shrank aside to a corner of the carriage and went mum.

“Why? Stupefied?” asked Ling Chuxi as she glanced at Lan Xinyu.

“No. I was thinking about how to get your birth date and stab a voodoo doll with your name on it!” said Lan Xinyu somewhat darkly as she quietly turned her head towards Ling Chuxi.

Ling Chuxi looked at Lan Xinyu coldly before she calmly said. “I will definitely let you experience why flowers are so red and why grass is so green!”

When they arrived at the residence, Lan Xinyu alighted the carriage with one of her eyes bruised. She followed Ling Chuxi into the house angrily. How aggrieved she was. She had worked so hard but in the end she still could not defeat Ling Chuxi. Facing Ling Yichen and Xia Zhuoyi’s odd gazes, Ling Chuxi wore a calm expression on her face, as though it was not her who had bruised Lan Xinyu’s eye. In actuality, she was secretly feeling happy in her heart. Indeed, her own people needed to be bullied by her and not by outsiders!

“Big Brother Fu, can this gal stay here for a temporary period of time? After the fighting ring competition is over, I’ll make her get lost.” Ling Chuxi asked Fu Chenyu for his permission in a very direct manner. Realizing that she had yet to make introductions, she added on, “Ah, this is Lan Xinyu.”

“It is an honor to meet you, Ninth Prince. My apologies for the disturbance I’ll be causing,” greeted Lan Xinyu with a smile. Her formalities were still very on point.

“Eh? Miss Lan, your eye…” Just as Fu Chengyu opened his mouth to ask about Lan Xinyu’s bruised eye, he saw Ling Yichen desperately winking at him to stop. He suddenly seemed to understand and instantly shut up.

Just like that, Lan Xinyu also moved in and commenced preparations for the fighting ring competition that was about to begin. After Lan Xinyu moved in, the entire residence became much livelier. Every day, Lan Xinyu’s howls and the sounds of her and Ling Chuxi battling it out could be heard.

Fu Chengyu stood on the loft of his manor and watched Ling Chuxi and Lan Xinyu sparring in the courtyard, totally engrossed in fighting. The corners of his lips subconsciously lifted upwards. This sight of Ling Chuxi being so lively seemed to make him unable to look away. This demeanour was indeed the most suitable for Chuxi.

At present, Ling Chuxi and Lan Xinyu were discussing E Shulan’s weapon.

Though each of them only took a hurried glance at it that day, they saw that the weapon emitting white light that attacked Lan Xinyu was an exquisite small sword. However, when E Shulan came out of the carriage, only a regular-sized sword hung from her waist and there was no small sword in sight. Why was this so? What odd thing was there about her weapon of choice?

“It is a small sword for sure,” concluded Lan Xinyu with certainty. “And that sword was really odd. It was as if it had a mind of its own.”

“That is because she knows how to use her Battle Qi well. What nonsense is this about a sword having a mind of its own? Don’t shame yourself here like this,” chastised Ling Chuxi in despise.

Lan Xinyu choked and became speechless. By now, she had already reached a point where she could withstand great provocation.

“However, the question is where does she keep the small sword?” pondered Ling Chuxi as she frowned in deep thought. Since the dean had specially warned her about E Shulan’s weapon, then there must definitely be something about it that was out of the ordinary.

“This E Shulan really is amazing,” said Lan Xinyu. She could not deny this. Then she asked Ling Chuxi, “If you were to go against her, are you confident that you’d win?”

“Guess.” Ling Chuxi threw back at Lan Xinyu one of her most commonly used words.

“You win,” said Lan Xinyu firmly.

“I’d say it’s fifty-fifty, honestly,” chimed in Fu Chengyu’s voice. He, Ling Yichen and Xia Zhuoyi had appeared by their sides at some point in time without them realizing. Fu Chengyu continued, “This is because E Shulan’s weapon is indeed out of the ordinary. I have just inquired about it.”

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