Second Life Ranker - Chapter 532 - Giant Demonic Divine Dragon (7)

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Chapter 532 - Giant Demonic Divine Dragon (7)

Wait. The Demonism, whom he’d almost forgotten about, suddenly spoke up. He still hasn’t paid .

Yeon-woo suddenly felt his body separating as Vigrid disappeared from his hand. In the distance, a black shadow without any features appeared. The Demonism had manifested in his true body, and in his hand was the ball of the Crawling Chaos wrapped in chains!

The Great Warrior’s soul and Kalatus quickly sprang to action. Kalatus stretched back and opened his mouth. Boom! Previously, Kalatus’ attack had been weak because of the number of targets he had to deal with. Now, with only one target in front of him, its destructive power was amplified.

However, Demonism smiled widely without a hint of fear and jumped up in amusement. Kalatus’ Breath just missed him. At that moment, the Great Warrior’s soul appeared behind the Demonism, and he swung his massive halberd down on the Demonism’s head. It was a weapon that had destroyed the heads of countless incarnations, but the Demonism only twisted in mid-air and swung his arm. The halberd flew back as the Demonism’s hand unspooled into dozens of strands that headed towards the Great Warrior’s soul.

Kuk!Boom! The Great Warrior’s soul attempted to flick away the vines that whipped at him, but he could only cut a few of them. The others pierced through his shoulders, arms, chest, and back, leaving him pinned on the ground.

With his hand still outstretched, the Demonism straightened up and extended his left hand. At that moment, space opened up in front of him, and the Monkey King’s exuviae appeared, slashing down with the Ruyi Bang, anticipating the Demonism’s next move.

Thud! Swish. The impact shook Yeon-woo’s unconscious. The exuviae’s eyes flashed. Fiery Golden Eyes blazed as the Ruyi Bang vibrated violently as the Monkey King’s exuviae prepared to activate the Ruyi Bang the same way he'd sealed the Crawling Chaos.

Kalatus opened his mouth wide to protect the Monkey King’s exuviae, and the Great Warrior’s soul got back to his feet after freeing himself from the vines. The Ruyi Bang slid down the Demonism’s arm, attempting to transform, but the Demonism suddenly let out a peal of monstrous laughter and said, Oh right, let me tell you ahead of time. If you try to hurt me with this…keekeekeek! I don’t know what I might do if I’m cornered.

He lifted the ball of the Crawling Chaos to his mouth. Instantly, the Ruyi Bang stopped shaking. The Monkey King’s exuviae narrowed his eyes, trying to read the Demonism’s intention, but the featureless being didn’t even ooze a single thought or vestige.

The exuviae frowned in annoyance and turned to Yeon-woo, speaking so only the two could hear. Looks like that guy wants to make a deal with us.

Yeon-woo nodded. If the Demonism had only wanted the Crawling Chaos, he would have eaten the ball already and caused a disaster. A more horrifying monster than the Crawling Chaos would have risen by now.

The only reason Yeon-woo could battle the Crawling Chaos and seal him was that he had worked with the Demonism. It would have been impossible fighting the Crawling Chaos on his own. The Demonism’s strength made that much difference. The fact that he hadn’t consumed the Crawling Chaos yet meant he wanted something, likely what Yeon-woo had promised him.

Yeon-woo clucked his tongue. ‘Things aren’t going well.’ He’d been planning to gloss over his promise with the Demonism and lock him inside emptiness with the Crawling Chaos, but that hadn’t worked. At that moment, the Demonism grinned at him, and Yeon-woo could almost hear him say, “I understand your character.”

You make the decision. The Monkey King’s exuviae spoke again. But take into consideration that we don’t have any soul power left. If we end up fighting, all three of us will be destroyed forever.

Yeon-woo nodded silently. The Monkey King’s exuviae, the Great Warrior’s soul, and Kalatus had all fought the Crawling Chaos on his behalf. They were only maintaining their bodies at the moment because they had accumulated much strength during their lifetime. It wouldn’t be a surprise if they were critically injured.

Finally, Yeon-woo gave the signal to back off. Kalatus swallowed his Breath, and the Great Warrior’s soul glared at the Demonism as he slowly lowered his halberd. The Monkey King’s exuviae used Shukuchi to return to Yeon-woo’s side.

Keekeekekk! You’re all too much. I was with Yeon-woo when he rescued you, so I contributed a lot. Technically, I’m also your god. How can you treat your god so rudely? Hm? The Demonism smiled coldly at them. Yeon-woo stepped forward with a frown.

“Stop with the pointless banter and tell us what you want. Do you want to collect your fee for helping?”

Of course. I want to take my share. What’s wrong with that? If not, you’ll only use and abandon me like those idiotic gods and demons. I have no plans to be treated like that.

“And what do you want?”

Keekeekeek! What you promised. The Demonism fixed his gaze on Yeon-woo. You said you’d give me something tasty. Don’t you have something in mind? I’m sure it’s also what I’m thinking right now.

The “something tasty” Yeon-woo had been referring to was the Crawling Chaos. “You’re not asking for all of it, are you?”

Of course not. I’m not like my old self. If I swallow this whole thing, I’ll only get sick, so what’s the point? Besides, you’re too greedy to let me do that. I’m actually quite reasonable, unlike you.

‘Old self?’ Yeon-woo realized that this was something important, but he pretended not to notice. “Then what do you want?”

The Demonism tightened his grip on the vibrating ball, and a corner of his mouth rose. His smile was so wide that it was gruesome. His ego.


Yes. I just need this guy’s consciousness, the thing that has been destroyed and recovered again and again through the ages. You can take the holy power and achievements and whatever else. How’s that?

Yeon-woo’s forehead creased. He wasn’t sure what the Demonism was thinking if he didn’t want holy power, achievements, or the soul—just the ego? At first, the ego seemed important since it controlled the body and the soul, and it was the reason people could think and analyze.

However, it was also the least valuable part of the Crawling Chaos. An ego was only the surface of one's unconscious. Even if it were gone, a new ego and personality could be created.



Even. If. I. Die.

Need. To. Finish.

The ball of the Crawling Chaos trembled again, but the Demonism’s grip tightened on it. The ball shook in pain, as if the Crawling Chaos was roaring from his suffering.

Keekeekeek! Hurry up and decide. It’s not a bad trade for you, is it? It’s actually easier for you since you don’t have to worry about taking care of him.

Yeon-woo didn’t answer immediately and continued to glare at the Demonism, trying to see through his scheme. However, he had no idea what the Demonism had in mind.

I think it’s best to take his offer. Kalatus used his messaging magic to deliver his advice to Yeon-woo. I don’t know what he’s thinking, but it’s more important for you to obtain what you need.

Yeon-woo nodded. Kalatus was correct. He needed the achievements and holy power the Crawling Chaos had accumulated. It wouldn’t matter if the Crawling Chaos’ ego were separated from them. In the end, Yeon-woo decided to take Kalatus’ advice. “Fine. Let’s do that.”

Keekeekeek! I never thought I’d make such a straightforward deal with you. The Demonism laughed strangely again and took the ball in both hands.

Crack. He began to twist and crunch it. The Crawling Chaos vibrated in pain, but his cries only added to the Demonism’s enjoyment. However, the roughness of his cries shook Yeon-woo’s unconscious, only when the ball had been taken apart did they stop. Now, there were two black balls that looked exactly the same, one in each of the Demonism’s hands.

Take it. He tossed the one in his right hand to Yeon-woo.

Yeon-woo was surprised when he accepted it. Although it contained great achievements and holy power, he couldn’t feel any Consciousness from it. It was quiet, like a tranquil ocean. The Crawling Chaos had been taken apart so neatly, but—how was that possible? Yeon-woo had been planning to dismember the Crawling Chaos carefully, and the Demonism had done it so easily and cleanly.

The ball that the Demonism held thrashed and shook, likely from the pain. However, the Demonism just opened his mouth without a care and popped the black ball inside. Crunch, crunch. He gulped down the ball and laughed in satisfaction, as though he had just eaten a delicacy. He licked his lips like he wanted more.

‘What has changed?’ Yeon-woo’s forehead remained creased. He had expected the Demonism to grow stronger or something, but it was impossible to tell if any changes had occurred.

Hey, kiddo. Call me again if you ever need to take care of things like this. I’ll work with you willingly anytime. Keekeekeek! With those words, the Demonism returned to Vigrid to sleep deeply once more. Vigrid clinked to the ground where the Demonism had just been.

Thinking that it was still impossible to guess the Demonism’s thoughts, Yeon-woo wound black chains around Vigrid and locked the Demonism back inside emptiness again. He looked at the ball of the Crawling Chaos wordlessly and split it evenly in four pieces. He kept one for himself and gave the rest to the Monkey King’s exuviae, Great Warrior’s soul, and Kalatus. “You must have lost a lot of soul power. Please replenish yourself with this.”

Oho. Really? You’re giving this to us? The Monkey King’s exuviae looked at Yeon-woo with a strange expression as he accepted his piece, but Yeon-woo remained composed.

“I never said I was giving it up.”


“As long as you’re with me, it doesn’t matter which one of us eats it. And I can just use you as much as I feed you.”

The exuviae was speechless.

“You’re not eating it?”

Yes. That’s more like the Yeon-woo I know. Whew! I can already imagine what it will be like when you meet my true body. Even as the Monkey King’s exuviae shook his head in amusement, he swallowed the holy power. Digesting it would take some time because of the chaos energy, but it would help him to continue maintaining his vestige body.

The Great Warrior’s soul and Kalatus accepted the pieces as well. Their dark souls began to find their light again.

Yeon-woo swallowed the holy power the same way he’d eaten the Fruit of Good and Evil. Suddenly, his vision began to shake. He was being kicked back to reality now that he didn’t have any business in his unconscious.

Just before he lost his sight, Yeon-woo looked at the abyss below him. What was it? What was living inside it that could make the Crawling Chaos so desperate to stay alive? Many questions filled his head, but he had no way of knowing the answers.

In the end, Yeon-woo was forced to push those thoughts aside as he opened his eyes after returning to reality again.


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