Secret Marriage: Reborn as A Beautiful Model Student - Chapter 486 - Li Zhiwei’s First Time At Lang Garden【1】

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Chapter 486: Li Zhiwei’s First Time At Lang Garden【1】

Qie Yiyan said as he lifted the hem of the T-shirt.

“Yiyan, did you go to see Xingqing again?”

Qiao Wang knew that every time Qie Yiyan would get drunk, it was because he went to see Xingqing.

Xie Xingqing was a woman who would have become his daughter-in-law.

But because of an accident, she could only lie on the hospital bed all day log.

With her alive, she not only tortured herself, but also made Qie Yiyan’s life a living hell.

“Dad, you say you’re a high and mighty expert, but why can’t you even save your own daughter-in-law? Why can’t you even save your own daughter-in-law?”

Qie Yiyan’s words also made Qie Wang at a loss for words. He poured a glass of water for Yiyan. Ever since Xingqing’s accident, his eldest son had been completely ruined.

His formerly high-spirited oldest son of the past has become what he is now, that is a no-gooder, fat, depressed, and crazy.

“Yiyan, what do you want? Xie Xingqing won’t wake up for the rest of her life, so will you just guard her for the rest of your life?”

“Yeah, I said that in my life, I will only marry Xie Xingqing.” After Qie Yiyan finished speaking, he patted the fat on his belly. “What’s more, who can fancy me with my current figure? Dad, please help me save Xingqing, okay? Please help me. When I see Xingqing lying on the hospital bed, I feel anguished.”

For filming, the follow-up preparation work was quite heavy. Du Juan and Jin Xin were very busy. The two of them needed to review the later stage of the film again, and the final film needed to be sent to the relevant department for review.

Ye Tianxin called Du Juan several times, but she didn’t get to say much before Du Juan hung up the phone.

Ye Tianxin knows better than anyone how much pressure was on Du Juan’s shoulders. She was almost bankrupting herself to make this “Red Cherry” movie.

“Godmother, when you are done, call me and I will bring someone to meet you.”


Du Juan answered curtly.

After Ye Tianxin hung up the phone, she came to the living room. Xie Xuning was sitting in a chair while reading the newspaper. When he saw her coming, he folded the newspaper and put it on a side table.

“Dad, why are you at home?”

Xie Xuning smiled happily.”Didn’t Xiao Chen say that he hired you an etiquette teacher? I’m waiting to see.”

Ye Tianxin nodded, and she whispered, “Dad, do you also think my manners aren’t good enough?”

When Ye Tianxin said this, she felt a faint inferiority complex. In her previous life, she also specially invited etiquette teachers from abroad to learn etiquette.

She had always thought that she paid careful attention to her personal image, and there was no problem with her sitting posture and things of the like.

But when Jing Zhichen told her he would invite a teacher over, she felt extremely insecure.

“Tianxin, you’re very good. Trust Dad. You’re the best.”

Xie Xuning didn’t know how to comfort his daughter. He didn’t know how to tell Tianxin that she, his daughter, was the best girl in the world.

After becoming a father for the first time, Xie Xuning felt a sense of helplessness.

He had no idea how to talk to this little princess of his family.

He hated himself for being unable to bring the best in the world to his little princess.

“Dad, that’s because I am your daughter, so you think I’m the best.”

Ye Tianxin pouted her lips and couldn’t help sighing. “I don’t know what the teacher will be like? Will the teacher be harsh?”

“Who would dare to be harsh to my little princess?” Xie Xuning stretched out his hand and pulled the braid on Ye Tianxin’s head. “Dad will stay here to support you.”

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