Secret Marriage: Reborn as A Beautiful Model Student - Chapter 1170 - I Lost My Wife

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Chapter 1170 I Lost My Wife

“Qie Wang, do you understand? As I’ve said before, you’re not in the wrong. The divorce is all on me. I don’t want to carry on living like that for the rest of my life. I want to find a new purpose in my life. I don’t want to be known as just your wife.”

Yan Shanyue had attributed the cause of the breakdown of the marriage to herself, but the more she said that, the more Qie Wang felt worse about himself.

Looking at how calm and collected Yan Shanyue seemed, Qie Wang felt that his hopes of saving the marriage were slowly diminishing. The split had brought him anguish and misery, but he couldn’t do anything about it. He opened his mouth several times but struggled to find the right words to say. He knew that she would not change her mind easily.

Finally, he asked one last time, “Shanyue, is it really impossible between the both of us?”

Yan Shanyue closed her eyes and nodded. “Yes, Qie Wang. We’ve been married for so long now, so just let me go.”

Qie Wang’s eyes were brimming with tears.

Her words cut through his already wounded heart like a knife.

He smiled bitterly. “Shanyue, I understand now. We should all move on with our lives, but you’re still unwell. Let me take care of you till you are fully recovered. We were once husband and wife, after all. It’s better than being looked after by a nurse that you don’t know.”

Yan Shanyue did not have the strength to resist anymore. She did not see the need to. Indeed, she needed someone to take care of her now; she couldn’t do anything by herself.

“All right.” Yan Shanyue agreed.

“Now, go rest. I’ll go out first.”

Qie Wang walked out and went to the stairway by the hospital.

He took out a cigarette and started smoking by the balcony.

His fingers were stiff from the cold as he held on to the cigarette. The cold air caused the smoke from his breath to form a thin layer of mist. However, his body was not as cold as his heart. He kept smoking until he felt numb from the pain in his heart.

He took a deep breath before going back to the room.

He stood outside Yan Shanyue’s room and hesitated to go in.

He must be the most pathetic man in the world. The most familiar person in his life had become a stranger to him now.

Qie Wang took a long deep breath before he opened the door. As he saw Yan Shanyua sleeping, he thought about when they first met.

It was a sunny day, and he saw a young girl painting in a field of sunflowers. Someone had called out to her and she turned around to face him with a bright smile. She came into his life that day.

Later, the girl became his wife only for him to lose her several years later.

After a heavy snowstorm the night before, the ground was covered with a thick layer of snow.

Li Qingcang had slept very soundly in the guest room the night before. He felt relaxed in the familiar surrounding. Soon, it was daybreak.

Like in the past, he would go to the kitchen to find three sets of breakfast on the table.

“Uncle Qiu, why are there only 3 sets of breakfast? Where is Grandpa?”

Uncle Qiu was watching the fire as he replied, “The old chief went to the temple early in the morning.”

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