Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School - Chapter 2518 - Something Is Wrong  

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Chapter 2518: Something Is Wrong

Because Leng Shaoting wasn’t sure whether he would be free, he said that he would see what he could do the day after tomorrow.

Gu Ning understood that, so she wasn’t disappointed.

Actually, if they were truly in love, they would live every day romantically.

Whether or not Leng Shaoting was in the capital the day after tomorrow, Gu Ning would go to the capital city, since the new semester was about to begin after the Lantern Festival was over.

After having dinner at the Lantern Festival, Gu Ning, Tang Jiayang, and Tang Jiakai took Jiang Xinyue, Gu Yinyin, and Gu Qingshi out for fun. They would go to see the lantern show at the City God Temple.

Because Gu Ning was with them, their parents weren’t worried about their safety.

There were six of them in all, so they drove in a MPV with seven seats. Gu Ning would be the driver, because her driving skills were the best.

Tang Jiayang and Tang Jiakai also invited Jiang Jiamin and Jiang Minhong to join them.

When Jiang Yutong heard Jiang Jiamin talking with Tang Jiakai on the phone, she was excited and wanted to go with them, but she immediately remembered her mother’s warning, and felt upset. She thought that she better not go with them. Therefore, she could only watch Jiang Jiamin and Jiang Minhong leaving in the car.

Seeing that, Junior Mrs. Jiang felt sorry for her daughter, but she had to kill her daughter’s abnormal feelings for Tang Jiakai, or it would cause serious trouble in the future.

The Jiang family’s chauffeur drove Jiang Jiamin and Jiang Minhong. Jiang Jiamin also called Zhao Fulin over. They were familiar after all, so it would be fun if more friends joined them.

During the Lantern Festival, the City God Temple was full of people and activity everywhere.

They could barely park their car outside the City God Temple, because the parking lot was already full. As a result, they could only stop their car two hundred meters away, then walk over.

Gu Ning and the others arrived first, so they waited outside the gate of the City God Temple. Otherwise it would be hard for them to find each other in the crowd.

In fact, it would still be difficult for them to stay together once they walked into the large crowd, and they could easily lose each other.

Luckily, except for Jiang Xinyue, Gu Qingshi, and Gu Yinyin, the others had visited the City God Temple many times before. They were familiar with the route, so they weren’t afraid of getting lost. They only needed to pay more attention to Gu Qingshi and Gu Yinyin.

About ten minutes later, Jiang Jiamin and Jiang Minhong showed up.

Actually, the Jiang family’s house was closer than the Tang family’s house to the City God Temple, but they went to pick up Zhao Fulin on the way, so they were later than Gu Ning.

Anyway, it wasn’t important.

After they met, Gu Ning introduced them to one another before they went inside.

Although they just had dinner, they couldn’t help trying the specialties along the streets.

In the beginning, Jiang Xinyue and the others were very shy and didn’t dare to say much, but they gradually relaxed.

They were all very easy-going, but members of the Tang family enjoyed a very high status compared with Jiang Xinyue and her friends.

And because people of a high status always looked arrogant and not easy to get along with, they instinctively felt self-abased in front of them. They felt that they were people from a different world, so they didn’t dare to talk with them.

Only when the members of the Tang family talked to Jiang Xinyue and the others more often could they gradually relax.

Whenever there is a large crowd, accidents happen.

Many shows would be played at the festival, and they saw an exciting show when they reached the middle square, so they stopped and enjoyed watching it.

At the same time, Gu Ning checked on Jiang Xinyue and the others once in a while, in case they got lost in the crowd. However, when she looked forward and back, she noticed two strange men.

There was a distance of seven meters between them, but she could still see that the two strange men could be criminals.

The two men seemed very alert and panicked. Ordinary people might not notice that, but Gu Ning could easily see that.

It wasn’t a unique skill, a random policeman could also notice their abnormal behavior.

The two men were staring at a boy about seventeen years old, who was not far away from them. It seemed that they were going to do something to the boy.

It couldn’t be anything good.

The boy was totally engrossed in the show and only a man who was about thirty years old was next to him. The man was strong and should be the boy’s bodyguard.

They didn’t know that they were targeted.

Gu Ning did nothing after observing the situation, but she gave them a glance once in a while.

After watching the show for a few minutes, Gu Ning and her friends lost interest and left.

Because there was a large crowd and the boy was with a bodyguard, Gu Ning thought that they should be fine. She also hoped that they would be fine.

However, after Gu Ning and her friends walked around for half an hour, they saw the same man again, but this time, the bodyguard was alone, while the boy and the two strange men disappeared.

The bodyguard was talking on the phone, searching around anxiously. Obviously, he was looking for the boy.

Seeing that, Gu Ning had a bad feeling that something must be wrong.

She was unwilling to stand on the sidelines, so she told her friends to have bubble tea in the shop first since she needed to leave for a while. She told them that she just saw a familiar face and would be right back.

Tang Jiakai and the others were a little tired after walking around for so long, so they were happy to sit down and drink bubble tea for a rest.

None of them were kids, so Gu Ning didn’t need to take care of them all the time. They turned to walk towards the bubble tea shop, while Gu Ning left right away.

She didn’t go to see the boy’s bodyguard, because it would only arouse suspicions before she found the boy. Therefore, Gu Ning directly used her Jade Eyes to look around to see if she could find the boy.

Before long, Gu Ning saw the two strange men. They were twenty meters away from her and there was a stand in front of them. It seemed as if they were selling handicrafts.

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