Secret Marriage: Reborn as A Beautiful Model Student - Chapter 487 - Li Zhiwei’s First Time At Lang Garden【2】

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Chapter 487: Li Zhiwei’s First Time At Lang Garden【2】

Jing Zhichen drove the car, and Li Zhiwei was sitting in the passenger seat.

Li Zhiwei turned her head and looked at the scenery along the road. She remained silent and stopped talking.

The car arrived at the parking lot in front of Lang Garden.

With mixed feelings in her heart, Li Zhiwei looked at the Lang Garden hidden in tranquility.

This was a paradise built by her beloved man for his beloved woman.

She once thought that as long as she waited patiently, she would be the female master of the house here.

But now, it was time to wake up from her sweet dream!

“Xiao Chen, what do you bring me here? Didn’t you want me to give etiquette lessons to your company’s artist?”

Jing Zhichen held a bunch of flowers in his arms. As he walked, he explained to Li Zhiwei, “Auntie Wei, I promise you will be surprised.”

“Then you have to tell me in advance.”

Lang Garden.

This was the place Li Zhiwei had once wanted to come to, but had never been to.

This Lang Garden was a forbidden place for Li Zhiwei.

It was also the paradise that Li Zhiwei had once yearned for.

At this time, she just stood in front of Lang Garden’s gate while watching the butler welcome them in.

“Young Master Jing, Miss Li, please come in, the master is already waiting for you two.”

As soon as Li Zhiwei walked into Lang Garden, she felt a refreshing breeze on her face.

Her eyes couldn’t help but glance around Lang Garden.

Lang Garden was really beautiful.

Every step had a scenery, and each brick and each tile had exotic charm.

There was a corner in her heart that was quietly collapsing.

Li Zhiwei raised her head. Desperately holding back the tears in her eyes, she looked at the sky above her head.

“Auntie Wei, what’s the matter with you?” Jing Zhichen asked with afterthought.

Li Zhiwei shook her head. “It’s okay, let’s go. Don’t let them wait too long.”

Jing Zhichen suddenly froze in place, and he scratched his head a little uncomfortably. Letting Li Zhiwei be the etiquette teacher for Tianxin was something he had decided on long ago.

At that time, Tianxin and Xie Xuning hadn’t recognized each other yet.

After the two of them recognized each other, he quickly forgot about it.

If Li Zhiwei hadn’t taken the initiative to call and ask about this, he might have forgotten it.

In fact, the main reason was that Li Qingcang scolded him because of this matter.

“Auntie Wei, I seem to have done a bad thing.”

Li Zhi smiled slightly, and she shook her head gently. Regarding this kind of thing, men were very stupid when compared to women.

They didn’t have the sensitivity of women.

“It doesn’t matter to you.”

Li Zhiwei’s heart was full of suffering. If Jing Zhichen hadn’t invited her, she wouldn’t have been able to set foot in Lang Garden for the rest of her life.

The two of them arrived in the living room. When Xie Xuning saw Li Zhiwei, he was taken aback. He obviously didn’t expect that the etiquette teacher Jing Zhichen invited was Li Zhiwei.

“Brother Xuning.”

Li Zhiwei called “Brother Xuning” despite restraint.

Because of her trembling voice, Ye Tianxin couldn’t help but glance at Li Zhiwei again. Her eyes swiveled back and forth between the two of them.

She really wasn’t only 18 years old. Li Zhiwei obviously had a kind of restraint, but the emotional fluctuation in her eyes revealed a lot.

“Teacher Li.”

Ye Tianxin took the initiative to say hello.

“I didn’t expect that the teacher my brother invited me was you.”

Li Zhiwei’s eyes fell on Ye Tianxin’s body, and she smiled lightly.

“I didn’t expect Brother Xuning’s long-lost treasure to be you. If I knew it was you, I should have let Brother Xuning look at you when we were with the cast the last time.”

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