Refining the Mountains and Rivers - Chapter 1337: Clashing Factions

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Chapter 1337: Clashing Factions

Snowside turned down Qin Yu’s offer to leave together. This was not what Qin Yu expected but after carefully thinking about this, it matched her personality.

Snowside had always been clever and she was very determined. Otherwise, she would not make the decision to part ways and she would travel the world with him.

She chose to stay with the East Zhou Family not just because she really liked it, but because she believed that it was her best option.

Qin Yu did not want to force it upon her. Furthermore, with the Spring Master ill, the Peach Garden seeming stronger than it was with internal turmoil was dangerous. Before things settled down, it was not a good idea to bring Snowside back to the Peach Garden.

He breathed in deeply and suppressed his feelings. A bright light flashed across Qin Yu’s eyes as he gestured and opened a teleportation portal in space. He stepped through it. Since Snowside would not return to the Peach Garden, he did not need to rush back. Time was tight and he ought to head to Bounded Zero Place!

That’s right, Qin Yu had already decided to make this journey.

The Spring Master was ill but the root cause was Peachy. Although he did not know the exact details, Qin Yu guessed that the Spring Master had made preparations for the future, and Qin Yu was naturally worried.

Peachy was still alive today because of the Spring Master’s constant deprivation of his Great Dao to sustain her life. If anything happened to the Spring Master and his Great Dao was disrupted, Peachy would also lose her soul. This was something that Qin Yu could not allow to happen.

As such, he needed to find the inextinguishable flame as soon as possible and merge it into the furnace. Using its powers, he would refine his furnace successfully!

Even if the worst thing happened, Qin Yu could take over the Spring Master’s role and be the sacrifice to prolong her life.

Of course the best way was to find a way to save the Spring Master in Bounded Zero Place. This was a promise that Qin Yu made to Peachy before he left the Peach Garden.

He would do his best. But as for exactly what he would do and whether he would succeed, Qin Yu was not confident about that. He would go along with the flow.

For now, his objective was to obtain the inextinguishable flame from Bounded Zero Place!


The existence of Bounded Zero Place was a secret. The number of True Saints who had the qualifications to know about it was small in the entire Vast Brightness World.

The reason why was simple. Although no one managed to obtain the treasure left from the death of the Ruler, the possibility was always there. The fewer people who knew about it, the easier the competition. Unless there were special circumstances, those cultivators who knew about its existence would keep it a secret.

Aside from that, the location of Bounded Zero Place was deeply hidden from the world. If it was out in the open, there would be no need for it to be a secret. If ten thousand people found the place and kept it a secret, other people would still find it.

Because the Spring Master came from here, he knew the location of Bounded Zero Place. He also gave Qin Yu a key to enter it. This was the third reason why not many people knew of Bounded Zero Place. The number of keys was limited and it was very difficult to find them nowadays.

Without a key, it was not possible to enter Bounded Zero Place. It was different from the Lost Garden which required a specific time to open the seal around the place and enter it. Bounded Zero Place was enclosed by a large door that could be opened at any time with a key.

Under normal circumstances, few would enter Bounded Zero Place because it was so dangerous. The majority of people who entered died there, and those who lived more than a day were either fearless or would not die.

It was tough provoking people who did not fear death. However, those who would not die were terrifying powers within Bounded Zero Place. As Qin Yu headed for Bounded Zero Place, he had many thoughts about it. For this trip, he wound fight others for treasure and his objective was to obtain the inextinguishable flame. It would be best if he did not meet trouble.

However, men could not predict the future. Before Qin Yu could even take out the key to enter Bounded Zero Place, he met trouble.

In another place, Qin Yu might have chosen to run and hide in order to maintain peace. However, this was the entrance to Bounded Zero Place. Unless he left, there was no way for him to back off.

He breathed in deeply. Standing on a platform, he looked at the people behind him.

He wore a long green robe and his breath was restrained. A cold glare crossed his eyes as he stared down.

He should not be provoked!

Those who dared to come to Bounded Zero Place were unordinary men. Qin Yu’s eyes flashed and he maintained his calm, “What are you guys trying to do?”

Someone stepped forward. His gaze was sharp and there was a pressure around him. “Please rest assured, we do not have any ill intentions. We want to verify if you have a Spirit Array on you.”

Qin Yu nodded, “That’s right.”

Back when he saved White Phoenix in the Lost Garden, Qin Yu had taken the Spirit Array. He had promised to let it live in the world one day. However, he had been busy with many things lately and he had not had a chance to bother with it. Was he in trouble today because of it?

A flash crossed the man’s eyes and he said in a low voice, “We coincidentally need a Spirit Array for some other reasons. If you are willing, we can pay a good price for it.”

If it was something else, Qin Yu might have given it away. However, this Spirit Array…Qin Yu could not be generous with it.

He shook his head, “Sorry. This Spirit Array is very important to me. Please look somewhere else.”

A cold voice rose as another person stepped forward, “I would hand over the Spirit Array if I were you. You don’t want to be in trouble.”

The person who first spoke frowned slightly but he did not stop the other man.

Qin Yu frowned. But before he rejected again, a loud laughter came from the door, “Aren’t you guys too obnoxious? He should be allowed to do whatever he wants with his Spirit Array. Why are you trying to force him to sell it?”

Another group of men walked over.

Qin Yu’s frown deepened and a serious look crossed his eyes. There was the aura of the World of Darkness. Although it was thin, as someone who killed a Darkness True Saint before, Qin Yu did not miss it. The two groups of men glared coldly at each other and they took a precautionary stance that showed they were ready to battle at any moment. The identity of this group of men before him became obvious then.

How did he bump into two clashing factions so quickly…his luck was too good.

He laughed bitterly to himself.

As mentioned before, cultivators who roamed Bounded Zero Place were either unafraid of death or would not die.

There were many people who were not afraid of death, but there were only two types of people who would not die.

One of them was people from the World of Darkness. They used a method that was similar to an avatar detached from their body. Even if they were killed, they would not be affected.

Because there had been many cases of cultivators reentering Bounded Zero Place after being killed, people deduced that there was a group of cultivators who could not die.

The other group had a mysterious energy. Until today, no one could find out accurate information about this energy.

These men seemed to belong to a powerful group and they had a special bloodline. Even if they were killed, they would be revived after some time.

This information was mentioned in the jade that the Spring Master gave him. Although it was not explicit, it was best to leave these men alone.

Qin Yu had witnessed how mysterious the World of Darkness was. And since the Mysterious Clan was capable, he ought to avoid them. With this thought in mind, Qin Yu could not help rubbing his temple. He felt like the Spring Master’s words of caution in the jade slip were not useful anymore.

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