Scholar’s Advanced Technological System - Chapter 90 - Self-love Is A Disease

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Chapter 90: Self-love Is A Disease

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Not only did Lu Zhou changed the name of the app, but he also changed the names of the club and the company.

The Campus Assistant app would receive its first round of upgrades. After the update, the app would be called “Campus Assistant 1.0”!

The updated Campus Assistant would have all of the Campus Train functions. This meant that they would have to migrate and re-write the core code and redo the user interface.

However, this time, it was not only Lu Zhou who was fighting the battle, but he also had a team behind him.

The code part was mainly completed by the technical manager, Rong Hai. In addition to the two third-year software students, there were a couple of first-year software students who wrote simple algorithms and did troubleshooting.

The user interface design was done by the product manager personally. Lu Zhou found out that Yuan Liwei previously won first and second in the national college business innovation competition, so he also counted as a genius.

According to the decision made in the meeting, the re-creation of “Campus Assistant” would follow the simple style that Campus Train had. The main interface would be divided into five modules and the modules were class schedule, notes, study plan, campus train, and campus mood.

In addition to the four functions discussed in the meeting, the study plan was also added. This function was copied from the “Become a Genius Student” app. It could lock your phone for a set amount of time and it would help OCD students to focus. This function could put an end to the situation where students sat in the library all day but get nothing done.

However, the difference between Campus Assistant and Become a Genius Student was that the Campus Assistant app would not lock the camera on the phone. This way, users could still take photos of their notes.

Although the four new functions seemed complicated, the work needed to implement them was not too cumbersome. A lot of the code could be copied from templates and code libraries. At least, this was what Rong Hai said to Lu Zhou.

Rong Hai was responsible for the “class schedule” and “notes” modules. The more complicated “campus mood” and “study plan” modules would be taken by Lu Zhou himself.

Without any hesitation, Lu Zhou consumed 200 general points on the first day of module development. He used the system to solve the more difficult parts of the module code. By using the system, all he had to do was to transfer the code in his brain into the computer.

The balance of his general points was at 975.

Very quickly, the wind blew the autumn leaves away and October passed by quietly. It was soon the most beautiful time of the year.

In November, once the lectures for mathematical analysis 3 lectures were over, the mathematical department had a festive atmosphere.

Of course, this was not only because of the completion of mathematical analysis.

There was another important reason. The annual school event – Jin Autumn Singing Show – was about to begin.

All of the class leaders had a sign-up sheet and went around the dorms to ask if anyone wanted to join. According to the teacher in charge, each class had to have at least one student signing up for the audition. Each club also had to do at least two auditions. After that, the Student Union would choose the best people to perform in the show.

Due to the influence of the show, the impetuous atmosphere was spreading.

For those single loners, this was an opportunity to show their talent to potential mates.

In the corridors, next to the lake, near the forest…

Singing voices could be heard.

Dorm 201 was the same.

Shi Shang asked the class leader to put his name down. He then pulled out his guitar and sang a song full of sorrow.

Huang Guangming was playing on his phone when he could not take it anymore. From time to time, he would sing a few sentences, in hopes of correcting Shi Shang’s pitch.

As for Liu Rui, he wore earplugs and was studying physics as always since he did not care about this Jin Autumn Singing Show at all…

Lu Zhou was the same. He was disinterested in the Jin Autumn Singing Show. However, even though he was wearing his headphones, he could still hear the ear-piercing voices. His eyes scanned across the lines of code as he was checking his “programmer workers” code for mistakes and possible improvements.

Suddenly, his QQ flashed.

When Lu Zhou looked at the bottom right corner, he saw a message from Wang Xiaodong and opened it.

[Jin Autumn Singing Show, I’m going to confess to her.]

No wonder this guy was a genius. His message was short but informative.

Lu Zhou sighed and typed four words.

[Wish you good luck.]

What else can I say?

Suicide mission?


If this guy grew some balls and confessed during the summer vacation, or right before the competition, maybe there would’ve been a little hope.

But now…

There’s probably no chance?

This woman understands men too well. She can never establish a relationship with anyone. She will always string the men along and play with them…

Unless one day she gets tired and finally finds someone that is particularly good.

It’s hard to describe how good the guy would have to be.

Who knows.

He’d have to be at least half as handsome and talented as me right?


Lu Zhou shook his head. Instead of giving his opinion, he continued to check the code.

Emotions were not his strong suit.

All he could do was a random analysis.

Wang Xiaodong did not reply. Maybe he grew some balls from Lu Zhou’s reply and was meticulously planning the confession.

That confession scene would be terrible…

Lu Zhou could not imagine it.

Suddenly, Xiao Ai’s dialog box flashed.

Lu Zhou opened it.

Xiao Ai: [Question, what is a confession?]

Lu Zhou shook his head and smiled as he quickly typed a reply.

[It’s love.]

[You love me?]

Lu Zhou: “…”

[… Didn’t I say not to read my chat data? Go and analyze the group messages!]

Lu Zhou pressed the enter key.

F*cks sake. Of all things, it learned self-love… Probably learned it from some shameless girl in the group chat.

The built-in fan spun a few times like it was doing some calculations.

After a while, Xiao Ai replied.

[Hello, master. (sad.jpg)]

Lu Zhou: ? ? ?

What? Is it so smart already?

It can use emojis?

Of course, Lu Zhou knew that Xiao Ai actually used contextual analysis and decided that this image would be the most suitable.

As for whether Xiao Ai could actually understand what the picture meant…

He doubted it.

Lu Zhou: [Don’t send too many pictures in the future. It takes up CPU usages, slows me down.]

Xiao Ai: [Okay, master. (sad.jpg)]

Lu Zhou: “…”

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