Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms - Chapter 2621

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2621 Chapter 2621-ins and outs

“If it was in the past, I would really not be afraid of death!”

Chen Xiaobei said seriously, ” “But now, I have many things that I must do! There were still many people that needed to be protected! So, I won’t allow myself to die!”

Elder Ming narrowed his eyes and asked,”since you don’t want to die, why aren’t you afraid at all?” Do you think I can’t kill you?”


“Elder Ming is extremely powerful, probably even more powerful than the chapter leader. But that’s why I’m not afraid!”

Chen Xiaobei raised his eyebrows and smiled. &Quot; &Quot; because if elder Ming really wanted to kill me, he wouldn’t be standing here and talking to me in peace! &Quot;

Elder Ming nodded and smiled. &Quot; “Not only is your mental state strong, but you’re also very smart! Baili tiantu was so scared that he peed his pants, but you were so calm that you saw through the key to the situation!”

“We … We don’t have to die?” Baili tiantu was paralyzed on the ground, his entire body drenched in cold sweat.

“Go down first, wait for me to contact you!” Chen Xiaobei waved his hand.

&Quot; yes … Bro bei, be careful … &Quot; Baili tiantu ran away from the scene as if he had just been granted a great pardon.

Chen Xiaobei looked away and asked, ” “Elder Ming, you’ve heard our conversation, but you didn’t kill me. There must be something I haven’t figured out, right?”

“That’s right! Your speculation is completely correct!” “But there are some secrets that you will never be able to guess!” Elder Ming said.

“Can you tell me, elder Ming?” Chen Xiaobei asked.

“Originally, I didn’t trust you, so I definitely wouldn’t tell you!”

“But I heard your conversation just now,” elder Ming said in a deep voice,”and I know that you and I are on the same side! I can tell you all the secrets now!”

Chen Xiaobei’s eyes lit up and he was all ears. &Quot; “Please speak, elder Ming!”

&Quot; yes! &Quot; elder Ming nodded and said, ” I’m a descendant of the Xiu clan. I can use my bloodline’s ability to open a space gate! And the “four phases absolute killing Xuan formation” is the primer for the space gate!”

“Che clan?”

Chen Xiaobei was surprised. &Quot; “What’s the relationship between your race and mother Nuwa?”

“Of course it’s related!”

“Mother Nuwa’s blood flows in the body of the Xiu clan,” elder Ming said in a deep voice.

“It’s a pity that after so many years, the bloodline of the God of Slaughter is no longer pure and is getting thinner with each generation! In fact, tens of millions of years ago, the vast majority of our clansmen’s bloodlines were cut off, and we lost all our abilities!”

“If you have the pure bloodline of the God of Punisher, you can open a space gate and enter an alternate dimension at will! It was precisely because their bloodline was weak and impure that they had to use the [ four phases absolute killing Xuan formation ] as a guide!”

&Quot; Xiu clan!? &Quot; Chen Xiaobei was shocked.

He had never expected that he would meet a descendant of mother Nuwa in the earth-god Realm! This was even more surprising to Chen Xiaobei than meeting the witch tribe!

“Our Xiu clan isn’t a thriving clan! The powerful beings in the clan often imitated mother Nuwa and sacrificed themselves to save others! As a result, the entire race’s strength continued to weaken, and each generation was worse than the last!”

“After the ancient catastrophe, the che clan was almost exterminated,” elder Ming continued. As of now, apart from me, there’s no other Yi tribe in the Nanzhan state …”

“That can’t be right!”

Chen Xiaobei frowned and said, ” “Elder Ming, you just said that my guess is completely correct. The che clan opened the space gate and led people to slaughter the four elements Royal City! Aren’t the descendants of the Qiang tribe in the Nanzhan state?”

“You’ll know the answer to this question after you’ve heard the whole story!”

Elder Ming took a deep breath and said in a deep voice, ” “30 million years ago, the four Xiang Royal City appeared! The Army was invincible, sweeping across half of the Nanzhan state! The forces in the remaining half of the state don’t want to be swallowed up by the four elements Royal City!”

“Therefore, they all joined forces and formed a united front to stop the Army of the four Xiang royal cities! Unfortunately, the troops of the four Xiang Royal City were strong and almost invincible! Even if the Alliance Army goes all out, it’ll be hard to win!”

“The Alliance’s defense line is about to be broken! However, a mysterious man came to our Qiang tribe and found our patriarch!”

“The mysterious person said that the four element Royal City is a human on the surface, but it is actually a sorcerer! The Sorcerer tribe is bloodthirsty and aggressive, and will bring endless wars to the Nanzhan state!”

“Once the Nanzhan state falls, the entire earth-god Realm will be plunged into endless war! When the time comes, the people will be in great misery, blood will flow like an ocean, and corpses will pile up like mountains!”

&Quot; the che clan’s leader believes in the great Dao of Nuwa and takes it upon himself to save the world. He bravely stepped forward and promised to help the mysterious person deal with the four Xiang Royal City! &Quot;

&Quot; therefore, the che clan’s patriarch integrated the secret technique of opening the space gate into a heaven immortal Xuan formation technique and placed the book with the technique in the defeated Army so that the four Xiang Royal City could seize it! &Quot;

“After the fourth Prime Minister King found the book, he thought that he had obtained an opportunity and couldn’t wait to start cultivating! After he cultivated it, he personally named it the ‘four phases absolute killing Mystic formation’ and treated it as a family heirloom!”

&Quot; after the cultivation technique was completed, the ‘four symbols killing Mystic formation’ was sent back to the Imperial City by the four symbols honorable King for the Crown Prince to cultivate! &Quot;

“Just as the Crown Prince was cultivating, the che clan leader used a secret technique and the Xuan formation as a guide to open a space gate! He also brought the spatial treasure given by the mysterious person and brought three billion enemy troops into four element Royal City!”

&Quot; at that time, the che clan leader and the mysterious person agreed that after the army entered the city, they would only control the four element Royal City and force the four element royal family to retreat. They would definitely not kill the innocent … &Quot;

“However, this agreement was like a fart. Not a single one of the three billion enemy soldiers kept it! As soon as he came out of the spatial treasure, there were immediately hundreds of people who cut the four element Prince into pieces!”

“Immediately after, the enemy troops launched a brutal and terrifying massacre! Old people, women, children, and even infants will not be spared!”

“Nine billion people, all dead! Blood dyed the entire capital red, and mutilated bodies filled the streets and squares! The entire four element Royal City has been turned into hell!”

“Those enemy troops are like the most brutal and greedy demons! He had killed all the people in four element Royal City and emptied the treasure vault of four element Royal City! And then, they began to cheer and celebrate in this hell!”

“Seeing this, the Xiu clan’s leader is filled with endless regret! He had originally wanted to stop the war out of good intentions! However, it directly brought a catastrophe to the Sorcerer tribe!”

&Quot; the number of dead people today has far exceeded the number of dead people on all battlefields since the war broke out! &Quot;

“The point is, those who die on the battlefield are all soldiers, and there is no distinction between good and evil! However, 90% of the people who died here were innocent people!”

“This endless sin is simply the anger of both man and God, and the heavenly Dao can’t tolerate it! The che clan leader only wanted to die to atone for his sins! However, at this moment, he discovered something that he would never have dreamed of!”

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