Reincarnation: I Married My Ex's Brother - Chapter 716 - Passed Away  

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Chapter 716: Passed Away

“Old Fang!” Xu Pingfei was shocked and ran over to help him.

Fang Pingjue stretched out a hand to her and made a gesture of rejection. “Don’t look at me. Get out! Get out!”

Xu Pingfei hesitated for a moment before turning to leave the house.

She stood quietly in the corridor for a moment and was about to leave when she heard Fang Pingjue’s despairing cry coming from the house. The leg that Xu Pingfei lifted just froze in place. She turned around and returned to the door. After hesitating for a long time, she still did not knock on the door.

That night, Xu Pingfei stayed in the next room for the entire night. She barely closed her eyes, afraid that Fang Pingjue would do something stupid.

The night passed peacefully until dawn. Xu Pingfei could not wait to open the door next door. After entering the house, she saw that Fang Pingjue was still sleeping. Xu Pingfei quietly walked over and reached out to touch his nose. Fang Pingjue suddenly opened his eyes, startling Xu Pingfei.

“Do you think I’m dead?” Fang Pingjue’s tone was very cold, like a gust of cold wind from hell, chilling Xu Pingfei’s back.

Xu Pingfei patted her chest and glared at him. She said, “Yes, I was worried that you would die so I could prepare to collect your corpse.”

Fang Pingjue’s eyes flickered a few times. He stared at Xu Pingfei for a moment before saying something that made Xu Pingfei confused. “There will be that chance.”

“Shut up!” Xu Pingfei flew into a rage out of humiliation.

“What do you want to eat this morning? I’ll make it for you.”

“Anything is fine.”

Xu Pingfei looked at him deeply again before going downstairs to cook.

When she was cooking, she was still uneasy.

Xu Pingfei cracked two eggs and planned to make egg soup that was easy to digest. She stirred in the bowl with the egg beater, but her thoughts had long drifted away. She placed the eggs in the pot and cut some mashed meat, planning to make a few meatballs.

Xu Pingfei had finished chopping the meat and had yet to crush them into a meatball. She suddenly thought of something and threw down the bowl and egg beater in her hand. She quickly walked upstairs, looking hurried and anxious.

Without knocking, Xu Pingfei pushed the door open and entered.

There was no one on the bed.

There was no one in the cloakroom.

Xu Pingfei was the last to push open the bathroom door. The same scene as a few years ago appeared in front of her eyes again. In the bathtub, warm water filled the surface of the bathtub. Fang Pingjue lay in the bathtub with his hands in the warm water. His head was also engulfed by the blood.

This bloody and strange scene was similar to the scene of Fang Yuqing committing suicide many years ago.

Unlike Fang Yuqing, Fang Pingjue was even more ruthless.

Fang Pingjue’s death seemed to be atonement for what he had done to Fang Yuqing.

Xu Pingfei was so frightened that her legs went weak.

Her lips trembled for a long time before she finally let out a sharp cry—

Old Fang!

When Fang Yuqing and Fang Yu’an rushed back to the Fang family, Fang Pingjue was already dead. His body was still lying in the bathroom, and his pajamas were wet.

Fang Pingjue was more ruthless than ever before. He first cut his artery, but he was worried that he would not be dead when Xu Pingfei discovered him so he immersed himself in water. He would be letting himself down if he did not die after a serious method of seeking death.

Fang Yuqing stood at the bathroom door. When she saw Fang Pingjue’s way of death and the scary blood in the bathtub, anger and panic arose in her heart.

He could have died in any way, but it had to be like this.

Wasn’t this ruthless revenge?

Xu Pingfei sat at the side and sobbed non-stop. Fang Yu’an and the butler moved Fang Pingjue’s body out of the bathroom and placed it on the bed in the bedroom. Fang Yu’an woke up the distracted Fang Yuqing and reminded her. “Qingqing, call your uncles, and Brother Yusheng. Send out another obituary.”

Fang Yuqing nodded dejectedly.

In less than an hour, the people closest to her rushed over.

This time, Chi Baoguang brought Lisa over. Fang Yusheng and Qiao Jiusheng were also here. They were the last to arrive. When they arrived, almost everyone was there. Fang Pingjue had already changed into his coffin clothes and was lying in the coffin. His face had an ugly expression that a drowning and bleeding person should have.

Xu Pingfei had already calmed down a little. Seeing that everyone was here, she could still logically tell everyone what happened last night.

“I was careless.” Xu Pingfei blamed herself. She cried and said, “I should have discovered his abnormality long ago. When he said that there would be that opportunity, he had probably already decided to commit suicide. But I was stupid and didn’t understand what he meant.”

“If I had paid more attention to his condition, he… wouldn’t be lying alone in the coffin.” After saying that, she glanced at Fang Pingjue in the coffin and started sobbing softly again.

Qiao Jiusheng and Liu Yu quickly comforted her and told her that it was not her fault.

Xu Pingfei was not comforted.

After he died, there were still many things that the younger generation had to do. Fang Yu’an and the rest all wore white mourning clothes. At noon, some relatives and friends came to the Fang family one after another to attend Fang Pingjue’s funeral.

Fang Pingjue had many enemies in his life and had made many friends. Many people came to pay their respects to him.

Unlike the funeral customs in Junyang City, Binjiang City’s funerals were clearly much simpler. The mourning hall was very solemn. The relatives and friends who came to pay their respects to Fang Pingjue did not need to kowtow or burn paper. They only needed to say goodbye to Fang Pingjue’s coffin.

As Fang Pingjue’s only son, Fang Yu’an stood beside the coffin in the mourning hall as Fang Pingjue’s heir and greeted the elders who came to attend the funeral.

Fang Yuqing was the deceased’s only daughter. She had to stand in the mourning hall with her brother. Every time someone came, they had to hand over a white flower. They had to wear this flower on their chests. When the funeral ended, everyone took off the white corsage and burned it.

Jiang Wei and Jiang Jie came with their father, Jiang Bo. Jiang Bo had a good relationship with Fang Pingjue when he was alive, and they almost became in-laws.

Fang Yuqing had not seen Jiang Wei for almost half a year. The last time they met was last year in the early autumn. After they separated at that time, they canceled their engagement.

It was inevitable that they would feel awkward when they met again.

Jiang Wei was wearing a black suit. He was already a real man at the age of 23. His face had matured and was much more handsome. He no longer had the childishness of his youth. Standing in front of Fang Yuqing, Jiang Wei was a little silent.

Fang Yuqing picked up a white flower. Before she could hand it to Jiang Wei, her body was suddenly hugged by the man in front of her.

Fang Yuqing was a little surprised.

Her hands hung stiffly by her sides, not knowing how to respond.

Jiang Wei’s voice sounded beside her ear.

“Don’t be sad. The dead are gone. You have to pull yourself together.”

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