Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School - Chapter 2568 - Teach That Girl a Lesson

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Chapter 2568: Teach That Girl a Lesson

“Do you think you would be fine after being kicked?” Chen Weiming swore at his friends. Did he seem fine?

Chen Weiming’s friends didn’t know what to say, so they shut up at once.

At the same time, they felt very aggrieved. Although Chen Weiming was kicked, they asked him because they cared about him.

Nevertheless, Chen Weiming was from a rich family, and they didn’t dare to mess with him, so they had to tolerate it no matter how unhappy they were.

“You all, teach that girl a lesson, a severe lesson…” Chen Weiming ordered. In his eyes, he didn’t think that it was wrong for men to beat women. As long as he was angry, he would beat both women and men. He would just injure women more lightly than men.

Chen Weiming’s friends were a little afraid of Gu Ning, because she was obviously skilled given the kick she gave Chen Weiming, while they were just ordinary men. It was unavoidable that they were scared.

However, since Chen Weiming gave the order, they didn’t dare to refuse, because it would be hard for them to get along with Chen Weiming in the future if they refused. They wouldn’t be able to gain anything from him anymore.

They were Chen Weiming’s lackeys normally, and did whatever he ordered them to do, but Chen Weiming offered them a lot of things, or they wouldn’t be willing to obey his orders.

Therefore, even though they were reluctant, they still went forward.

Gu Ning amazed everyone with the kick she just gave Chen Weiming, and they were aware that she was skilled, but now three men intended to beat her together. So they were worried that Gu Ning might not be a match for them.

However, there was no need for them to be worried, because Gu Ning easily knocked them down once they neared her. However, she was gentler this time.

At this moment, everyone was shocked. She wasn’t only skilled, she was actually a master!

“Jesus, she’s unbelievable!”

“Right, I was afraid that she would be in trouble, but unexpectedly she kicked them down so quickly!”


They were all impressed by Gu Ning.

“How about now? Do you want to continue?” Gu Ning turned to ask Chen Weiming.

Chen Weiming shrank away in horror, but he was unwilling to give in. He threatened in an aggressive tone. “I-I’m the heir of the Chen family! My uncle is the mayor’s secretary. If you dare to injure me, you can’t bear the consequences…”

Hearing that, people who didn’t know him were scared. They looked at Gu Ning with sympathy.

Although she defeated Chen Weiming, she now had a grudge with him, so she might really be unable to bear the consequences.

Gu Ning, however, didn’t seem afraid at all. “Great, show me what you can do. The Chen family? Can you bully other people as you like? Don’t forget that you caused me trouble first.”

Gu Ning hadn’t heard of the Chen family, but she understood that it had to be influential. Besides, Chen Weiming had an uncle who was the mayor’s secretary, so his family must be very powerful.

However, she wasn’t afraid, because she wasn’t wrong. There was nothing for her to be afraid of. The Chen family must be dumb, for them to dare to bully other people with their power.

Gu Ning’s confidence surprised everyone again. Although some people thought it wasn’t a smart move, other people believed that her family must be more powerful than Chen Weiming’s.

After all, not everyone was arrogant and dumb.

“Very well, let’s wait and see!” said Chen Weiming. Then he took out his phone and wanted to make a call.

“Wait? You can’t stop me from leaving! I don’t have enough time to waste on you. If you can, try to stop me.” As soon as she finished, Gu Ning turned around and called Baili Zongxue to leave.

She walked away, not because she was terrified, but simply because she was unwilling to make it a serious issue. In addition, they had to go back for a rest.

“Stop. Stop right now!” Chen Weiming shouted at her back. He wouldn’t allow her, who had injured him, to walk away like that.

However, Gu Ning ignored him and continued to walk away.

Chen Weiming wanted to stop her, but there was a sharp pain in his abdomen. Once he moved, it really hurt.

Besides, Gu Ning could quickly knock down all of his people, which scared him. He was afraid that he would be more seriously injured if he was kicked again.

Moreover, they were all injured now, so they should go to the hospital as soon as possible. Otherwise, there might be problems with their bodies.

Chen Weiming was reluctant to watch Gu Ning leave, but he could do nothing about it.

Back in the hotel, Gu Ning and Baili Zongxue showered and went to bed.

As for Chen Weiming, he recovered after resting for a few days.

When Chen Weiming got back home, he told his parents what he had been through.

His parents knew him very well, and Chen Weiming also admitted that he went to invite the girls for a drink first after which he was rejected and got angry, making it serious.

However, he didn’t feel guilty when he told the story. Instead, he looked aggrieved.

Even though Chen Weiming’s parents were sad because he was injured, it was his fault after all, so his parents didn’t allow him to take revenge. It would only embarrass the Chen family.

Right, it was humiliating, and they didn’t care much about whether it was Chen Weiming’s fault or not.

A major family cared a lot about its face, but not each of its members would do so.

For example, Chen Weiming’s parents really cared about their family’s reputation, and focused on maintaining a good reputation on the surface, but Chen Weiming always bullied other people with his status. No matter how his parents criticized him, he refused to change. He only restricted himself to not cause serious issues.

Chen Weiming was reluctant to behave, but he was in awe of his father, so he had to stay quiet at the moment.

However, he would not listen to his father and stop taking revenge, but he had to find Gu Ning first now.

He planned to not let his parents know about it, so he couldn’t turn to his family for help.

However, if he relied on his friends, his friends might laugh at him once they learned that he was beaten by a girl. He would be greatly embarrassed.

Therefore, Chen Weiming hesitated to make a decision.

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