Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss - Chapter 1105 - Speechless Tears

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Chapter 1105: Speechless Tears

“Forget it, you guys go ahead and fight. I’m done.” Lan Xinyu retreated dejectedly. With such protection, not only will she miss many opportunities to fight, but she would also just be a burden to others. Although she was not considered weak, the issue was that others thought so.

“There will always be a next time.” Ling Chuxi kindly patted Lan Xinyu’s shoulder to comfort her.

Looking at Ling Chuxi’s comforting gaze, Lan Xinyu suddenly had the urge to cry. She suddenly missed the days when she was beaten by Ling Chuxi in Shi Qu Town. Although the ending was predictable, the process was always enjoyable. Moreover, she could learn a lot, but now… she truly felt like crying speechless tears.

The crisp sounds of swords clashing with True Qi could be heard. Su Yanhua, Zhou Kaitai, and the others had already charged towards the other party, while Ling Yichen and Baili Han stayed back to protect their area just like last time, only attacking when absolutely necessary or when their lives are at stake.

Although the House of Blood Fiend had been doing evil deeds in Huifeng Ridge for many years and had experienced hundreds of battles. They had more strength and combat experience than Su Yanhua, Zhou Kaitai, and the others. However, the disciples of the Su family and the descendants of the sects from Qianzhong Ridge were still full of fighting spirit, as hot-blooded as if they had been brainwashed. They did not show any fear at all. Each of them displayed their ultimate techniques without any regard for their own lives. With the support of Ling Yichen and Baili Han, the battle was quite lively for a time.

Very soon, Ling Chuxi could see the difference between the disciples of the Su family and the descendants of the sect from Qianzhong Ridge. The former’s martial techniques were unique to the Su family: more exquisite but not enough to kill. It was obvious that they did not have enough actual combat experience. The latter’s sword techniques, on the other hand, were direct and fierce though they seemed to lack thought.

If they could learn from each other’s strengths to make up for their weaknesses, their combat ability would undoubtedly be able to reach a higher level. It was time for them to familiarize themselves with each other.

The swords and blades in the mountains rang out in unison. Occasionally, the disciples of Golden Pill Sect became injured. However, with the support of Ling Yichen, Baili Han, and the others around, their injuries were not serious. “Kill them!” After simply bandaging their wounds, these people once again roared and charged forward. This time, the blood in their bodies had been completely stimulated, as they acted more fearless and fierce like injured wild beasts.

Only a true life-and-death battle could stimulate such courage and potential from them. And it was only in this way could they truly develop their artistic conception of Martial Path to be compatible with True Qi cultivation.

The disciples’ behaviour motivated Su Yanhua and the others’ as the latter’s eyes turned red. They roared and thrust their swords at their opponents, attacking fully with killing intent.

A concentration of killing intent heightened and pervaded the mountain ridges.

This time, even the people of the House of Blood Fiend were troubled. Several of their people had been injured by the swords of Su Yanhua, Zhou Kaitai, and the others.

“Good, this is more like it.” Gongxi Kuangdao held his sword and nodded. The sight of the blood-thirstiness of these young disciples even made his blood boil. If he hadn’t seen Ling Chuxi’s look of warning, he would have rushed forward.

A sharp whistle came from the House of Blood Fiend. Soon, nearly a hundred people rushed from their side and they appeared stronger than the previous batch the Sword Heart Gang had been fighting with. Plus, they had the advantage in numbers, looking even more ruthless.

But Su Yanhua, Zhou Kaitai, and the others were already and still filled with adrenaline. They were not afraid at all. Instead, they were even more excited. They slashed with their swords as their True Qi became more condensed than before.

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