Rise of the Demon God - Chapter 1345 - 1345: Teach

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"Hahaha, kid. Don't be arrogant. Just because you want to show off, you might end up dead," the Dark Haired man said, rolling his eyes. 

"Gu Chen, shouldn't you talk so big either? How can he end up dead? No one is allowed to kill anyone. It's just a practice Arena and not a place you can fight to the death," Zia Uzhi replied. 

"Huh? Kid, you know my name?" The man asked, looking at him surprised. "I didn't know I was that popular?"

"It's nothing special. I know almost everyone in this prison," Zia Uzhi answered, smiling. "So let the kid play around. Don't talk about killing since that's not allowed. Unless you want to be banned from every place in this prison?"

"Tsk. Fine. I can't kill him. But that doesn't change the fact that he can be badly injured. He's so weak. Shouldn't he be acting more modest?" Gu Chen responded. "If I were as pathetic, I wouldn't be acting so big. I would've used all the weapons in my arsenal. I can't understand this kid."

"I'll only talk for his benefit. If he's bare handed, not only will he get hurt, but the battle will end instantly as well. On the other hand, if he uses Weapon, he could put up some resistance as well," he added. "That way, he could use this place to its fullest to train."

"You're restricting your strength here. So I think I'm going to be fine," Long Chen replied, shaking his head. 

"Hah, if that's the way you want to do it, then so be it. I said all I wanted to say. If you still want to stay arrogant, then I'm fine with that," Gu Chan responded, sighing. 

"Attack me when you're ready," He continued as he got in the position. 

Long Chen didn't hold back and instantly flew towards Gu Chen. 

Generally, he would've let the enemy attack first, but he wanted to gain real experience with the enemy without underestimating him.

Gu Chen's robe flashed with the wind as he placed one step ahead, holding his position firmly.

It appeared that he didn't want to dodge no matter whatever attack Long Chen used, especially since Long Chen wasn't using a weapon. 

As Long Chen reached Gu Chen, a dark fire started burning in his fist.

"Flaming Fist? Such a pathetic skill," Gu Chen muttered, shaking his head. 

An ice veil formed on his right hand. He brought his hand across to hit the wrist of Long Chen. Even though he didn't use much power, the slight movement made Long Chen's body stop as if it was paralyzed. 

Gu Chen raised his left fist and kicked the chest of Long Chen. 

"Sigh, that's what happens to the arrogant people. Coming bare handed against me with your strength? That's pathetic," Gu Chen let out as he flew towards Long Chen, who had crashed on the ground in the distance. 

His body was finally free, so he was able to stand up instantly. 

"That hurt." He rubbed his chest, which was aching. He knew that it was fortunate Gu Chen was restricting his cultivation; otherwise, he would have been in a mess. 

"I told you, you would be seriously hurt. Just surrender, so I don't have to waste my time with this boring fight. That way, you can also get out of this battle legally," Gu Chen told Long Chen.

He had challenged Long Chen, not checking his real cultivation in advance. Because of that, he was trapped in the battle too now. Since he challenged and the opponent agreed, the battle couldn't be stopped until one of them surrendered. 

He could only try to convince Long Chen to surrender to save some time since he felt bad hurting a weak kid. 

"I'm fine. Don't worry about it," Long Chen responded, not losing his will to fight. "What did you do to me though? What skill was that? I couldn't move my body at all?"

"That's called the Frozen Buddha. It specifically targets the muscles on your wrist, temporarily shutting down your body's movement. I learned it when I was young, but it's a pretty good skill," Gu Chen explained. 

"Target the muscles?" Long Chen asked as he looked at his wrist. 

"Sigh. Kid. You can't see those muscles. You'll need the Buddha's Gaze to see that spot and all other weaknesses of the enemy. Without that, you can't hit the exact spot since it's in a different place on the wrist for every person," Gu Chen replied. 

"That is a fascinating skill. So amazing."

"Hahaha, you like it? Since it's not such a secret skill, I can teach you?" Gu Chen suggested.

"Will you? But why?" Long Chen asked, frowning. 

"He's from the Buddha Sect. Their purpose is to share and distribute their skills. Unfortunately, no one wants their skills, so they don't get many opportunities," Zia Uzhi replied. 

Gu Chen folded his arms, nodding. "You're the first person I met that genuinely liked that weak skill. And as the Buddha Sect Elder, it's my responsibility to teach the skill," Gu Chen agreed. 

"Is Buddha Sect a big sect in the Heaven?" Long Chen asked. 

"Hah, you're truly a noob," Gu Chen answered. "The Buddha Sect is one of the strongest sects in this world."

"Why are you in this prison then? You said you were Buddha Sect Elder? To land in prison, what did you do? Didn't Buddha Sect save you?" 

"Save? They were the ones who had him sent here," Zia Uzhi answered. 

"Huh? You appear to know an awful lot about me?" Gu Chen asked. "Who actually are you?"

"I'm just an ordinary citizen who knew a few things in the outside world. And your incident was pretty famous too, since it happened in the Buddha Sect. The stories spread far and wide," Zia Uzhi said. 

"Sigh. Those stories. I just wish they die someday," Gu Chen muttered. 

"What had happened?" Long Chen asked. 

"Do you want him to know?" Zia Uzhi asked Long Chen as if it was something serious. 

"It's alright. I didn't do anything bad. So it doesn't matter even if he knows," Gu Chen answered. "I was sent here because it was claimed that I forced a woman to sleep with me. It was against the Buddha Sect rules to sleep with a woman and to do it forcefully; it was a crime."

"And since I was from the Buddha Sect Elder, my punishment was even more severe. I was sent here," he added. 

"You forced a woman, and you say you didn't do anything bad?" Long Chen asked, frowning. It looked like this man didn't have any idea as to what was bad and what wasn't. 

"What I told you were the accusations on me. It's not as if I actually did it," Gu Chen responded. 

"You didn't do that? Then why.....?"

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