Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School - Chapter 1490 - Let Nature Take Its Course

Chapter 1490: Let Nature Take Its Course

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He was a major shareholder of the Tang Organization, which was totally out of their expectations.

Luo Xueshan was struck dumb when she heard that Tang Qingyang was a major shareholder of the Tang Organization. She had never been so jealous of Xu Qinyin before! She wished that she were born in a super-rich family so that she could be friends with super-rich heirs.

Although Luo Xueshan’s family was better than ordinary people, it was barely qualified in Shen Baixiang’s eyes.

Luo Xueshan admired Shen Baixiang because he was very outstanding, but also because his family wasn’t ordinary. If Shen Baixiang’s family was very ordinary, she would probably still like him, but her love wouldn’t be as strong.

People were realistic.

“It doesn’t mean that she’s as rich as Lord Tang even though she knows him,” Luo Xueshan said with jealousy.

Shen Baixiang frowned in annoyance and said to her in a low voice, “No matter what, her family is very influential, and we’re not comparable to her at all.”

There were many super-rich families in the capital, so he didn’t know that Xu Qinyin’s family was the dominant Xu family. It was too unbelievable in his eyes.

Luo Xueshan was displeased when Shen Baixiang defended Xu Qinyin again, but she didn’t dare to argue with him. Actually, she was simply jealous of Xu Qinqin.

“Oh, I just saw a shocking scandal about the Tang family today. The daughter of the chairman of the Tang Organization just had a wedding with her fiancé, but a strange woman showed up with their nude pictures. Both of them cheated on each other,” said one of Shen Baixiang’s male friends.

“I read the news too! However, although the scandal affected the Tang Organization to some extent, it isn’t a big deal and it has nothing to do with Lord Tang,” the woman defended Tang Qingyang at once.

She did that because she heard that Tang Qingyang was quite different from other rich heirs.

Many rich heirs were playboys and changed their girls even more frequently than they changed their clothes. Tang Qingyang, however, was still single and didn’t have a special relationship with any women.

Even if some rich ladies went to seduce him, he still kept a distance from them.

Some rich heirs even joked that Tang Qingyang probably didn’t like women or he had a problem with his sexual potency. It was just a joke, and nobody took it seriously.

“I didn’t say it has anything to do with Lord Tang, I just talked about the scandal of the Tang Organization. You don’t need to be annoyed!” the man argued. He also knew that the scandal wouldn’t have a serious impact on the Tang Organization.

Tang Yaxin, instead of Tang Qingyang, was the important role in the big news after all, so Tang Qingyang wouldn’t be affected.

Tang Qingyang felt a little uneasy when he saw Xu Qinyin coming, but he told himself to stay calm.

Xu Qinyin had no idea what Tang Qingyang was thinking, so she directly went to sit next to him, which made Tang Qingyang’s heart beat faster.

“Where is Gu Ning?” Xu Qinyin asked.

“Oh, she needed to deal with something, but she’ll be here before 10 pm,” Tang Qingyang said.

“Fine.” Xu Qinyin nodded. She knew that Gu Ning was always busy.

“Why are you drinking? Your injury just recovered.” Xu Qinyin was displeased the second she saw the glass placed on the table in front of Tang Qingyang.

Ever since Tang Qingyang was injured because of her, Xu Qinyin had cooked for him many times.

With the help of Gu Ning’s power crystals, Tang Qingyang felt much better in two days, but Xu Qinyin wasn’t aware of it. She still kept cooking for him, and Tang Qingyang gradually got used to it.

Xu Qinyin was very good at cooking, so Tang Qingyang started to enjoy it when she came and shared a meal with him. Xu Qinyin was willing to take care of Tang Qingyang as well. At the same time, Tang Qingyang noticed that he had special feelings towards Xu Qinyin now.

When he was alone, his mind sometimes wandered and he couldn’t help thinking of Xu Qinyin.

Jiang Ruiqin noticed his unusual behavior, and asked him whether he fell in love with Xu Qinyin now.

It was a difficult question for Tang Qingyang to answer, because he wasn’t very sure of his feelings. He didn’t know whether he simply felt touched because Xu Qinyin took good care of him, or if he was really in love with her. Therefore, he wasn’t able to answer that question.

Besides, Tang Qingyang thought that there was a gap in the social status between him and Xu Qinyin, and he also planned to take revenge in the near future. Because of that, he instinctively rejected romance. However, he couldn’t stop missing Xu Qinyin.

Xu Qinyin felt relaxed when she was hanging out with Tang Qingyang, so she enjoyed seeing him more often. She also had a good impression of Tang Qingyang, but it wasn’t enough for her to fall in love with him. All in all, both of them preferred to let nature take its course.

Jiang Ruiqin was aware of it too, so he didn’t do anything inappropriate to set them up.

“I’m already fine, and I’m quite happy today, so I want to have some drinks.” Tang Qingyang enjoyed having someone who cared about him.

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