Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School - Chapter 2009 - It’s Bullying!

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Chapter 2009: It’s Bullying!

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A popular artist could bring the company unbelievable profit, so the general manager was unwilling to let Bai Lin leave right after she became famous.

“No matter what, have a talk with Bai Lin tomorrow. Let’s see what she’ll choose,” said the general manager.

“Sure,” said Xiang Jian.

After driving Bai Lin home, Gu Ning went back to Century City along with Zi Beiying. Gu Ning would stay in Century City tonight.

“After I’ve been here for so long, it’s the first time that you’ve stayed here,” said Zi Beiying. Although she thought that Gu Ning didn’t come back because of her, they were very close now, so she wouldn’t hesitate to bother Gu Ning.

“I spend most of my time at school and I need to deal with other things when I’m free, so I stay wherever is convenient,” said Gu Ning with a smile.

“Gu Ning, I also want to buy a house in the capital. I think this block is good. I just watched a few houses yesterday and there are several available now. I don’t know how long I’ll stay in the capital, but I’ll come here often. I can’t stay in your place every time, and it isn’t convenient to stay in hotels. I can sell the house if I don’t come here again in the future,” said Zi Beiying.

“Sure.” Gu Ning agreed. She wouldn’t stop Zi Beiying from staying in her place, but she felt that Zi Beiying and Xu Jinchen were likely to be a couple, so it was a good thing that Zi Beiying would stay in the capital more often.

In addition, if she had her own house, it would be more convenient for Xu Jinchen to come to see her.

Anyway, the Zi family didn’t lack money at all. A house costing dozens of millions of yuan was nothing for them.

“Are you free tomorrow? Why don’t we go to see houses together?” asked Zi Beiying.

“No problem,” said Gu Ning.

The next morning, Gu Ning and Zi Beiying got up to run to the houses that Zi Beiying liked.

This house area wasn’t very large because it belonged to the Nancheng District and was close to the center of the city. After all, the size of the land was limited, so the houses here were more expensive. A house covering an area of 500 square meters could be tens of millions more expensive than in the suburbs, because the land here was far more expensive than in the suburbs.

Precisely because of that, houses here weren’t sold so often.

Because the house area wasn’t very large, the few available houses weren’t far from Gu Ning’s. They were at the back of the house area, but it took only a few minutes on foot to get there from Gu Ning’s house.

Century City was a luxurious house area, so each house had minor shortcomings. They only had different sizes.

There were three houses left. Two of them were comparatively smaller, covering an area of 380 square meters, while the other one was about 520 square meters.

Zi Beiying was used to living in her own family’s spacious manor, so she chose the larger one with a bigger garden. Moreover, Zi Beiying loved raising flowers and plants, so she could have enough space to do that now.

Gu Ning agreed that it was a good choice, so Zi Beiying decided to buy it.

However, it was still early, and the sales department wasn’t open yet, so they went to have breakfast after completing their run in the morning.

At 9 am, they went to the sales department.

Once they walked into the sales department, they noticed an unkind look from a woman in a uniform. She gave an unkind look at Zi Beiying.

Seeing her look, Gu Ning guessed that the woman must believe that Zi Beiying couldn’t afford the house here.

She was right. The saleswoman indeed believed that Zi Beiying couldn’t afford the house. When Zi Beiying came here before, she showed no intention of buying a house. She seemed to look around casually, so the saleswoman believed that Zi Beiying was too poor to afford a house here.

Zi Beiying sensed her disdain, but didn’t care much about it. The saleswoman was merely a nobody in her eyes after all.

“Hi, Miss Zi!” Another saleswoman who served Zi Beiying yesterday walked up as soon as she saw her. Even though she wasn’t sure that Zi Beiying was going to buy a house, she was a potential buyer.

Even if Zi Beiying couldn’t afford a house or had no intention of buying one, Zi Beiying was their customer, so they should do their job to serve her.

“Yeah, I want the 520-square-meter house, full payment,” said Zi Beiying in a flat voice, but it was quite shocking in other people’s ears. Many people in the room were amazed.

“What?” asked the saleswoman subconsciously. She couldn’t believe her ears.

Although the customers of Century City were all rich people, only a few would choose to pay a full payment, so she was stunned.

“I said, I want the 520-square-meter house, full payment, now,” said Zi Beiying patiently

“Oh, sure, sure, Miss Zi, please this way.” Once the saleswoman made sure of it, she got excited and took Zi Beiying to the VIP room.

The saleswoman who just disdained Zi Beiying was totally shocked at this moment.

What? She wants the 520-square-meters house, and even can pay a full payment? Jesus, she must be super rich. It costs dozens of millions of yuan!

The saleswoman regretted ignoring Zi Beiying yesterday. If she had known that Zi Beiying was so rich, she would have served her before the others. Unfortunately, it was too late.

The saleswoman took Zi Beiying and Gu Ning to have a seat in the room, then immediately poured tea for them. She didn’t rush to take the contract out.

“Miss Zi, you came at the right time. After you left yesterday, another customer of ours liked that larger house as well. The customer felt it was a little expensive, so didn’t make the decision right away. Just now, I heard my colleague having a call with the customer. The customer planned to come to buy the house this afternoon. I bet the customer is already on the way here, so you’re earlier than the customer, otherwise you might have had to buy the smaller one,” said the saleswoman.

“Well, it proves that this house is fated to be owned by me,” said Zi Beiying jokingly. She didn’t think the saleswoman was lying to her, because it could happen. If you hesitated to buy a house, it could be sold to another person at any time. After all, there was more than just one customer who could afford a house.

Afterwards, the saleswoman helped Zi Beiying with the payment and contract.

It took them about twenty minutes. Right after Zi Beiying finished and walked out, she saw a middle-aged couple arguing with a saleswoman in the hall.

“I told you I can make the decision after seeing it again with my husband. You agreed. So why did you tell me it’s already sold when we almost arrived? It’s bullying!” The middle-aged woman shouted at the saleswoman.. As she angrily shouted, she even pointed at the saleswoman’s face, showing no respect.

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