Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 3157 - Chapter 231 - Galaxy Corporation

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Chapter 231 – Galaxy Corporation

When everyone in the plaza heard the Demidragon woman suddenly calling out to someone, they subconsciously followed the Demidragon woman’s gaze and turned to look at a 100-man team. This 100-man team also happened to be the foreign team that everyone had discussed previously.

This 100-man team clearly had nine God-ranked experts. Moreover, seven of these God-ranked experts were even higher lifeforms. Aside from the two hegemonic powers’ teams, none of the other teams present were capable of matching this 100-man team. Yet, none of them had managed to recognize this team. Because of this, everyone guessed that this team might come from a power outside the Desolate Star God’s Domain.

The Desolate Star God’s Domain was an open God’s Domain, so players from the Greater God’s Domain could visit it in exchange for restrictions placed on their strength. However, there were no such restrictions in the Miniature Ancient World, so it wasn’t impossible to see players outside of the Desolate Star God’s Domain appear here. It was just that few players from the Greater God’s Domain would bother entering a Miniature Ancient World.


“Do you know them, Guild Leader Black Flame?” Liu Wusheng asked as he turned to look at Shi Feng in confusion.

Liu Wusheng was greatly shocked when he first stepped into this plaza. Although he had already known that the other God’s Domain would be stronger, he didn’t think that there’d be such a huge gap between them.

Tier 6 God-ranked experts were exceedingly rare in their God’s Domain. They were so rare that they didn’t even number more than 100. Yet, just the God-ranked experts from the Desolate Star God’s Domain in this plaza already numbered more than 100.

It should be known that players would need to start over from Level 100, Tier 3 when they entered the Miniature Ancient World. Because of this, most powers would typically only send a small portion of their forces into the Miniature Ancient World. It was especially true when it came to Tier 6 God-ranked experts. Even the Five Great Super Guilds had only mobilized two or three God-ranked experts each.

Yet, every one of Desolate Star’s teams here had at least two or three God-ranked experts leading them…

Among these teams, Bright Dragon’s team had over 20 God-ranked experts. This was a number that the Five Great Super Guilds couldn’t match even if they banded together.

So, when Liu Wusheng saw that various teams here behaved so respectfully to the team that had just arrived, he’d be a fool if he couldn’t tell that these new arrivals occupied a lofty position in the Desolate Star God’s Domain.

Yet, one of these distinguished individuals was seemingly acquainted with Shi Feng.

“I do know the person who is speaking,” Shi Feng said to Liu Wusheng while waving at the Demidragon woman who had called out to him.


Shi Feng naturally recognized the Demidragon woman. After all, the other party was none other than the Tower Alliance’s Maria.

So what he said was true!

At this time, aside from Liu Wusheng, Galaxy Past and Zhuo Yalin also couldn’t help but look at Shi Feng in surprise. They had previously been skeptical when Shi Feng told them that Zero Wing was an existence stronger than even the Five Great Super Guilds. Now, though, they believed him.

However, compared to Galaxy Past and the others, Hidden Soul, Crimson Heart, Cleansed Rue, and Lin Yaoyue, people who knew Maria, were even more surprised when they saw the Demidragon woman. They didn’t think that the Tower Alliance was not only a power originating from the Desolate Star God’s Domain, but the Guild even occupied such a high status there.

Meanwhile, over at the Tower Alliance’s team, a middle-aged man with pure elven blood looked toward Maria and asked, “Is he the person you mentioned previously, Maria?”

“Mhm. He is that person, Vice Guild Leader Flanders,” Maria said with an astonished look on her face. “In addition, I can also see some of the Stratified Abyssal Realm’s natives beside him…”

“The Stratified Abyssal Realm’s natives?” Upon hearing Maria’s words, the elven man named Flanders couldn’t help but take a closer look at Shi Feng’s inconspicuous appearance. Then, the corners of his mouth lifted as he said, “This is interesting. It seems this Guild Leader Black Flame is far more extraordinary than you described him. It might be worth further deepening the partnership between our two Guilds.”

There were many experts in a Stratified Abyssal Realm. If all of these experts were gathered, they could become a mighty force to be reckoned with even in the Greater God’s Domain. This was also why the Greater God’s Domain’s various powers had all set their sights on the various Stratified Abyssal Realm.


However, bringing experts out of a Stratified Abyssal Realm was an incredibly challenging task. So, most powers could only wait until the Stratified Abyssal Realm had fully integrated with the Greater God’s Domain before making their move.

After Flanders finished speaking, he led his team to Shi Feng and the others. This situation caused the various powers in the plaza to look at Shi Feng’s team in a more respectful light.

“Your Flower of Seven Sins has found itself quite the big trouble this time, Brother Gluttony.” When Menghao saw Flanders approaching Shi Feng’s team, he smiled bitterly and said, “I’m afraid that I…cannot help you with this problem.”

“Is there really nothing Bright Dragon can do, Brother Menghao?” Gluttony asked in confusion.

There were only two hegemonic powers based in the Desolate Star God’s Domain.

One was Bright Dragon, while the other was the Tower Alliance.

These two hegemonic powers could be said to be equal in strength. Although the Tower Alliance led the operation this time, Gluttony refused to believe that Bright Dragon was afraid of the Tower Alliance.

“If it’s only the Tower Alliance, Bright Dragon naturally has nothing to fear.” When Menghao saw the confusion on Gluttony’s face, he explained, “But the operation this time is led by the Tower Alliance, and the reason why that is the case is because the Tower Alliance shares a close relationship with that great personage. Offending the Tower Alliance might not be a problem, but if we accidentally offend that great personage…”

“That great personage?” Gluttony was even more shocked when he heard Menghao’s explanation.

A hegemonic power held nigh-absolute authority in the God’s Domain they were based in. A hegemonic power was also an existence that stood at the peak in the real world. After all, God’s Domain wasn’t a simple virtual reality game. Instead, it was a game that could decide the survival and prosperity of an entire world. It was just that not many people knew about this secret.


So, Gluttony found it hard to imagine there could be anyone who could make a hegemonic power like Bright Dragon treat so respectfully and show such great fear.

Hearing Gluttony’s query, Menghao looked toward a Level 120 female mage standing among the Tower Alliance’s team and whispered, “You’ve probably learned about that great personage already. She is the Galaxy Corporation’s Fourth Princess. It is only a matter of time before your organization comes into contact with the Galaxy Corporation. The Green God Corporation you mentioned might have even gotten in touch with the Galaxy Corporation already. After all, your World Passage is about to open. There is no way nobody from your world hasn’t gotten in touch with the Galaxy Corporation yet.”

“The Galaxy Corporation’s Fourth Princess?” Gluttony nearly gaped in shock when he heard Menghao’s answer.

The Galaxy Corporation might be foreign to most people in his world. However, the Galaxy Corporation’s name was currently the name that was being mentioned the most by superpowers that knew about God’s Domain’s secrets. It was especially true for those who were well-acquianted with the Green God Corporation’s executives.

The World Passage’s opening might be seen as nothing more than a merger of two God’s Domain by the various first-rate powers and below. However, what these powers didn’t know was that this merger wasn’t limited to just God’s Domain. Instead, it would also take place in the real world…


Indeed. Earth, the planet they inhabited, would gradually be integrated into a Greater World.

Meanwhile, once Earth was integrated into this Greater World, the Galaxy Corporation would become an unavoidable existence for the various superpowers.

As for how powerful the Galaxy Corporation was?

If the Green God Corporation was described to have the strength to cause all corporations to shake with fear, then the Galaxy Corporation had the strength to casually crush the Green God Corporation like an ant. After all, the Galaxy Corporation was a frightening existence that had already grasped a small portion of a higher-dimension civilization’s technology.

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