Reincarnation: I Have Always Been Rich - Chapter 369

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Chapter 369: Chapter 369

Chen Meng’er’s cold voice was accompanied by Peter’s wail. No one had expected that this little Asian girl’s actions were so fast, and her marksmanship was so good and so fierce.

“Shit, go.” Peter’s subordinates saw that their boss had lost a leg to Chen Meng’er, and their eyes turned red. They picked up their guns and aimed at Chen Meng’er.

However, along with that person’s voice came the bullet that Yuwen Jing fired from his hand. It was followed by a group of people who rushed in from outside the door.

“Uncle Arthur?” Chen Meng’er glanced at the door and saw a group of blonde-haired people with assault rifles walking in with Yuwen Jing’s father, Arthur Buyano.

“Little Meng’er, I am late. I will apologize to you later.” Arthur’s handsome face was full of worry as he sized up George, Chen Meng’er, and his son, Yuwen Jing, who were standing in front of Peter. Seeing that the two little guys were fine, his heart that had been worried all this time relaxed a little.

When he heard the gunshot outside, his heart was in his throat. He was afraid that something would happen to Chen Meng’er and Yuwen Jing. Arthur looked around and realized that the ones who were injured were his second brother and his subordinates.

“It’s okay, uncle. You’re early. I haven’t had enough fun yet. It would be even better if you came a little later.” Chen Meng’er had an expression that said, “I haven’t had enough fun yet.”.

When Peter, George, and the others saw Chen Meng’er’s expression, they were so angry that they gritted their teeth. George was even searching in his mind for information about this girl. But, unfortunately, he was very sure that he had never seen or heard of such a powerful child.

“Alright, since uncle is here, I’ll leave this place to you. Yuwen and I have to go back and rest. Oh right, uncle, there are three snipers in that room. You can take them back and have a good time.” Chen Meng’er’s laziness flared up.

“Alright. After I tidy up this place, we’ll go back.” Arthur was very good-natured as he coaxed Chen Meng’er. Only Chen Meng’er had this kind of treatment. Peter did not have this kind of treatment. Arthur looked as if he was looking at trash. He looked at Peter, who was sitting on the floor. Because of the gunshot wound, blood was flowing all over the floor, making him look pale, he said, “I’ve warned you before. Don’t move people who can’t be moved. I’ve said that if you do anything behind my back, I won’t care. However, this time you actually dare to extend your hand to my son, your nephew. You’ve touched my bottom line this time.” Arthur finished speaking, then, he ordered the people behind him, “Men, take him away.”

Peter’s leg had been crippled by Chen Meng’er. Coupled with Chen Meng’er’s silver needles in his leg, he was in so much pain that he didn’t even have the strength to struggle. Now that their boss, Peter, had fallen, there was no need to even look at his subordinates. They were originally the subordinates of the Buyano family. It was only because they had been roped in by Peter that they had submitted to Peter’s side.

Now that Peter had fallen, they didn’t struggle too much. They were escorted out by Arthur’s men.

This caused Arthur, who had been prepared for a fierce battle tonight, to be unable to help but cast a sidelong glance at Chen Meng’er.

“Mr. Buyano, what do you think about our previous deal?” Just as Chen Meng’er and the others were about to leave, George suddenly opened his mouth and called out to the people who were about to leave.

George’s words were met with a sneer from Arthur. “Mr. Kronbo, do you think our deal still exists in today’s situation? I think Mr. Kronbo should first think about how to resolve the anger from Meng’er’s grandfather.” Arthur thought about it, the way Elder Liu and the others were protecting their Little Miss, they couldn’t help but feel lucky that he was on the little girl’s side.

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