Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss - Chapter 1104 - Not the Right Place to Curry Favour

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Chapter 1104: Not the Right Place to Curry Favour

“Sword Heart Gang? And here I thought I had overestimated Shadow Kill Gang. How dare a small unheard-of force dare to speak so arrogantly?”

“Boss, do you think these people are stupid?”

“Who cares if they are stupid or not. Even if they are not stupid, I will still beat them up.”

The people from the House of Fiend obviously did not care about the people before them. They laughed and mocked their opponents unrestrainedly.

“Are you done laughing? If you’re done laughing, I’ll give you one last chance. Get lost!” Ling Chuxi warned coldly. Who did they think they were? Such a small force with a sense of humour that was far from Feng Zijin and Deng Zaibei’s. Ling Chuxi just couldn’t be bothered to waste her breath on them.

“Hmph, a bunch of brats who overestimate themselves. Do you think you can call yourselves a gang with just a few big words on a banner? You’re truly tooting your own horn! Brothers, let’s show them what a true force is. Beat them up and cripple the men! The women can be spared to warm my bed at night!” The man in the lead roared angrily.

“How shameless!” Zhang Yuhong’s angry and disdainful curses were released. His stutter was almost non-existent since he was just too full of anger.

By now, Zhang Yuhong was standing tall with a zither in his hands. His face was full of righteousness and dignity. Those not familiar with him would think that he was a young genius from a large family with both virtue and talent.

Su Yanhua and the others started to sweat. Zhou Kaitai and the others were also blushing. Everyone knew what kind of character Young Master Zhang was. And for him to have the nerve to call others shameless. He had done similarly shameless things in the past, some even worse than others. Even if he wanted to turn over a new leaf and become a new person, he didn’t have to act like a Daoist so quickly.

In fact, if they were allowed to speak their minds, they would say that his appearance was more shameless than what he felt about their enemies.

“As for this gigolo, leave him behind for me too. He can go get washed up to warm my bed too.” Zhang Yuhong’s appearance did not escape the leading man’s observations as the latter gave an evil smile.

Zhang Yuhong obviously was insulted. He was so angry that his face turned red as he drew his sword.

“Attack!” The leading man gave the order and dozens of subordinates rushed up like wolves and tigers.

Lan Xinyu was so excited that she flicked out her golden whip, ready to take action.

“Senior Sister, just leave it to us.” When Zhou Kaitai saw that Lan Xinyu and the sect leader were like sisters, he stood in front of them boldly in an attempt to please her.

Lan Xinyu was stunned. It wasn’t easy to get Gongxi Kuangdao to restrain himself, so why was there another person who did not know what was good for him?

“I am also here to gain experience.” Lan Xinyu explained as she knew that Zhou Kaitai actually looked at her differently because of her relationship to Ling Chuxi. She didn’t want to lose her temper this time.

“Oh.” Zhou Kaitai came to a sudden realization and quickly moved aside.

Lan Xinyu held the golden whip in her hand and valiantly welcomed her enemies. She had only taken two steps when she heard Zhou Kaitai’s loud shout from behind her, “Protect Senior Sister.”

Immediately, a few disciples from the sect surrounded Lan Xinyu, each holding a sword to protect her.

Lan Xinyu almost fell to the ground. ‘This blockhead. Didn’t I already tell him that I’m here to gain experience? What’s the point of me gaining experience if you make such a scene?”

“Sect Leader, please rest assured. Even if we have to risk our lives, we will never let a single hair on Senior Sister’s head get hurt.” The ones who came forward to protect Lan Xinyu had also observed the relationship between her and Ling Chuxi. So it was no wonder they immediately understood Zhou Kaitai’s intentions when he instructed them.

“I… I…” Lan Xinyu struggled to hold back her swear words.

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