Reincarnation: Multi-skilled Goddess Is So Beautiful! - Chapter 610 - Wedding 1  

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Chapter 610: Wedding 1

Even though Lu Jingye heard her say that, he still felt concerned about how she was suffering. “Do you want me to help you support the weight?”


The moment she asked, she saw Lu Jingye turning around and reaching out to support her phoenix crown.

Zi Yi indeed felt that it was considerably lighter.

However, she said, “Don’t, it might really fall off later.”

“It won’t, I’ll keep an eye on it.”

Following that, Lu Jingye maintained the current posture for quite some time until the car turned into the street that headed to the Lu Family’s villa.

There were guards surrounding the entire street and there were also many bodyguards from the Lu Family.

Many cars were parked on the street and they had almost occupied the entire street. However, the guards and Lu Family’s bodyguards had kept a route open that would allow the wedding motorcade to pass through.

Other than these cars, there were many reporters standing outside. From the looks of it, they had wanted to enter but were blocked outside.

Zi Yi looked out from the single-sided window and asked, “Why are these cars parked here?”

Lu Jingye told her. “The cars belong to those from the other seven aristocratic families.”

“Pft-” Zi Yi turned around and sneered. “What are these people doing here? Did they come to watch the crowd?”

“They’re here to attend our wedding.”

Zi Yi thought about it and continued to sneer. “Is it because our wedding had suddenly changed venue and the higher-ups had also dispatched a team of guards?”


“They sure are calculative and scheming. But I don’t welcome these people.”

“I am of the same mind. The guests of our wedding must have a wedding invitation to enter.”

Zi Yi was satisfied with the arrangements.

Soon, the car drove down the road while the reporters were pressing their camera shutters like crazy.

Those reporters were all blocked outside and all of them were extremely anxious.

“Why is the wedding car completely blocked off? I can’t capture a picture of the bride and groom at all.”

“Why aren’t the Second Young Master Lu and Miss Zi specially stepping out for us to take photos of their wedding?”

“Why are they blocking us? Don’t they wish to get famous?”

The reporters who were blocked outside were all stomping their feet, not to mention those from high society as they scratched their heads in confusion.

“The motorcade has entered so why aren’t theu letting us enter?”

“Can anyone go and ask what’s going on? Could it be that the Second Young Master Lu really intends to keep the guests outside the door? Isn’t he afraid of ruining his reputation?”

“Invitation? We didn’t even receive it so where are we supposed to get it from?”

Many of them were unhappy and some even felt that the situation was beneath their dignity and they had the thoughts of leaving right away.

However, not much longer after the wedding motorcade entered, several particularly familiar cars drove past.

“Isn’t that Leader Tang’s car?”

“Isn’t that Leader Xu’s car?”

“Isn’t that General Zhang’s car?”

The group of people from high society would certainly refuse to leave right now.

Some of them simply alighted from their cars and walked toward the guards who were blocking the road. “I’m from the He Family. Our Family Head is here to attend Second Young Master Lu’s wedding, please let us enter.”

The captain of the guard rudely responded. “Please take out the invitation card. Without an invitation, you won’t be allowed to enter even if you are the Jade Emperor.”

The person immediately flushed red in embarrassment.

The reporters did not manage to get a scoop on the Lu Family’s wedding and so, all their attention was shifted onto these members of high society.

“Quick, take a shot! This can also be considered a piece of big news.”

For a moment, due to Lu Jingye and Zi Yi’s wedding, the news of people from high society getting blocked outside the wedding venue had exploded on social media.

Regardless of the situation outside.

When the wedding motorcade arrived at the gates of the Lu Family’s villa, Zi Yi and Lu Jingye alighted from the car as firecrackers sounded.

The appearance of the villa had undergone a great change.

There was a red carpet laid out from the start of the driveway and it extended to the insides of the villa.

When the doors of the villa opened, all the guests stood on both sides of the red carpet, and a few children dressed in festive clothes cleared the way in front of them with red lanterns in their hands. Behind them were two bridesmaids holding onto flower baskets as they sprinkled the petals.

The country’s wedding tunes were considered solemn which made people unconsciously feel awe.

In particular, when everyone saw the pair of newlyweds, all of them were full of praise.

“It’s a perfect match, a match made in heaven!”

“The bride is so beautiful!”


“I wish you both a hundred years together!”

“May you be blessed with children early on!”

Everyone gave their blessings to the pair of newlyweds.

They walked down the red carpet from outside the villa to the front entrance.

The living room was decorated lavishly and turned into a wedding venue.

Bright red silks and satins hung from the ceiling and they gathered towards the wedding podium.

From the entrance to the podium was a long stretch of the red carpet. In front of it were several steps. The steps were six meters long and two meters wide with two railings on both sides. The most festive patterns were carved on the railings and a string of red lanterns was hung on each railing. Beneath the railings, the ground was filled with colorful bouquets.

At the end of the railing where the podium was, the podium had been covered in red carpet while the back wall was filled with images of dragons and phoenixes. There were many red lanterns with words of blessing hung by the side and in the middle of the wall, wedding candles were placed.

When Zi Yi and Lu Jingye walked to the door, Lu Jingye whispered to her, “Yiyi, I’ll wait for you over there.”

Having said that, he took a detour instead of walking down the steps and headed to the wedding podium.

Zi Yi walked down the steps and the First Madam passed her a red fan.

Shortly afterwards, several bridesmaids came over with a scarf to be worn over her ceremonial robes and draped it over her shoulders.

The four madams all had smiles on their faces. Each of them said a blessing and Zi Yi gave each of them a hug. She then raised the red fan and covered her face.

A piece of classical music that was played during weddings sounded and the host’s voice could be heard.

When the host started talking, Zi Yi lifted her feet and walked up the steps.

Her bearing caused the guests who were present to hold back their breaths, for fear that they would disturb such a serious moment.

When Zi Yi was walking over, Lu Jingye went over from the wedding podium to welcome her.

The two met at the intersection.

Just then, the host just happened to say the words, “To stay together till death until the end. To hold your hand and be by your side till old age.”

Lu Jingye held out his hand towards Zi Yi.

Zi Yi placed her hand on his palm and the both of them headed to the middle of the wedding podium.

“The bride and groom shall kneel to heaven and earth!”

The atmosphere in the hall had reached its climax.

Both parties’ parents went up the stage (Due to health reasons, Elder Dou did not attend).

One, bow to heaven and earth.

Two, bow to the high hall.

Three, husband and wife bow to each other.

“The bride and groom shall serve tea to their elders~”

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