Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 3124 - 198 - Aqua Rose

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Chapter 198 – Aqua Rose

“Did I forget to wake up today? Aren’t those two Aqua Rose and Unyielding Ice? Why would two God-ranked experts be in a small city like ours?”

“I can’t believe I get to see them in person! I can die without regrets now!”

“I wonder if they’ll give me an autograph and a handshake? Both of them are my idols.”

“Are you tired of living? They’re the signature characters of Twilight Echo. Do you not see the bodyguards behind them? Every one of them is a 3-star bodyguard from Blackwater. Even a martial arts master will have to take the long way around in front of those bodyguards.”

“But why did they suddenly come here? Shouldn’t they be busy preparing for the World Passage’s opening? The last I heard, they’ve been on an expedition at the Ruined Mountain Range.”

“It is indeed strange. It was only recently that I heard the news mentioning them visiting the Secret Pavilion’s main headquarters for some business. Yet, after doing business with the Secret Pavilion, they actually came to our small city. Do they have an appointment with some bigshot here?”

Aqua Rose and Unyielding Ice’s appearance quickly caused a commotion in the VIP lobby. Reaching Tier 6 was the goal of countless players in God’s Domain, and players who successfully reached it were existences standing at the apex of God’s Domain. So, everyone in the lobby, regardless of gender, couldn’t help but look toward Aqua Rose and Unyielding Ice in reverence and longing.

The reactions of the young boys and girls in the lobby were especially intense since they had grown up listening to the tales of Tier 6 God-ranked experts. Meeting Aqua Rose and Unyielding Ice here was akin to meeting the characters in historical myths in person. It was only natural that they felt excited.

Not to mention, Aqua Rose and Unyielding Ice weren’t your average Tier 6 God-ranked expert. They ranked at the top even among other God-ranked experts. In fact, they were the main reason why Twilight Echo had gone from being a first-rate Guild to becoming publicly recognized as a super-first-rate Guild.

While everyone was quietly discussing Aqua Rose and Unyielding Ice, the scene that took place next shocked them all.

After arriving in the VIP lobby, Aqua Rose and Unyielding Ice slowly made their way toward an unassuming man. The man wore plain casual clothes, and the first impression he gave off was that of an independent player that was only barely getting by in life.

“Crap! Who is that bastard?”

“Don’t tell me the two goddesses had come here to meet with that guy?”

“Who is he? I don’t recall seeing someone like him before. This is the VIP lobby, so non-members aren’t allowed here. Could he be a hidden expert?”

“No way. Why would a hidden expert come to a small place like ours?”

“I recognize him. I think he’s Shadow’s former Guild Leader and the person behind the creation of Zero Wing, a Guild that’s very popular in the Miniature Ancient World right now. But why do I get the feeling that he’s different from before?”

“Zero Wing? I think I know which Guild you’re talking about. It’s the Guild that World Dominators put a kill order on before, right? But World Dominators ended up retracting the kill order because of some organization called the Asura Mercenary Alliance or something.”

“That’s right. Zero Wing is quite the famous Guild in Jin Hai City right now because of that incident.”

“But it still doesn’t change the fact that Zero Wing has only been established recently. Moreover, it is only a Guild based in the Miniature Ancient World. It’s leagues below even veteran first-rate Guilds, let alone super-first-rate Guilds like Twilight Echo.”

“Could Twilight Echo have taken an interest in Zero Wing? Many superpowers are trying to get a cut of the Miniature Ancient World right now, so I’m assuming Twilight Echo is the same. But isn’t Twilight Echo thinking too highly of Zero Wing? Is there a need to have the two goddesses make a personal trip?”

“Zero Wing has struck gold now. If it gets into Twilight Echo’s good graces, it will have no trouble becoming the number one Guild in Jin Hai City.”

When the surrounding crowd saw Aqua Rose and Unyielding Ice walking toward Shi Feng, an indescribable sense of envy filled them. Some of the people present also quickly discerned Shi Feng’s identity, and they couldn’t help but find this situation astonishing. However, when they thought about Zero Wing’s current fame in the Miniature Ancient World, they more or less understood why Aqua Rose and Unyielding Ice had come to meet with Shi Feng in person.

The time of the World Passage’s opening was drawing close. Once the World Passage opened, a war involving the entirety of God’s Domain would ensue.

Based on the God’s Domain Association’s recent announcement, everyone was aware that the World Passage’s opening would lead to their world clashing against those who had migrated from Earth to other planets.

This situation led to many people eagerly anticipating the World Passage’s opening since this was a huge business opportunity.

Not only would they gain access to new maps, but they could also level up more quickly after reaching Level 200. In addition, a war between two God’s Domains would create more opportunities for players to make money. This was because the acquisition of resources required a large amount of manpower. In fact, even though the World Passage had yet to open, the God’s Domain Association had already launched a new point system, offering even S-rank Nutrient Fluid for exchange as encouragement for players to explore the Outerworld and plunder the resources of the other God’s Domain.

“Mr. Shi Feng, I am Aqua Rose, Twilight Echo’s Honorary Elder. May I know if you have time for a chat?” Aqua Rose asked with a charming smile after walking up to Shi Feng.

“Yes, I have some time to spare,” Shi Feng said, nodding.

Shi Feng was honestly a little confused by Aqua Rose’s visit. He had no dealings whatsoever with Aqua Rose in this life. While he had thought of reestablishing Zero Wing, he had never thought of seeking out all of his old companions in Zero Wing. After all, they had their own lives in this timeline. He was only an outsider to them in this life.

Of course, he would gladly welcome opportunities to form alliances with his old companions.

Subsequently, Aqua Rose looked toward the front desk’s receptionist and asked, “Can you give us a place to talk?”

“I’ll arrange it immediately!” the receptionist anxiously said as she looked at Aqua Rose.

In no time at all, the receptionist freed up one of the VIP lounges on the top floor for Aqua Rose, Unyielding Ice, and Shi Feng, letting them hold their talk uninterrupted.

“May I know why you have come to meet a small character like myself, Elder Aqua?” Shi Feng calmly asked after taking a sip of the tea the receptionist had served him.

“Small character?” Aqua Rose chuckled at Shi Feng’s words. “You are too modest, Mr. Shi Feng. How can someone who can connect with an Outerworld God-ranked expert be a small character? Also, the current Zero Wing is no longer a nameless Guild like before. It might not be well-known on the main continent, but it is known by all in the Miniature Ancient World. You’ve even managed to get Mysterious Moon and Witch’s Sin to ally with Zero Wing willingly. This isn’t even a feat that most first-rate Guilds can accomplish.”

Upon hearing Aqua Rose’s words, Shi Feng understood that the other party had done their homework before coming to meet him. So, he frankly said, “Since you know about everything, let’s just get straight to the point, Elder Aqua.”

“Straightforward, as expected!” Aqua Rose’s charming smile deepened. “I’ll say it straight, then. Twilight Echo is willing to invest in Zero Wing. The current Zero Wing might have the Asura Mercenary Alliance backing it, but the Flower of Seven Sins is determined to destroy Asura. Not only has the Flower of Seven Sins increased its bounty, but it has even tasked three of its seven commanders to oversee this matter.

“With Zero Wing’s current finances… Forgive me for being a little rude, but I doubt you can last more than a week before having to disband. Not to mention, the Flower of Seven Sins is specifically targeting the members of Asura’s allied Guilds.”

“Your point?” Shi Feng calmly asked.

Shi Feng’s calmness stunned Aqua Rose a little, a hint of confusion appearing in her eyes. She didn’t think that Shi Feng would be unfazed to hear the Flower of Seven Sins targeting Zero Wing. She found it very hard to believe that Shi Feng was merely the former Guild Leader of a second-rate Guild.

However, Aqua Rose quickly snapped out of her daze as she continued, “Twilight Echo will provide Zero Wing with ample funding. On top of helping you resolve your lack of a headquarters, we will also supply you with S-rank Nutrient Fluids to nurture your experts. In addition, we will also send reinforcements to help you resist the Flower of Seven Sins’ experts. Of course, the reinforcements I am talking about aren’t limited to just Twilight Echo’s experts. Other experts will join in as well, so resisting the Flower of Seven Sins wouldn’t be a problem.”

“What are the conditions?”

Shi Feng did not think Twilight Echo would be so kind as to go to such lengths to help Zero Wing for nothing. However, he’d also be lying if he said the offer didn’t tempt him. After all, S-rank Nutrient Fluids were crucial to his and Zero Wing’s development. Having a large supply of S-rank Nutrient Fluids was one of the conditions needed for a Guild to develop into a superpower.

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