Reincarnation: I Married My Ex's Brother - Chapter 723 - No Girlfriend

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Chapter 723: No Girlfriend

After a long silence, Fang Yuqing apologized to Jiang Wei in an apologetic tone. “I’m sorry. I thought…” She clenched her fists and said in a low voice,” I thought you wanted to…”

Her expression made Jiang Wei’s heart ache.

In the end, she could not help but pull Fang Yuqing into her arms.

He pressed her head against his chest, and Fang Yuqing froze. Jiang Wei comforted her softly, “Don’t be afraid. No one will lie to you again. At least I won’t lie to you.”

Fang Yuqing was stunned.

Then, her broken cries suddenly sounded in the house.

She pinched Jiang Wei’s shirt tightly. Jiang Wei heard her cry, “Jiang Wei, I feel terrible. Really! Why did he lie to me? I also wanted to give my first time to the person I liked, but I really liked him at that time. I didn’t know he would lie to me…”

“Jiang Wei, believe me. I’m really not a loose woman. I’m not.” Perhaps she was indeed silly and sweet at that time. At such a young age, her resistance was weak, but she was really not unrestrained by nature.

She knew what the people in school were saying about her and what she could do.

Back then, in the class group chat, she saw everyone discussing her matter openly. Their words were very unpleasant. At that time, she was indeed too desperate and could not help but slit her wrist and commit suicide. All these years, she had worked hard to live and tried to walk out of the shadow of that matter.

But the past was like a post-it note that was always stuck on your back.

People might forget, but they would not.

When old friends met again, they would always point fingers.

Jiang Wei’s heart ached.

He told her over and over again, “I believe you. I really believe you. You’re a good girl. I know you’re a good girl.”

Fang Yuqing quickly composed herself.

She was a little embarrassed. She said, “I’m going to the toilet.”

Jiang Wei pointed behind him. “The toilet is there.”

Fang Yuqing entered the toilet and came out after a while. She had washed her face and was very beautiful without makeup. Fang Yuqing’s face was not flawless and fair. There were also two or three small blemishes, but this did not affect her beauty.

Jiang Wei said, “The clothes are in the cabinet in my room. Go pick them yourself.”


Jiang Wei’s room was quite big and clean. The bed was pure gray, and it showed the owner’s coldness. She opened the cabinet suspiciously and really saw a few sets of female clothes in the cabinet. There were dresses and other clothing sets.

Fang Yuqing was especially surprised. Whose clothes were these?

She chose a blue shoulder-length top with a white floral A-line skirt. This matched her shoes better. When Fang Yuqing changed her clothes, she realized that the size of the waist was especially tight. This dress was definitely not Jiang Jie’s. Jiang Jie’s chest was bigger than hers.

Jiang Jie was famous for being a big wave.

Fang Yuqing was a little uneasy and vexed.

She put on her clothes and left the room. She ignored Jiang Wei’s gaze and asked him with a dark expression, “Does this dress belong to your girlfriend?”

Realizing that Fang Yuqing was angry, Jiang Wei was stunned. Afraid that she would misunderstand, he quickly said, “No.” He stared into Fang Yuqing’s eyes and said solemnly, “I don’t have a girlfriend.”

Fang Yuqing’s tense body finally relaxed.

“That’s good.”

Jiang Wei chased after her and asked, “What do you mean that’s good? Are you very happy that I don’t have a girlfriend?” Did you hope that I didn’t have a girlfriend? Jiang Wei only dared to ask this in his heart.

Jiang Wei’s eyes suddenly burned.

Fang Yuqing said, “If you have a girlfriend, it would be wrong for me to still be so close to you. After all, our relationship is still different. We have to avoid suspicion.” She had been harmed by a mistress before. She hated mistresses the most. Naturally, she would not do something as shameless as that mistress.

Jiang Wei’s fervent gaze turned cold again.

“Okay, we should go.”

In the car, Fang Yuqing kept looking at herself in the mirror.

“Why are you always looking at yourself in the mirror?” Jiang Wei asked.

Fang Yuqing said, “I didn’t put on makeup today, and there are no skincare products in my bag.” She pointed at the small blemishes on her forehead and said, “The blemishes are still there. They don’t look good.”

Jiang Wei said, “This is good too.”

“I’ll look more energetic with light makeup.”

Jiang Wei was silent for a moment. Just as Fang Yuqing took out her phone and was about to play with it, Jiang Wei suddenly said, “You’re nervous.”

Fang Yuqing was stunned.

She put her phone back into her bag and sighed. “How can I not be nervous? We’re all alumni. Perhaps one of them knows me. I…” She tilted her head and asked Jiang Wei,” Won’t you be embarrassed if you bring me along? ”

“It’s not embarrassing.”

Afraid that Fang Yuqing would not believe her, Jiang Wei had to repeat, “I won’t ever be embarrassed.”

Fang Yuqing’s face turned hot.

Following Jiang Wei into the private clubhouse, although Fang Yuqing straightened her back, her eyes were always weak. Jiang Wei suddenly held her hand and said, “Don’t be afraid.”

Fang Yuqing took a deep breath and said, “I’m not afraid.” I’m just a little flustered.

She followed Jiang Wei into the room and saw more than twenty adult men and women in the room. Fang Yuqing was stunned at first, but then she sized up those people. Seeing that they were looking at her calmly, Fang Yuqing heaved a sigh of relief.

Song Zhi, En Zuo, and the rest were all there. Jiang Wei had already told them not to talk about Fang Yuqing.

Hence, no one was surprised to see Fang Yuqing.

Actually, they were all adults and could understand Fang Yuqing’s situation. The world was different now. It was common for minors to fall in love. Unlike those people, Fang Yuqing’s pregnancy was made public, and those people did it secretly.

If one really looked into it, Fang Yuqing was the victim.

That Hu Cheng was really not a good person.

“Hey, Young Master Jiang, you brought your girlfriend?”

Jiang Wei did not deny it or confirm it.

He placed Fang Yuqing beside him.

Fang Yuqing looked up and sized up the people in the room. She actually found someone familiar.

Hua Wushuang.

What surprised Fang Yuqing even more was that she and Hua Wushuang were wearing the same outfit!

Jiang Wei followed Fang Yuqing’s gaze and was stunned when he realized that Hua Wushuang was wearing the same clothes as Fang Yuqing. He quickly told Fang Yuqing, “This is really a coincidence. She took a fancy to this when I went shopping with my sister last time. She said that this suits you, so I bought it. It has nothing to do with Hua Wushuang.”

The last time Fang Yuqing saw him and Hua Wushuang holding hands and appearing as a pair in the bar, there had already been a misunderstanding. At this moment, he realized that they were wearing the same clothes. He did not know what Fang Yuqing would think.

Jiang Wei was a little anxious.

Upon hearing his words, Fang Yuqing’s attention was not on Hua Wushuang, but something else. “So you bought this for me?”

Jiang Wei seemed to have been cursed and died.

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