Secret Marriage: Reborn as A Beautiful Model Student - Chapter 485 - No Need for a DNA Test, Tianxin Is My Daughter【2】

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Chapter 485: No Need for a DNA Test, Tianxin Is My Daughter【2】

“Ah-Wang, I know what you mean, but you really don’t have to,” Xie Xuning refused gently.

“Xuning, don’t be stubborn. Just because you say this isn’t important, is it really?”

“Ah-Wang, Tianxin is my daughter. I’m sure. I’m not mistaken,” Xie Xuning insisted.

Ye Tianxin was his daughter. He was very sure about this.

A DNA test wouldn’t reveal everything.

Xie Xuning was the kind of person who would rather believe his own eyes than any scientific data.

“Xuning, are you still suspicious of me? I swear I really didn’t leak anything. I have no idea about what happened back then.” Qie Wang didn’t want his best friend for decades to misunderstand him, so he went on to explain. “Yes, I admit that I had some objections toward you calling off the wedding with Zhiwei, but I’m really not that kind of person. I wouldn’t do such a thing to my brother no matter what.”

“Ah-Wang, I suspect everyone around me, even my own parents,” Xie Xuning admitted.

When Qie Wang heard Xie Xuning say this, he laid everything out in the open.

“Xuning, that’s impossible! You and Linlang got the certificate back then. They wouldn’t do such a thing.”

Qie Wang then went silent. Deep inside, he was not convinced of what he had just said.

Just like Xie Xuning, he was now suspicious of other people too.

He pondered, ‘Who on earth knew he went to Jiameng Town back then?’

After thinking about it, he only thought of his wife.

However, he didn’t want to suspect his wife.

“Who knows?” Xie Xuning laughed in a self-deprecating manner. “They made that marital agreement behind my back. I repeatedly asked them to call off the engagement, but they weren’t willing to.”

The past was vivid, and every scene felt like a stab in Xie Xuning’s heart.

He and his wife Linlang, because of the selfishness of these people, missed out on half of their lives together.

“Xuning, in any case, you have to remain calm until the matter is settled,” Qie Wang advised.

Xie Xuning didn’t speak. No one knew how painful it was, unless they went through the same ordeal.

No one could empathize with his pain. No one.

Even Qie Wang couldn’t.

Both his parents couldn’t do the same either.

Only he himself had suffered this pain, this wound in his heart.

People said time was a great healer. However, in reality, emotional traumas would get worse as time went by.

In the dead of night, Xie Xuning could only lick his wounds.

“Ah-Wang, I’m hanging up.” He didn’t wait for Qie Wang to say something and ended the call.

Qie Wang heard the line ended, and then he slammed his fist on the wall in anger.

It was really terrible. He didn’t know who did these things, which were driving a wedge between their friendship.

This time, no matter what, Qie Wang would do the paternity test again.

He wanted to see whether or not Xie Xuning’s intuition was wrong.

Was someone deliberately meddling with the paternity test?

At this moment, Qie Wang heard a sound in the living room.

He left the study and went to the living room to check. He saw Qie Yiyan, who had just came home, drunk. He was reeking of alcohol.

Qie Wang was livid when he saw Qie Yiyan in this state.

He walked toward Qie Yiyan and smacked his shoulders vigorously.

“Yiyan, what the h*ll are you doing?”

Qie Yiyan opened his drunken eyes and looked at Qie Wang. “Dad, I’m in pain. I feel some pain here. Could you take a look?”

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