Secret Marriage: Reborn as A Beautiful Model Student - Chapter 751 - The Doting Father, Xie, Signing In! (4)

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Chapter 751: The Doting Father, Xie, Signing In! (4)

From that point onwards, Chunxue’s existence in the entertainment industry of the capital had vanished.

All the TV series, movies, commercials, and variety shows starring Chunxue had also been taken off the market.

Chunxue’s career was over.

Aside from some of Chunxue’s brain-dead fans who were still concerned about Chunxue’s whereabouts, most of her other fans already had new targets for gossip.

In Chunxue’s self-directed and self-cast project, the biggest beneficiaries were not Ye Tianxin, but the newer actors who had been bullied by Chunxue before.

As soon as Chunxue left, they became active again.

However, after the incident with Chunxue, they also knew that Ye Tianxin was a big shot they couldn’t afford to mess with.

If anyone wanted to mistreat Ye Tianxin, they had to be mentally prepared to be destroyed by Ye Tianxin’s father.

Xie Xuning, who had always kept a low profile, easily banned a woman in the entertainment industry for his daughter as if it were nothing.

What’s more, people in a position like Xie Xuning hardly needed to write any documents. All he had to do was to express his intent and naturally someone would do it for him.

Chunxue’s English was poor. After she arrived in Country M, life was also very difficult for her.

She had been waiting.

She finally waited until the young master was willing to see her.

When Chunxue was invited to the young master’s castle again, Chunxue’s mood had changed silently.

Chunxue felt like a queen when she first came there.

However, this time, she just wanted to ask the young master to help her.

She wasn’t willing to be exiled out of the Empire just like that.

“Young Master, please help me!”

The young master sat on a vintage leather carved chair as he held a round night-luminescent pearl in his hand.

His face appeared as pure as white porcelain under the bright light radiating from the luminescent pearl.

“Help you? Why should I help you?”

Chunxue was shocked. Didn’t the young master say that he was her fan?

Was that just some kind of insincere flattery coming from the young master?

“Young Master, I have nothing left.”

The Young Master sneered and glared at Chunxue. “Are you sure?”

There was a tone of mockery in those three words.

Chunxue blushed. After hesitating for a moment, she stretched out her hands to unbutton the neckline, stripping herself bit by bit.

Chunxue felt like an onion. She had no other choice but to strip herself, layer by layer.

Now she had left nothing but her body.

The young master simply said, “Take her for a check.”

Two middle-aged women with gold frame glasses walked up to Chunxue.

Chunxue’s face lit up and turned red instantly.

She had never been so humiliated before this.

“Let’s go, Ms. Chunxue.”

There was a dark room next to it. In the middle of the room, there was a small bed similar to those used for gynecological examination.

“Lie down.”


Chunxue felt a little scared.

“If you pretend to be innocent at this point, you’re simply despicable!”

Chunxue felt this person was rather similar to the principal of her previous school. Their tones and expressions were eerily similar.

“Lie down.”

Chunxue did. The moment she lay down, a tear came out from the corner of her eye.

The strange touch made Chunxue’s body tremble inexplicably.

“Not the first time. How many men have you had sex with?”

“How many days is your menstrual cycle?”

Chunxue remained quiet. This series of questions made her feel as if she was somehow being interrogated.

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