Secret Marriage: Reborn as A Beautiful Model Student - Chapter 591 - Give Strawberry Daily A Slap In The Face【1】

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Chapter 591: Give Strawberry Daily A Slap In The Face【1】

Li Qingcang held Ye Tianxin. His hand stroked the loose strands of hair on her forehead, and his thin lips planted a kiss in the center of her brow.

He chuckled as he said, “My Tianxin, you haven’t reached 19 years old now, so you haven’t reached the legal age for marriage.”

“But, I just want to marry you so badly.” Ye Tianxin couldn’t help covering her blushing face as she said, “Brother Li, you wait for me. I will try my best to become outstanding as soon as possible, and I will be so outstanding that when I stand by your side when the time comes, everyone will feel that only I can be worthy of you…”…”

“Okay. I’m waiting for you.”

When Ye Tianxin got dressed and went out, Guan Chenxi was already waiting at the gate of Lang Garden.

Although Li Qingcang was Ye Tianxin’s bodyguard today, he actually looked more like a celebrity than actual celebrities. He was wearing a T-shirt with the words “Red Cherry”, a mask, and sunglasses. He looked mysterious and seductive.

Today’s first announcement was the cinema near Teito University.

When Ye Tianxin and Yan Jun arrived, the movie had already begun, so they silently sat in the first row.

After the screening, the cinema staff turned on all the lights on the movie theater.

“Welcome to everyone who came to watch “Red Cherry” today. I am Ye Tianxin, the actor who played the heroine Yingtao.”

Yan Jun took the microphone and he spoke to everyone energetically, “Hello everyone, I am Zhou Hong’s actor, Yan Jun. At the same time, I have another identity. I am an alumni of Capital University’s School of Medicine. May I ask, fellow students, what do you all think of our movie?”

Yan Jun and Ye Tianxin were both graduates of Capital University, so taking publicity into account, when the Golden Director released the movie, it was the movie theater near Capital University that was chosen first.

“Brother Yan, I would like to ask, since you abandoned medical practice in pursuit of the arts, do you dislike the current medical field of our country?”

This question was extremely blunt, but Yan Jun calmly dealt with it with a smile.

“I respect every medical worker. The reason I didn’t go to work in a hospital after graduation wasn’t because I was disappointed in the medical field, but because I wanted to try a different life. Maybe one day, I will have enough of the film industry, and I might return to a hospital to be an ordinary doctor…”

“Brother Yan, what was the most difficult thing you encountered during the filming process?”

Yan Jun looked at Ye Tianxin, then raised his eyebrows to say, “The most difficult scene, of course, is the wedding night scene. At first, I thought I had to shoot it myself. When I was still worried about whether I could do it well, the director told me that this scene would be shot with a stand-in, I…instantly…felt…liberated!!!”

Yan Jun didn’t have an exclusively cold and aloof image. He spoke humorously, and his answers to the next few questions won enthusiastic applause from the audience.

“Excuse me, Ye Tianxin, you were the top scorer on the college entrance examination, so why did you enter the entertainment industry to film?”

Finally, someone asked Ye Tianxin a question. After she pointed the microphone at herself, she replied with composure, “I accepted this movie because my grandmother was sick. I needed to earn money for my grandmother to see a doctor. Teacher Du agreed to pay me a remuneration to treat my grandmother before I entered the crew…”


Strawberry Daily’s reporter couldn’t help but snort.

“Ye Tianxin, there are so many students graduating from the professional acting department every year. You just graduated from high school and didn’t have any acting experience. How can you be selected by Director Jin? Was there some sort of shady dealing?”

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