Scholar’s Advanced Technological System - Chapter 1482 - Patriarch's Paper

Chapter 1482: Patriarch’s Paper

Hou Huaizhi was an editor.

However, he was not the kind that worked in ordinary newspapers or magazines.

As one of the most widely-read and influential journals in the world, the journal “Future” he worked at was a beacon in the minds of countless scholars and a quantitative benchmark for measuring a scholar’s academic level.

There was a saying in some research areas…

Which was that, a scholar who had never published research results in “Future” could never be called a first-class scholar, and whether a scholar had made outstanding contributions in certain research fields depended on how many papers he had published in “Future”.

It was precisely because of this that he was not only passionate about his work but also had a full sense of belonging.

Every time he sat in the office of the editorial department, he felt that every decision he made was closely tied to the fate of the world…

As usual, after dictating the day’s housework to his robot, he drove the maglev car to the editorial office.

However, just as he walked into the office slowly while humming a little tune, he was surprised by the scene in front of him.

His colleagues formed a circle in front of a desk, as if watching something incredible. They pointed to the holographic screen suspended on the desk and talked.

Hou Huaizhi was curious about what happened. He stepped forward and asked the colleague closest to him, “What happened? Why are you all here?”

With an obviously surprised expression on his face, the colleague turned to look at the editor, then said with excitement, “You will never guess what happened! We received Academician Lu’s paper!”

Academician Lu’s paper?

The moment he heard these words, Hou Huaizhi was stunned. His entire body was instantly dumbfounded.

“Academician Lu?! The Academician Lu?”

“Of course? Who else could it be!”

Hou Huaizhi asked quickly, “What’s the area?”

“Controllable nuclear fusion! It belongs to the study of deuterium/helium trinuclear fusion! From the perspectives of theory and engineering applications, he sorted out the current problems and possible problems facing the second generation of controllable nuclear fusion research… Although I don’t understand many of the formulas and inferences!”

The colleague from the editorial department, with an incredible expression on his face, continued in a tone of admiration, “It’s incredible… A scholar from a hundred years ago has done something that should have been left to the people of the future.”

Another colleague standing nearby interrupted.

“I think we are in trouble.”

Hou Huaizhi frowned.


As soon as he said this, he immediately realized what the trouble his colleague was talking about.

“The question now is who should I call to review the manuscript.”

Editor-in-Chief Wang folded his arms. He sighed and said, “The research on the second generation of controllable fusion itself cannot be said to be very popular as there are very few experts in this field. Not to mention the paper touches on the fields of mathematics, plasma physics, materials science, and engineering, and it can even be divided into dozens of research directions. Every technical bottleneck was written in extreme detail.”

To be honest, he did not understand how Academician Lu had achieved such an in-depth understanding of so many research fields.

Several people in the editorial department looked at each other with embarrassed expressions on their faces.

Just like the editor-in-chief said.

It was difficult to find a reviewer.

At this moment, the silence in the office was suddenly broken.

Hou Huaizhi suddenly thought of someone, and he spoke subconsciously.

“Why don’t we contact Academician Zhang? I remember he is an expert in the field of controllable fusion and plasma physics, and he has also won the Lu Zhou Science Award!”

As soon as they heard the name of Academician Zhang, many people reacted, and the voice of discussion spread in the office again.

“You mean Academician Zhang Feiyue?”

“What a coincidence! Last night I saw him on the panel of the science program of Pan-Asia TV, talking about the recent second-generation controllable fusion that has been raging.”

“Academician Zhang should be fine, he is a top expert in the field of controllable nuclear fusion!”

“… Not necessarily, Academician Zhang is studying plasma physics. Although it also involves second-generation controllable nuclear fusion, the focus is still on the theoretical direction. And Academician Lu’s paper only briefly talks about plasma. The essence of the whole paper is about the precise calculated values of various engineering parameters that need to be achieved in the design of core materials and electromagnets.”

The voices of discussion in the office were in a dispute.

After listening to his colleagues’ discussions, Editor-in-Chief Wang finally made a final decision.

“Let’s contact Academician Zhang! You, go… Forget it, I’ll send the email myself.

“In any case, whether we should publish the paper is the professionals’ decision, we just need to do our job well!”

Only from the content itself, this paper was quite good, but because the formulas and inferences were too complicated, they couldn’t decide how much academic value this paper contained.

Jin Ling University campus.

Sitting in his office, Academician Zhang looked at the paper on the holographic screen. He had a headache.

“Future” magazine kicked the ball to his court. He didn’t want to pick it up, but he couldn’t help but want to read what Academician Lu wrote.

To be honest, when he first got Lu Zhou’s paper, he was actually curious. As for the content of the paper itself, he didn’t expect much.

After all, it was written by a scholar from a century ago. The knowledge he possessed had long been outdated, so he could forget about making breakthroughs on the basis of existing research results.

Even if he believed that a smart brain would not become obsolete, Lu Zhou’s knowledge was based on the past.


After reading the paper, Zhang Feiyue was completely stunned.

The PhD student saw his professor staring at the same page for a long time without any movement. He had been reading the page while standing behind the professor, and he couldn’t help but whisper, “Professor?”

Academician Zhang, who was stunned at his desk, finally recovered from the shock.

He coughed lightly, snapped back to reality, then looked back at the student standing behind him and said, “I was lost in thought, what’s the matter?”

The PhD student immediately asked, “What do you think of this paper?”

“It’s quite sophisticated, and the level is surprisingly high. From the day he got on the flight to Earth, it has been less than a month. He’s probably the only person who can fully understand all the research results of the entire second-generation controllable nuclear fusion project over the past century in just one month.”

The paper was like a blueprint that outlined the entire second-generation controllable fusion project and used rigorous calculations to list every piece of the puzzle needed to complete the project.

In his opinion, this was the most incredible part of this paper!

It was also at the same time that a thought suddenly came to Academician Zhang’s mind.


This patriarch will actually invent the second-generation controllable fusion!

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