Secret Marriage: Reborn as A Beautiful Model Student - Chapter 752 - The Doting Father, Xie, Signing In! [5]

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Chapter 752: The Doting Father, Xie, Signing In! [5]

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Chunxue was bombarded by countless questions until she was on the verge of having a mental breakdown.

“Are we done yet?”

Chunxue’s body check was finally completed after some time. The women then brought her to another bathroom.

Chunxue was cleaned thoroughly in the bathroom. Soon after, she was wrapped in a thin blanket and sent into a room decorated luxuriously like a palace.

“Young Master will be here soon. Serve Young Master with care.”

The lights in the palace-like room extinguished as soon as the women went out of the room.

Only a feeble light shone into the room through the window..

Chunxue waited quietly.

She waited until her mouth felt parched.

Suddenly, she heard the sound of the door opening. Chunxue then felt as if she had difficulty breathing.

A tall figure towered over her…

Chunxue squeezed her eyes shut tightly. She knew that she had to give something of hers to get what she wanted.

After all, nothing in this world came without a price.

The wind continued to blow, causing the curtains to billow in the breeze…

An hour later, a man came out of Chunxue’s room.

The man kneeled before Young Master and said in a low voice, “Young Master, the deed is done.”

“Very well, you may leave now. I’ll leave the job to you in the future too.”

“It is my honor to serve Young Master.”

Young Master placed the luminous pearl he was holding on the table and stood up. His thin lips tugged slightly upwards as he thought, ‘Why are all these women so stupid?’

These women were all so foolish that he never had a chance to implement his plan.

There were lots of women in this world who looked sharp and sensible, but they turned out to be the total opposite of “sensible”; they were as dumb as pigs.

How terrible was that?

The next day, Chunxue woke up and noticed that her body felt unusual.

Her face reddened when she remembered what happened last night. She was satisfied with his skills.

Chunxue realized that Young Master left the palace after she woke up. However, the maids in the mansion still took good care of her.

Looking around the majestic mansion, Chunxue suddenly felt as if she was the future lady of the house.

“Ms. Chunxue, Young Master wants to see you.”

It was snowing in the Capital.

Snowflakes fell endlessly from the sky, forming a blanket of snow on the ground.

Looking out from the operating room, Ye Tianxin could see the snowflakes fluttering in the sky.

It seemed that she might have been underdressed for the day; she might catch a cold.

People tended to fall sick easily as the weather changes drastically during this season.

As a result, the hospital wards in the Department of Pediatrics were full of patients.

“Tianxin, I’ve brought good news.”

Qie Wenyang sprinted towards Ye Tianxin while making a “V” gesture with his hands.

“What is it?”

“Tianxin, I uploaded grandmother’s case on a renowned forum used by foreign medical professionals. One of the doctors was very interested in grandmother’s case, …”

Ye Tianxin looked indifferent after hearing what Qie Wenyang said.

She would not agree to let anyone else other than the Hands of God perform the surgery for her grandmother.

“Have you confirmed it with her, Brother Yangzi? Is she confident with performing the surgery?”

Qie Wenyang shook his head and replied, “I have sent her the details regarding your grandmother’s case. She said she would need to do some research before she could be certain of it.”

“Thank you, Brother Yangzi.”

Qie Family provided her with much assistance ever since she started her journey of studying medicine.

The help they offered sped up her progress in studying medicine.

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